Sono mono 185

You! Yes, you! Stand still laddy!

Hey people, I’m here with another chapter. Some people might get dissapointed due to the lack of bandits in this new travel… I was too. I love bandits in this novel.

Next, some announcements:

As year’s end comes close, the workload increases in where I work so I might start having some delays more often… I will try to give you double chapters to make up for them whenever I can (like sunday) but I don’t promise anything. So please bear with me.

Someone asked me if this is the LN version or the WN version, so let’s clear that up right now. This is the WN version of “Sono mono, Nochi ni…” as you can see because I post the original japanese chapter anytime I post a new translated chapter.

Someone else asked me if I will be doing the continuation of “Sono mono” that’s being updated en Syosetu, well, let’s answer that one to. I don’t know. I want to first finish this one before saying yes or no. I’m sorry if that isn’t the answer you were looking for.

-Delays might come up, so please bear with me.
-This is the WN version.
-I don’t know if I’ll do the continuation yet.

Now on to the chapter. Enjoy!

Original: 港町モタンペ

Chapter 185 – Port Town Motanpe

After we jumped over the walls of the Imperial Capital Iscoa, we headed to the port town.

It would take too long if we were to adapt to Princess Eris speed so Haosui kept carrying her. Usually it takes about three days of walking to go from the Imperial Capital Iscoa to the Port Town Motanpe but with our speed I don’t think it would take even a day.

When we had traveled about half of the distance, it started to get dark, so we decided to camp. (T/N: Take notice that they left Iscoa around afternoon) I had thought that Princess Eris wouldn’t have any experience in camping and when I asked her, it was exactly like that. But she didn’t have any complain nor cared about camping and her carefree acclimatization surprised me. I think this is the person most suitable to rule a country.

For safe’s sake I had Naminissa put up a barrier but we weren’t attacked by demons. Well, because the first ones on the lookout were Freud and me, we went to clean them up so that’s why.

And around noon of the next day we reached the Port Town Motanpe. We still have some time before the knights and soldiers get here but I think it would be better if we hurry. From Princess Eris explanation while we were camping, Port Town Motanpe is the place from where all the seafood comes from and they also do much commerce by ships with other regions so it has walls so high that don’t lose to the Imperial Capital, and the security and public order are good to because the level of the soldiers is also quite high.

While I was remembering our conversation, we got close to the town gates. There was no queue to enter so we were able to continue without problems and the gate guard that is going to check our identities called to us.

“Please stop there! We have to confirm your identities to en… ter…”

Althouhg I say he was a gate guard, the man standing before the gate had a knight armour and besides him was another man wearing a similar armour. Abiding to what the two gate guards told us whe stopped but the moment they saw Naminissa and Narelina, their movement halted and they started to rub their eyes many times while looking at them.

“C-Can it be… are you Princess Naminissa and Princess Narelina?”
“That armour means you are from the Country of Mabondo… Knights that came together with Father.”
“I see… You are walking a new path in here.”

I thought they were wearing armour unfit for gate guards but it turned out that they were kights from the former Country of Mabondo. We still showed our guild cards to prove our identities just in case and had Naminissa explain to them why we were here. In the mean time two substitute guards came and we were guided by the previous knights to the current resident of the family of the Mabondo princesses.

The residence we were guided to was a normal house in the outskirts. It was a two-story building with a small garden and that garden had a kitchen garden. The two gate guards excused themselves and returned to the town. I suppouse they’re about to have lunch. After looking at their backs I knocked on the door knocker, and no longer after I knocked we heard the voice of a woman say ‘Coming!’ before the door opened.

The woman that opened the door had a red hair that looked like Naminissa’s hair and had a gentle smile. I thought that Naminissa might look like her in some years. She was a beautiful woman.

“Excuse me, who might you be?”
“Ah! I’m sorry!”

I got spellbound looking at how would Naminissa look in the future. After pulling myself together, I showed her Naminissa and Narelina that were behind me before saying anything.

“It has been a while, Mother.”
“Mother, it’s been a while.”
“Ara ara, maa maa*, I’m happy that you two are doing great… Ara? If you two are here, that means… The people here with you are them?” (T/N: It sounds much better than it’s written. Just imagine Ohara Sayaka as Irisviel saying it)
“Yes, our future husband and the wives that share our feelings.”
“She is the princess of this country, Eris-sama.”

