Sono mono 175

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Original: アリア?

Chapter 175 – Aria?

The woman coming over stopped right in front of me and gave me a look of contempt. The woman had a hair as blue as the sky and although she gave me scronful looks, here blue eyes before were full of kindness, with a face that everyone would say it’s beautifull and her well proportionated body was covered in a cleric’s robe. Before I was able to say something to her, she threw me some words.

“It has been a while Wazu. About two years? I immediately knew it was you by your ordinary face. Who would have thought that we would reunite in the Imperial Capital. And Naminissa being here means that you got my message and came over. Well it doesn’t matter if we met or not. What I want to tell Wazu is really simple. We promised when we were young to get married but, let’s just forget about that. I’ll be married with Hero-sama and will be happy. I don’t want you to be hanged on a verbal promise and have you lurking around me so let me be clear right now, don’t appear in front of me ever again. Haa~ I feel relieved now. I would be troubled if you were to trouble me later over this so I had to tell you clearly. A weight has been lift from my chest. I can now marry Hero-sama. I don’t need nor want your answer, just don’t get involved with me anymore.”

She ranted all this in one breath and her eyes returned to their kind shape.

“Then, have a good day and farewell…”

She added that, turned around and left. During that time we were left flabbergasted but suddenly, everyone besides Freud and me stood up from their seats and gave a killing intent that I hadn’t fell before. Mh? What’s up girls?

“What’s with that woman?! Blue hair and blue eyes, is that Aria?! I thought that she appeared suddenly and she came babbling like that!! I won’t forgive her!! I’ll cut her to pieces with my short sword right now!!”

“… Fufufu… fufufu… If is to that person, I don’t have to refrain myself and can exert all of my power on her… What should I do… Should I crush her with my barrier… Or should I instead cut her into pieces with my favourite knife…”

“It saddens me to have to kill a friend like this… But Aria is the one in the wrong so it cannot be helped… To talk like that to our Wazu… Do not expect me to go easy on you… As your friend, I will be sure to send you to hell…”

“Well now… I was thinking of trying to kill someone with the sword that Wazu gave me… And just the right enemy appeared, I should also test the armour and confront her with all I got.”

“… I’ll kill her… Even if I have to exterminate everyone in this capital I’ll kill her… I’ll show her… What it means to make an enemy out of us… I’ll make her taste it with her whole body…”

“You pig!! PIG!! I’ll kill you!! I’ll brutally kill you!! I’ll burn you with my whole magic power!! I’ll freeze you and smash you into pieces!! I’ll mince you to bits with my wind!! I’ll crush you with rocks!! I won’t leave even a speck of dust of you in this world!!”

“The nerve to talk to Otto-dono like that!! I’ll drag you through all the city!! Even if you ask for forgiveness I will not grant you so!! I’ll make you repent what you did!! I’ll tear your entrails the most gruesome way possible!!”

“””””””I’ll kill her!!”””””””

… You’re scary!! Eh? Why are you girls getting so vicious”

Or rather…

“Who was that now? Do you know her?”

When I ask that, everyones murderous eyes turn to me.

“””””””What do you mean who?! That’s Aria!!”””””””

And all of them said that in unison.

“Eh? No she isn’t. She certainly looks like her but she isn’t Aria.”

When I say that, the murderous feeling around the girls disperses and instead they get dumbfounded faces, and then Naminissa asks me.

“… Eh? That was not Aria?”
“No but, she has the same face as the Aria that we met that time in the Guildmaster room. Besides, Wazu-sama has not met Aria for the last two years, would it not be that after she grew a little, you do not recognize her anyore?”
“That could be true. Aria might have that face now. But that woman wasn’t Aria. I can’t explain it well but I can tell that she is not Aria.”

Seeing me having so much confidence, the girls got a little away from me and got into a circle and started whispering between them.

“Why can he be so sure?”
“Why would it be… It makes me frustrated…”
“But Wazu-sama said that she was not Aria.”
“Then that must be the truth.”
“… I feel like I lost.”
“Guh… I can feel Onii-chan and that sow’s conection… not!”
“Is it that there’s something that only Otto-dono understands…?”

“Ooi, I can hear you! There is no meaning in forming a circle!”

When I call out to the girls in their circle, they return to me a bitter smile.

“It seems that you are concerned with the bit only I understood but, even if people impersonating you would appear, I’m confident that I would be able to easily tell them appart.”

