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Sono mono, Nochi ni…

That person, Later on…

Wazu was an ordinary townsman who shut himself off in a mountain, because of an unfortunate course of events. After 2 years he decided to come down from the mountain to meet with people. But there are various misunderstanding about the mountain which he shut himself off in. And then he meets with the people repeatedly. And after that. . .
(from MU)

Original RAW: その者。のちに・・・

Chapters 001-151 Sabishii desu!!

Chapter 152: About Maorin.
Chapter 153: It’s not that I forgot…
Chapter 154: Let’s depart!
Chapter 155: The third meeting by chance but, aren’t they increasing?
Chapter 156: The power relationship of the monsters.
Chapter 157: Did we came in a bad time?
Chapter 158: Is the Dragon King dignity a scrap of paper?
Chapter 159: Is holding back bad for the body?
Chapter 160: The third assassin?
Chapter 161: Well, this is just a preface.
Chapter 162: Another story 10 ~ Sarona and the High Lewdlf.
Chapter 163: Another sotry 11 ~ Tata and the Goddess of War.
Chapter 164: Another story 12 ~ Naminissa and the puddle.
Chapter 165: Another story 13 ~ Narelina and Meral.
Chapter 166: Another story 14 ~ Haosui and Megil.
Chapter 167: Another story 15 ~ Kagane and the Necromancer.
Chapter 168: Another story 16 ~ Maorin and the beastman.
Chapter 169: His feeling as a father of not wanting to accept…
Chapter 170: Let’s get going~
Chapter 171: The Knights of Mabondo.
Chapter 172: The destination of the Knights.
Chapter 173: The heart of the child is unknown to the parents.
Chapter 174: Imperial Capital Iscoa.
Chapter 175: Aria?
Chapter 176: A stressful work.
Chapter 177: The one inside the mansion.
Chapter 178: Our conversation with that person.
Chapter 179: If you are coming, let us know first.
Chapter 180: “Counterfeit beings.”
Chapter 181: Who is the woman left as a parting gift?
Chapter 182: The partner the princess desires.
Chapter 183: Let’s kidnap the Princess!
Chapter 184: That name is…
Chapter 185: Port Town Motanpe.
Chapter 186: Are you really the former King?
Chapter 187: I thought it was time you came.
Chapter 188: I was set up!
Chapter 189: Maritime City Sealance.
Chapter 190: The legs are the foundation to movement.
Chapter 191: Reality is probably like this.
Chapter 192: I feel somehow refreshed (mentally).
Chapter 193: I’m sorry I made you wait.
Chapter 194: What’s going on now?
Chapter 195: If it’s for my Brother and Sister.
Chapter 196: Before the duel.
Chapter 197: Small fry.
Chapter 198: Don’t get involved with me anymore.
Chapter 199: Being this sudden will surprise you, right?
Chapter 200: No, I did notice.
Chapter 201: What faction are you?
Chapter 202: Now, finally the last chapter starts.
Chapter 203: Another story 17: The Defensive Battle of the Port City Motampe 1.