With the introductions of the two, the girls and I lower our heads, and so does Princess Eris. Naminissa’s and Narelina’s mom also lowers her head while saying “Glad to meet you” and invites us to come inside the house.



We are shown to the livingroom and we sit at a table big enough for all of us to fit. Only Freud refrained himself and stayed behind me as my butler. Seriously, why does this guy only behaves himself as a butler in this kind of situations… Or rather, why do you stand behind me? Your original masters were the Mabondo Royal family…

I sit in front of the mother of Naminissa and Narelina and introduce myself. Or rather, isn’t this like going to meet the parents of your fiancée…? I’m feeling nervous…

“Uhm… Nice to meet you, my name is Wazu…”
“Nice to meet you too. My name is Mirelina Mabondo. I apologize for not greeting you adequately that time you saved my daughters from danger.”
“No, don’t worry…”
“I’m glad you were able to join with my daughters without a problem. Have they given you any trouble?”
“Not at all, they have been a great help.”
“That’s also great to hear… By the way, they said before ‘future husband’ but, you haven’t marry yet?”
“Ehm… About that…”

I tell Mirelina-san about what has happened until now. And I let the talk about Princess Eris situation to he person herself.

“Maa maa, so that’s what happened… But for spring to have come not just to my daughters but to Navirio too… we have to celebrate this.”

It seems that Mirelina-san took the thing about Princess Eris in a good light. Don’t we have to confirm with Navirio himself? It seems that Mirelina-san and Princess Eris have come to some kind of agreement so they look excited. Well, we already came all the way here so let’s leave the matter about Princess Eris to Navirio.

“And so, Mirelina-san…”

“You can call me mother* if you like.” (T/N: As in mother-in-law, but read as Okaa-san)
“No, but…”
“Please call me mother.”

Is this the power of the mother? For some reason I feel a great pressure from Mirelina-san. Well the person herself wishes so and if I don’t do it, the talk won’t progress…

“Then, mother.”
“Yes, what is it?”

Mirelina-okaasan shows a very happy smile. And reacting to that smile, Naminissa and Narelina also show a smile.

“Uhm… Where is Navirio right now?”
“You see, a little while before he heard that there was a place invaded by pirates in a sea nearby so he went to exterminate them.”

Ugh… Our timing was bad… I want to finish this quickly so… Should I go give him a hand…?

“And where is that place?”
“Who knows… I didn’t hear that so… My husband Givirio might know…”

“I’m home~!”
“Ara, what a great timing, my husband seems to have returned!! I’m coming!!”

After saying that Mirelina-okaasan got up from her seat and went to greet Givirio-san.

Now I’m to meet Naminissa’s and Narelina’s father… My nervousness rose and I got worried that it would come to something similar to the thing with Ragnil.





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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I love it, you put, Soon not tomorrow maybe, is like, i will not deliver at the same hour, but don’t bother me with your useless whining


        1. Can you explain? Like real continuation (site transference) OR same universe and characters but some years in the future? Or what?


          1. ammm, The part 2, is the continuation of the LN, this history that we is reading is the WN, and is completaly different of the LN, at least the final is diferent.

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  2. Thanks for the new publication, there are few chapters left so you just have to have patience. It will be better to check every 3 days or weekend to see what is published. It is logical that sometimes you can not follow the same rhythm, so thank you.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter
    If you want to translate the sequel I think you should translate the LN from the chapter where it branches from the WN becausr it follow the time line of thr LN where the story differs greatly especially thr event with aria

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      1. No, there is not, in fact, no one wants to translate it because it is the same …..but….. they can be the same in terms of the plot, but the course of the story is different (until vol 4). As I said, the ending is different for both…..and…part 2 is only for LN….

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  4. personally, i’m not in a rush to encounter any bandits anytime soon. considering the high encounter rate this novel has with bandits =_____=;;… not dissing on them, they’re funny a.f., but, they’d always dedicate a whole chapter for their skit.

    pirates are technically bandits too right?…fk


  5. Hahaha! I don’t think this ex-King will be in any way like Ragnil!

    Also… I have yet to read the comments but can anyone explain to me this “continuation” novel? I mean… Is it just at another site or is like… Toy Story 2 to Toy Story? Or Silmarion to Hobbit?


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