Sono mono 199

Hey people, we finally get to see Wazu and Kagane’s parents… What exactly did Kagane do to them…? I’m intrigued…

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Original: いきなりはビックリするよね?

Chapter 199 – Being this sudden will surprise you, right?

“”We’re trully sorry!! No matter how cute and a genius Kagane is, for us to ignore you, Wazu, is our greatest shame!! Hit us!! Come hit us!! We don’t think that you’ll be able to forgive us with just that but if you don’t do at least that, we won’t be able to forgive ourselves!! So come!! Come!!””

In a single house of the commoner’s district.

The moment I open the door of the house where Kagane and I lived and say “I’m back!! I’m sorry I was away from home for so long”, my parents came running while crying and giving me a hug, they yell that.

Really, what did you do to them, Kagane…?

Or rather, you tell me to hit you but, I can’t really do that. I don’t really hate my parents, instead I feel like I’m the one that has to appologize for running from the house. Besides, if I were to hit you how I am now… I might kill you. You’ll become a star in the far sky.

“Come on, you are bothering Onii-chan.”

Kagane calls out to my parents that are stopping me from moving by hugging me. And the moments she does that, my parents immediately get away from me and do dogeza.

“”We are trully sorry!!””

I can only get baffled at looking how different my parents are from how I remember them…

I wan’t to know what did Kagane do to them but, it might be better that I don’t ask… I’m a little afraid of asking, and I don’t think she’ll tell me…



If I let my parents remain in dogeza, it would cause an scandal so I have them stand up and, together with the girls, we enter the house.
I have my parents rest in the living room and let them drink some black tea brewed by Freud so that they can calm down.
In the mean time, I return to my room that I haven’t been at for many years now.
My room was still the same as when I ran away. It’s been periodically cleaned so there isn’t a speck of dust, and my bed seems to be aired regularly because it smells like the sun. The ones that did this are surely my parents. I’ll be sure to thank them later. I finish checking my room and thinking that they might have already calmed down, I return to the living room.



When I return to the living room, my parents have already regain their composture.
I’m relieved that my parents have returned to their usual selves.

“So tell me Wazu, I understand you meeting with Kagane but, how about the other ladies?”
“All these beautiful ladies… Are you adventurers that saved our son?”

A chuckle slips out and I go behind the girls that are sitting as if being interviewed by my parents.

“Everyone here is my wife.”

The girls get nervous expressions from my words but, when I look at my parents… Their mouths are wide open.

Eh? Hello? Are you awake? It’s not a lie, you know? It’s the true.

“N-Nice to meet you!! My name is Sarona… I’m an elf!!”
“My name is Tata. I hope we can get along well from now on.”
“My name is Naminissa Mabondo. I am in your care.”
“I’m Narelina Mabondo. I’m a little clumsy but I’m in your care.”
“… Haosui.”
“I’m Onii-chan’s little sister, Kagane!!”
“I’m Maorin. Feel free to call me Mao, please.”

Everyone got up from their seats and one by one introduced themselves.
My parents are still open-mouthed.
This is so sudden, do they not believe it?
While I was troubled at to what to do, my parents regained their speach and timidly asked.

“… T-There’s one thing I want to ask… When you say Mabondo… Do you mean the Great Country of the East…?”
“Yes. But we have already left our country so we are just ordinary persons.”

Naminissa answers like that at my parents question, and I suddenly ask them a question at her answer.

“Eh? But when Navirio marries Princess Eris, speaking in terms of connections, you’ll become again royalty, will you not?”
“… It will come to that.”
“… Yeah, it will.”

To my words, Naminissa and Narelina become pensative.

“Who is this Navirio person?”

My parents ask us that so I shall answer. Your new son in law will become this country’s King!!… Probably.

“Mh? Ahh, he is Naminissa and Narelina’s older brother. Navirio is soon to get married with this country’s princess, Princess Eris. So in the end these two will once again become royalty… Are? If it turns like that, then when I marry you two, I’ll also join the royal family, right?”

