Sono mono 200

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Original: いや、気付いてましたよ?

Chapter 200 – No, I did notice.

After leaving the Castle Town, we head relaxed towards the Port City Motanpe.
Having finished the matter about Aria, we don’t have anything else to do.
You can say that we don’t have a need to hurry.
Well, we still have the matters about the Evil God, Shiro and the Goddess of Darkness but, at the moment we don’t have a way to deal with them. We are completely falling behind. But well, if we knew where they are I would immediately go attack them but, I have no idea where they could be so at the moment, we are wating for them to make the first move.

Probably the Evil God will revive, but the problem is what the Goddesses told me, that he is much stronger than me. But will my power rise even more? Is it that? Because when I was at the mountain, I ate a lot of stuff, my status became like this so, I’ll become even stronger if I eat more? But I think I have already eat all the upper beings atop the mountain, and thinking about beings stronger than those monsters would be… Ragnil? No, no, no, that’s not right. Let’s throw away this way of thinking. But then again, the only conclusion I get to is that I can’t become anymore stronger. Are? I’m checkmated. Well even so, I’ll still challenge the Evil God once he revives.

And when I reach that conclusion, my mentality becomes relaxed.
If I look at my surroundings, there are the girls.
When I turn my face, the girls ask me ‘What happened?’ so I just smile in answer.

… It’s fine already, right?…
I still have the problem of the Evil God left but, that’s okay, right?
I mean, everyone else’s parents have given their concents, and my parents also have already given their concent, so it’s already fine, right?
Right? Right?

I can brag about these cute, beautiful and kind women being my wives, right?

I kind of got the urge to scream it…
Well, not actually. But, if right now I were at the top of a mountain, I would certainly scream, you know?
I’ll marry everybody… I wish the thing about the Evil God could be finished before…

And while I was making merry about that, Freud sneaked close and called out to me.

“… Wazu-sama, I have something I want to discuss with you…”
“… What?”

He came to interrupt me when I was immersing happily in thoughts of the girls so I ask him a little annoyed.

“I would like to borrow a little of your time because it’ll be troublesome if someone were to hear it…”
“Got it.”

At first I thought that it would be another worthless thing but, seeing in Freud’s face that he’s being serious, I answer like that.

“Everybody, do you mind if we camp here today?”

Anybody else would be reluctant to camp if asked suddenly.
And thinking that, I asked that of the girls but they replied immediately that they were okay and hurriedly started making preparations for camping.
So thinking that our talk would be in the night, I also helped making preparations.

Like gathering firewood… Or gathering firewood… And gathering firewood… Also exterminate the monsters in the vicinity…



After eating Mao’s spicy cooking, we all gathered around the bonfire, ready to hear what Freud had to say.
When I asked him that if it was okay for the girls to listen as well, he answered that they also had the right to hear it so it turned that we all would hear Freud’s talk.
‘It’s because you all are my master Wazu-sama’s wives’ Or so he said… I’m getting embarrassed so stop it!! Or rather, I’m not your master!!

And thus it turned out we all would hear what he had to say but, or disposition is strange.
Normally, when sitting around a bonfire, everyone should surround the bonfire but, I am sitting facing Freud, and the girls are sitting around me. Meru as always is on my head. She would never relinquish that place.
Our disposition is like one big spot and a little spot.

“And, what do you have to talk about?”

While I was being crushed by the girls that aren’t minding the timing, I urged Freud that’s sitting in front of me to quickly start talking.

Ah! Hey!! Kagane!! If you pull me over there I’ll end up behind the bonfire and won’t be able to see Freud!!

“Yes, there is something that I must ask to everyone…”

Hey Freud!! You are seeing the situation I’m into so why are you being so calm. You could hesitate to start talking or something, there’s a lot you can say about, right? Are you going to ignore it? Well, that’s fine I guess…

“I am actually the ‘God of Creation'”

With those words, the girls stop moving.
I took advantage of it to correct my posture.

“… And?”

The girls are befuddled but I just urged him to keep talking.

“As expected of my master Wazu-sama. You are not surprised?”
“Well, I thought that it wasn’t something I should be getting surprised at.”
“… Can I ask the reason why you thought that?”
“Let’s see… Just from the talks I figured that, after creating the Goddesses and sealing the Evil God, the God of Creation got his power stolen, and I never heard of him getting sealed or that he dissapeared so I thought that he might still be out there somewhere, and what convinced me that it might be you was that time that you stopped my punch when I was in Godhood mode.”
“… I see, you had many clues…”

Freud starts nodding as if convinced of something.

“I certainly got my power stolen by the Evil God. And after sealing him, I started traveling the world. Although I got my power stolen, that doesn’t mean that I lost my divine power so I decided to clean up all of the destruction left behind by the Evil God. When my journey was about to end I arrived at the Kingdom of Mabondo. In there I started living as a butler which I gained an interest in the middle of my travels, and decided to tour the world. And in the middle of it, I met you Wazu-sama, someone who had the blessing of one of my own kin, the Goddess of Light… And thus here we are.”

Hearing Freud’s early life, I started thinking while humming.
He is omitting an essential part.

“So, why did you decided to make me your master?”
“Eh? A butler needs a master, doesn’t he?”
“That answers nothing…”
“Because I’m a butler.”
“… That sounds nostalgic.”

I don’t care anymore, he probably will tell me someday. I’ll hear it then.

“Wazu-sama. There’s one more thing I want to say…”
“… What?”

There’s still more?
I want to go to sleep.

“Why do you act so carefree?! I just revealed my true identity!! I’m the God of Creation!! The God of Creation!! Here’s where you say ‘No way!’ or ‘Is that true?!’ or ‘Why have you been hidding it all this time?’ or ‘We are partners’ or something!! And then you start jumping and tearing your clothes off!!”
“… I want to at least say something about your attitude.”

Beacuse of your usual behaviour I developed some sort of resistance!!
In a way that’s your fault!!
I’m scared of my own mentality that can accept Freud that easily…

After that, I asked Freud as his master to be on the lookout and went to sleep with the girls.





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  1. Haha, wazu is thinking to eat his father in law (ragnil), Lol..
    And here it is, for the first time Freud losing his composure..Haha
    Thanks for the chapter..


  2. Well I did expected that the butler to be something like a god as he stopped Wazu’s punch in god mode.
    And he’s consensus telling him Wazu is his master is he need someone to replace him in his position to the divine realm. So Wazu would end up becoming the new boss in the heavens surrounded by beautiful goddesses and his mortal wives bearing Wazu’s divine power become like angels. Damn that’s one lucky god! The Harem God!
    But still second only to Grave-san who is like have 196 wives but as a new king, that number will grew even more.


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