Sono mono 202

Hey people, we are in the very last arc of Sono Mono, Nochi Ni…!! Now I’m excited, what about you? Let’s see how this unfolds.

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Original: さて、いよいよ最終章開始です

Chapter 202 – Now, finally the last chapter starts.

While I was feeling everyone’s eyes at my nether regions, we reached the Port City Motampe at a quick pace. Everyone, please stop your sneaky talks.
We were greeted with a “Welcome back” by one of the gate soldiers that knew about us. It was a little embarrassing.

We were let through without having to prove our identities, and we decided to rest for a while so we headed towards the Mabondo Mansion.
We walked while I was planning on taking the girls for a stroll at downtown tomorrow, and when we reached the front of the mansion we found a person waiting for us.
The moment I realize who that person is, I raise my alertness and as to follow me, the girls did the same thing.

“Hey, you finally came. I was waiting.”

The person that was waiting for us giving a gleeful smile was wearing his usual black garments and his previously white hair was turning black. It was Shiro.

“You sure appear brazenly.”
“Well you see, there’s no need to hide. And in a way, appearing like this serves also as a way to thank you for the entertainment.”
“Thank me?”

I ask that with a puzzled expression and Shiro spreads his arms wide while raising his voice in a theatrical way.

“Far from returning the kidnapped princess, you also went and kidnapped her and that was great!! What’s more, you were jumping from roof to roof and later crossed over that tall wall in a single leap!! It was the greatest show!!”
“You were the cause of it all…”

I look at him reproachfully and the person himself laughs out loud while remembering about that time.

“And that’s why this is my ‘present’!!”
“… Present?”

Shiro subsides his laugh like that and from a pocket of his jacket takes out a red sphere and a black sphere. I raise my vigilance even further.

“You still had those? I would have thought that you had given those to someone long ago.”
“How could I do that? These two are for my personal use… By the way, do you cherish this city?”

Do I cherish this city?
The moment I undersood what did Shiro intended with those words, I lunge towards him but I was a step late.
On that spot, Shiro throws the black sphere to the ground and crushes it with his foot.

At that moment, in an instant, a black fog rises from the crushed black sphere and the sky gets covered by clouds.

“You bastard!!”

I return my sight from the black clouds in the sky towards Shiro, but he is already nowhere to be seen and only a provocating voice can be heard.

“HAHAHAHA!! What a pinch, what a pinch!! I’ll say this first, these two sphere exclusive to me are special made, and are really powerful!! They will gather even S-rank monsters!! Come on, if you don’t escape quickly, this city will disappear!!”

I turn to look to where that voice is coming from and from there I can see Shiro raising a hand while looking at us.

“Well then, I’m busy with the revival of Evil God-sama so I’ll take my leave now!!”

Shiro says that and besides him, the Goddess of Darkness appears once more and leave that place while disappearing. I also want that form of transportation.
I scratch my head restlessly and turn my sight towards the girls.

“In any moment, monsters are going to come attack this city!!”

When I tell that, the girls give me a resolute expression.

“It was the same at the Elf village, a abnormaly large herd of monsters came.”
“I haven’t seen it before but, is it really that large?”
“Yes, it will probably be large enought to easily engulf this city.”
“No problem. With our current strength and if we borrow the help of the knights of our former country, we can defeat them.”
“… Bring it on.”
“Oh yeah!! A situation in which my magic is the most effective has come~!! It’s the introduction of the Genocide Magic!!”
“Fufufu… I’m itching to try my skills… Now that I’ve become this strong… I’ll rampage to my heart’s content.”

The resolution to fight the imminent horde of monsters dwells on the eyes of all the girls, and suddenly, they turn to look at me.

“””So please leave this place to us and go after the main culprit Shiro and stop the revival of the Evil God!!!!”””

I receive the resolution that dwells in the eyes of the girls while I close my own.

“… Roger.”

I open my eyes after saying just that word, I look at everyone of the girls and hug them tightly all together.

“We’ll become happy from now on. So I’ll go exterminate anyone that intends to obstruct that happiness of us… You are all forbidden from dying, all right? If by any chance that were to happen, I’ll never forgive you!!”

“Fufu… We know.”
“All of us here will never do something that could bring sadness to Wazu-san.”
“I’ll protect everyone here, myself included.”
“I’ll kill them before they can get the chance to kill us!!”
“… I’m a hero, so leave this to me.”
“I’ll mow them down with my magic!!”
“And those are also our words, you know?”

“””No matter what, you have to return to us!!”””

I smile and assent with my head once in order to give the girls some peace of mind, and the girls also smile in return and also nod their heads once.
I hug the girls strongly once in order to engrave the feeling of them all in myself, I entrust Meru to Haosui and then they disappear into the city with reassuring smiles.
I smile back at them until they disappear and, while taking a breath, I change my expression into a serious one. I turn to the only one left here, Freud.

“… I assume that you know where the Evil God is.”
“Why, of course.”
“Then lead the way. I’m sure that Shiro and the Goddess of Darkness are also there.”
“By your will.”

I exchange only those words with Freud and lead by him, we also disappear into the city and leave the city.





28 thoughts on “Sono mono 202

    1. Hmm…you mean you want something along the lines of our beloved Wazu into some form of origami, then after having a face-to-face confrontation with Aria with his harem, while he brazenly walks past her with his harem members looking down on her?
      It might be a good ending after the final fight.

      Speaking of final fight, everyone get your popcorn ready, and get your favorite epic boss fight music…and play it up to 11 (I personally recommend Crisis Core – The Summoned). We’re going to have ourselves one hell of a beatdown with a side serving of fries!

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      1. Last boss bgm huh…

        My list includes.
        (MGQ, Illias last boss battle theme)
        (FF XII. One winged angel)
        (MH. White Fatalis theme)
        (Touhou ESD. UnOwen was her)
        (Artonelico II. EXEC_REPLEKIA)

        At least those como to my mind when we speak about a fight against an evil God.


  1. oh thats sad, a good WN ending soon, well, thats how life is. Im kinda disappointed that like every harem history that most of the girls lose their individuality, ik that they become a family/group like, but as soon as the harem is formed, they lose their shine.


  2. [[Whe] walked while I was planning on taking the girls for a stroll at downtown tomorrow, and when we reached the front of the mansion we found a person waiting for us.]
    – [Whe] – [We]

    [Far from returning the [kidnaped] princess, you also went and [kidnaped] her and that was great!! What’s more, you were jumping from roof to roof and later crossed over that tall wall in a single leap!! It was the greatest show!!”]
    – [kidnaped] – [kidnapped]

    [I smile back at them until they disappear and, [wile] taking a breath, I change my expression into a serious one. I turn to the only one [lef] here, Freud.]
    – [wile] – [while]
    – [lef] – [left]

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. thanks for the chapter, since this one is ending, do you plan doing the translation for the part 2?? have heard that follow LN insteadof WN though


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