Uhhm… That situation will become difficult for me.
I don’t want to get tied down by that if I can…
Mh? This way of thinkig is pretty similar to Givirio-otousan’s, isn’t it?
The next time we meet, I’ll ask him about it.

It seems that my parents recieved a lot of information at once becuase they seem to have freezed. Well to suddenly tell them that I will become one of the royal family is sure to baffle them. But if we say that, Mao is also royalty. I mean, her father is the younger brother of the Beastpeople country. But even if I tell them that now, they won’t hear us… Let’s leave this for later.



Afterwards, out of consideration for my parents, everyone held back on the topic about the Mabondo family. Because we are a large party, we are unable to stay all in a normal house. And that’s why I just came to tell them that I’m fine and that I’ll marry the girls and with that our business is over.

We all gather again at the entrance, and my parents came with us to see us off.

“I’ll come again.”
“Yeah, this will always be your home. Come back whenever you want. I was surprised that you have this many wives but I’m sincerely glad that you are okay.”
“You came with so many wives at once… As a mother-in-law, I don’t know what should I do…”

Tou-san, I’m also happy to have met you all.
Kaa-san, even if you became a mother-in-law, you don’t have to force yourself.

I hug my parents with my both hands and I smile at them.
My parents also smile at me.

Later, after being sent off by my parents, we leave the castle town and head towards the Port Town Motanpe.







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  1. To be that submissive. I hope its mind control because thats the safest ‘method’ to brainwash someone that far that i could think of. The other is something not suitable for kids or a daughter to do to their parents. Like it’ll be more than just 50 shades.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I expect that from wazu because aside from the deitification and what not, personality wise he’s a normal person. But kagane, not so much. Nothing she is ever normal. If it was just a heart to heart talk, there’s no way she ask for wazu forgiveness first before meeting their parents. Trust me its magic brainwash. Its the logical explanation. Lol


  2. thanks for the chapter.
    “200!!!!! (Soon!)” How soon is it? 10 seconds after I read chapter 199 XD.

    Should I every 10 minutes post asking if chapter 200 is already here yet?

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  3. Wait a minute. Why his parents had not complained about their precious, genius, cute, daughter marrying her own brother? Is it a normal thing in that world? Or, is it Kagane’s treatment that quite scary??

    Liked by 3 people

    1. That was answered already (idle talk of his sister). It’s normal by law to marry your sister and brother in that world if it’s to ensure the bloodline of the family.


  4. Well, my parents got baffled when i told em i want to marry my GF 2 years ago.
    I can imagine how wazu’s parents suprised face clearly. Haha.


  5. “You came with so many wives at once… As a mother-in-law, I don’t know what should I do…”

    ‘Kaa-san, even if you became a mother-in-law, you don’t have to force yourself.’

    I’m sorry, what? Is she not Wazu’s birth mother? And are you sure she isn’t thinking about what she’ll do when she becomes a Grandmother? Wazu’s family tree is all of a sudden confusing. If Wazu’s mother becomes a mother-in-law that would suggest she’s divorcing her husband (Wazu’s father) and marrying another man who has a child but is single.


    1. Oh wait never mind, I get it. She’s going to be the girls’s mother-in-law. I got confused thinking she was contemplating about being a grandmother in the future. In a lot of the novels I’ve read it’s usual a gag that the mother is mostly concerned about how many grandchildren she can look forward to as well as the number of wives or daughter-in-laws she will have. But yeah, the first one was what came to mind first for me.


  6. ok… what (dafq) happened? was wazu’s prarents “re-educated” brainwshed by kagane? kagane threatened them?? are their parents motivated by money??… their parents acted oddly by meeting wazu for the first time in a while, it doesn’t seem like much for kagane to be nervous about. or did i missed something? or are we supposed to “wait for it”.


  7. I guess everyone will more of less be waiting to find out how all the parties who snubbed the MC and dismissed him as a hindrance will be falling over themselves to get into his good books again. Point in case will be the Aria, the hero (hopefully he finds out the the demon lord he slew was a fake) & the church that forced aria to accompany the hero and led to the estrangement between the MC and her.


  8. When its finished will you continue to the decond season???
    Please make sure to do that and thank you for uploading the chapters.


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