Sono mono 184

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Original: その名は

Chapter 184 – That name is…

We kidnapped Princess Eris… No, my wording is wrong. That sounds as if we commited a crime… This is something that Princess Eris herself wishes so, it is definitely nothing bad… It’s not bad… Let’s stop… I can’t help getting worried about what’ll come next… I’ll have Princess Eris intercede for us for sure…

And so we are kidna… taking Princess Eris to the port town.

I asked Tata and Naminissa to put a barrier in the whole mansion, and we are now discussing what we are going to do. The girls were wondering how to get the knights and soliders to let us pass, and I’m telling Freud what happened until now.

He was diligently hearing up to the part of the revival of the Evil God but, when I came to the part of taking Princess Eris to the port town, Freud said ‘Fumu…’ and started to think about something. While I was thinking what happened, he started to walk to a window that was inside the room and with great vigour he bashed it, pulverizing up to the wood that was besides and opened a hole.

What is this guy doing…

“Listen!! To all the trash-like riffraff out there!! The one inside here is he who divides heaven and earth, is as fast as wind, has a body impervious to harm, is surrounded by beautiful maidens, loved by Goddesses and is my master! And his name is…!”

I rush to Freud and pull him from the window, I take him to the wall while grabbing his collar and glare at him.

“… What are you doing?”

Freud, as always, tilts his head with a refressing smile.

“No, I thought that giving your name was important.”
“You don’t have to!! Are you stupid? I’m about to kidn… to take Princess Eris with us, and if you give the name of the name of the person doing that, do you have any idea of what will happen?”
“… Fumu… They will tremble with fear at Wazu-sama and give up?”
“As if that would happen!!”

Why does this guy always does as he pleases whenever he deals with me? When he faces the girls he acts as a proper butler! Why can’t he do the same with me? The knights outside are starting to get noisy!! Now you made it difficult to escape!!

“I see… That was also possible.”

While Princess Eris was thinking with a hand in her chin, I hear her mutter something and turn to look at her, when she asks me.

“I want to ask you something.”
“What is it?”
“You said that you wanted to meet Aria-sama, but what kind of relationship do you have with her?”
“Well… we are childhood friends.”
“… I see.”

She starts to nod while putting something together, and then Princess Eris moves to the window Freud opened.

“The one who is going to kidnap me is Wazu, has black hair and black eyes…”
“Hold her~~~~!!”

The girls catch Princess Eris at the same time that I scream and drag her to the center of the room. I can’t rush to a girl so I was going to ask the girls to do it for me so I’m glad that they understood my intentions.

I release Freud and head to where Princess Eris is. Freud come stand behind me as if he was a butler.

“… And? Why did you gave my name? And even described me.”

I hold in my anger and ask her.

“I am sorry for not consulting it with you beforehand. I apologize… I understand your anger but, I have a clear intention in doing this.”
“Even if you take me like this to the port town, there is no insurance that the Hero Party would come out. They dispatched the Knight Order but there is a possibility that it ends there. But if the criminal is someone she knows, I thought that the probability of Aria-sama moving even if by herself might rise so I gave your name.”

… Certainly Princess Eris has a point… If I take her like this… No no no no… Wait… If I let Princess Eris and Navirio meet and afterwards take her back to the castle, and I’m present, I’ll easily meet her, right…? But that isn’t certain either… If so, the best course of action would be to get her to come out… Haa…

“Understood… I understand… But I ask that Princess Eris intercedes for me to insure my safety!! If not I will be chased out of this country and that would trouble the girls.”
“Do not worry, I will say that you did it by my orders so please be at ease. Besides, you will become my little brother in the future so there is no way I can abandon you!!”

Princess Eris who got over herself ask me to trust her while looking at me with strong eyes. I don’t really doubt you won’t intercede for me, and being honest, if that were to happen, the girls might destroy this country in a fit of rage so let’s hide that inside my heart…

“And, have you already decided how to move from now on?”

When I ask her that, Princess Eris diverts her eyes from mine while sweating. Next I turn to look at the girls but they seem to be glancing at the day after tomorrow. Eh?

“You don’t mean you haven’t think of anything.”

Is your silence your answer?

And when I was being troubled at what to do, Naminissa timidly raises her hand.

“I think that hurting the soldiers would be bad in the future… But, I can’t think of anything to do… I don’t believe that they would let us through if we tell them honestly what’s going on…”

I think so too… The knights and soldiers surrounding the mansion all think that I’m the culprit actually…

“The mastermind Wazu!! Release this barrier and obediently hand over the princess!!”

And like that, they scream my name… Shoul I just hand over Freud as my scapegoat? I turn to look at Freud with scronful eyes and he tells me “I was presumptuous in giving Wazu-sama’s name away” so I give up…

… Haa… The only thing left is escape now…

I gather everyone and start discussing in secret, and finally we put in action what we come up with.

I go over the open window and after taking a breath…

“My name is Wazu!! If you want Princess Eris back, you can follow me to the port town!!”

After informing the knights and soldiers outside, I turn around and everyone wraps their faces with a clothe to hide themselves, Haosui carries Pincess Eris and our preparations are finished. My identity has been leaked already so the girls hiding is for insurance. I nod once, stand at the window, jump over to the roof of the mansion besides and the girls follow me behind. And whe dash through the castle town on the roofs. The knights and soldiers start to chase us but our speed is greater and we are moving in a straight line so they can’t reach us.

We mantain this speed and head to the gates. I can see from here that the gate is crowded so we use another way. I signal with my hand at the girls behind, I carry Tata and Narelina carries Naminissa, and jump over the huge wall protecting the city.

I cross over the wall and land on the other side, I put down Tata and gently catch in my arms the other girls one after another. Of course I leave Freud alone but he lands without a problem. Well I thought that would happen. I thought that Princess Eris would get scared but actually she asked for one more time with a flushed face. No, another time is impossible… I make sure everyone crossed over safely and we swiftly leave that place…





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  1. Thanks for the double chapter!
    Still, the supreme pontiff(?) of the church do not know about the messenger of god, did they think that the hero is the one?

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  2. Thnx for the double release. Love the direction this ia going, and whenever hear the word Pontiff I think of DS3 Pontiff Sulivan.


  3. Thank you very much for the fast and double released 🙏 Really appreciated it . AND 24 CHAPTER LEFT!!! +4 EXTRA!!!
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    1. This is the web novel, the light novel diff not that many except the ending part changed.However the manga one i think maybe follow the storyline from LN.Btw i prefer WN storyline better than the LN.

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