Sono mono 183

Original: 姫様攫うってよ!!

Chapter 183 – Let’s kidnap the Princess!

Princess Eris gets excited and her faces flushes thinking that I might know about Navirio. I turn to look at Naminissa and Narelina with a troubled face and see them too surprised but they notice me looking at them and nod once. I recieved the aproval of both of them so I let out a sigh and sit up straight, then I face Princess Eris.

“Let’s see… Well do I know him… I could say we are friends…”
“Then that means that you know Navirio-sama!!”

The bloodcurling expression of Princess Eris is a little frightening…

“I mean… we are friends but…”

I turn to look once again to Naminissa and Narelina for help and Princess Eris reacts to that and looks at the two girls too. Naminissa and Narelina give a bitter smile, get close to us and while doing respectful bow, they introduce themselves again.

“I am Naminissa Mabondo.”
“I’m Narelina Mabondo.”

“”Navirio Mabondo is our older brother.””

Princess Eris becomes befuddled with their self introductions. I believe she is slowly processing them. She looks at the colour of their hair and facial features for confirmation. And after she gets convinced, she hits her palm with her fist.

“You can call me Onee-san!!” (T/N: As in sister-in-law)

And suddenly says that while hugging them.

You’re fast… While thinking that, I become relieved that I veered away Princess Eris’ energetic behaviour, but for some reason, Naminissa, Narelina and Princess Eris turn to look here… Ah, I have a bad feeling…

“And the one over there is our future husband, Wazu-sama.”
“In the future he’ll become Aniue’s brother-in-law.”

“In other words, he’ll become my brother-in-law too!!”

Princess Eris looks at me happily… Give me a break…



We were able to calm down for a moment Princess Eris who became excited at meeting the relatives of her loved person, and thinking she might know something, we asked her abuout Aria.

“Excuse me Princess Eris, we are actually looking for Aria so I was wondering if you might know where she is?”
“Come on, I told you to call me Onee-chan.”

Ah, she still hasn’t calmed down…



Finally calming down, Princess Eris regains her princess attitude, clears her throat once and answers our question.

“Aria-sama… Or rather, the whole Hero Party is at this moment in a sort of confinement in the castle.”
“Confinement…? Did they do something wrong?”
“No, that is not it. Actually, a little while ago the supreme pontiff of the church came, I was also there, and talked about how the world has signs of unrestness, he said that something bad was about to happen. After hearing your story I realize that it is the revival of the Evil God… I have to gather all the royal family and tell them about the problems of the world… I am sorry, I strayed from the conversation. After hearing that, my father succumbed to insecurity and increased the military preparations and at the same time ask the Hero Party to stay inside the castle in standby. Hero-sama agreed to it. And thus, it has become that the Hero Party will not leave the castle unless something big happens.”

It has become like that… After hearing Princess Eris’ story, I start thinking how am I going to meet Aria now. The King is on high alert right now so I’m pretty sure that I will be turned down at the gates if someoen unknown like me were to go there… To the world I’m just an F-rank adventurer… It’s not that I’m holding a grudge or something… Haa… If I were S-rank… no even A-rank would have been good… Haa…

While I was thinking that, Princess Eris calls to me.

“You still don’t get it, little brother?” (T/N: Agian, as in brother-in-law)

Who is your little brother?!

“I said that ‘unless something big happens’, right? If for example, the princess of this country were to disappear, the Hero Party would have to come out to look for her, right?”

After saying that, Princess Eris has an expression full of pride as if saying ‘How is it? It is a great plan, right?’. I look at Princess Eris with reproachful eyes.

“… I know what you are trying to say and, I’m sure that if we do that, we would get chased out the country, right?”
“I will properly interceed for you. And if I marry Navirio-sama, it will quickly change to a problem inside family! This will be okay!!”

As I said, you are getting ahead of yourself, and I wonder if it really will go that easily… Haa… Really, what should we do…



While I was at a loss, Freud came into the room. Now that I remember, I left him wating downside. I wonder if he came looking for us because we weren’t coming back?

But, I immediately know that wasn’t it when he came to talk directly at me.

“Wazu-sama… Knights and soldiers of this country are surrounding the mansion and saying to obediently hand over the princess and surrender ourselves, but what do they…”

After saying up to there, Freud notices Princess Eris. Some seconds after his movement stopped, he slowly turns to me.

“Wazu-sama… I believe in you. But, although your princess quota should be filled with Naminissa-sama and Narelina-sama, you are still looking for more?”
“You don’t believe in me at all!!”

Seriously, what’s with this guy…

But why do the knights came to this mansion and with this timing… Thinking up to there, I remember Shiro saying ‘we are running out of time’ and ‘how you face what’s to come’ before leaving. I see, the one that kidnapped Princess Eris was Shiro. And then he tricked me into coming here…

… Tch, I got completely framed. No matter what, it has become troublesome…

The girls are also sending me looks to ask me what to do? I desperately scratch my head and make up my mind.

“Ahh!! Okay!! I get it!! I really get it!! Who cares! If I’m to make this, let’s make this good!! It’s okay to take Princess Eris to the port town, right?”


At my decision, the girls smile and give a nice answer.





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