The girls feeling happy and with tinges of red in their faces start to fidget embarrassedly after hearing what I said. But suddenly Naminissa’s appearance stiffens as if realising something.

“Nevertheless that woman spoke to Wazu-sama like that and cannot be forgiven.”

Everyone else agrees from the bottom of their hearts and nod in agreement. I also recall those words directed to me.

“Mhh~ Now that I think about it, doesn’t bother me anymore… It might be that. I now have you all by my side.”

When I tell them what I think, the girls give broad smiles and come to hugh me tightly. Wait!! We are in public!! People are looking at us!! Let’s be moderate!!

“””””””We will never let go!!”””””””

The girls say that and then hugh me even tighter, and with my free hand I start patting everyone’s head to make them calm down. Afterwards we continued eating.

But where on earth would Aria be?





68 thoughts on “Sono mono 175

    1. probably an impostor, hired by the hero to make Wazu give up on Aria. From what Naminissa said, it might be that Aria still wants Wazu but the hero wants her and wants to prevent them from meeting up.


    2. But that raises the question, why? This ‘hero’, what’s his name again? and what makes him ‘The Hero’? Plus, ‘The Demon King/Lord (whatever!)’ did he/she have some kind of contingency to do a Soul Swap?

      All I see is the Hero being a d***.


    3. I mean for all we know the hero could have forcefully kissed her remember wazu he runss as soon as he see them kissing like u never know


    1. I Really feel sorry for that person as she just got railled into a fight she has no way of winning even if the hero and the continent joined hands to fight against wazu they will still lose(i mean really a person with 4 goddsses out of 5 on his side, he himself is a demi-god(so far), his wifes have broken commen sense after there traning plus there weapons and armor are national treusere level stuff, plus one set of his in-laws are the leaders of the dragons)

      I just hope the mastermind(properly the hero) does not do something stupied to the real Aria as that means he will go from hero to demon lord in a few seconeds

      Liked by 3 people

        1. Who was a former adventurer/God. If he knows about the Evil God, then he’s old, very old. He hasn’t shown his card, and he had a personal talk with Megil.


  1. So on the first chapter the scene where the hero kisses aria, a ploy? I mean it wasn’t the real aria and wazu still couldn’t notice because he was still human at that time? Or was it really the real aria? Which is it? We need more chapters. (don’t answer this) 😂

    Thanks for the update.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She said that he has the same “ordinary face” as ever, if we read on manga/LN when the hero didn’t let Wasu join his party, he said that Wasu had an “ordinary face”,maybe that is the proof that the hero brainwashed her, its not the first isekai that has that plot.


  3. Thanks for the chapters.
    I wonder if the hero(lol) will turn into “former” hero like that foolish “former” king.
    Somehow, I kinda want to see an angry Meru.
    And I’m also curious about the goddesses’ reaction.


      1. I makes me wonder: WN finished? As per novelupdates, it seems there are only 220 or so chapters. Doesn’t look like sufficient chapters for a great plot develpment.

        Also.. Does the light novel changes stuff or tries to stick with the web novel?


  4. Prolly not Aria if Wazu says its not her. Prolly the hero disguised as Aria using magic. Just want to see Wazu kick some ass


  5. uhhh according to what is heard is that it is one hundred and ninety-somethings, then already deneria of leaving the new arc where it leaves in god (or maybe goddess;) evil?


  6. WHY everyone hate aria,i think it always wazu fault who just run away and not give aria chance for explaining.
    In this story i not like another harem mamber execpt kagane and the goddess (just the goddess not war,sea,and earth),i mean just there two who love wazu personality not his power,i think the another girls just got charmed with wazu power and effect “someone who save me”.

    Ps:I didnt get it why everyone so hate aria,is am who weird in here?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m being a dick and a grammarnazi here…

      “WHY does everyone hate aria? I think it was Wazu’s fault for just running away and not giving Aria a chance to explain.
      In this story I don’t like any other member of the harem except for Kagane and the Goddess (just Goddess, not the War, Sea or Earth ones), I mean, they are the only ones that love Wazu for his personality and not his power. I think the other girls just got charmed with Wazu’s power and the ‘The one that saved me’ effect.

      P.S.: I don’t get why everyone hates Aria so much. Am I the one who is weird here?”

      I’m really sorry, I wasn’t able to contain myself… Please forgive me Someone-san.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. well, the simple fact is, what would you do if your girlfriends getting kissed by some random guy in front of your face, furthermore, knowing them both has been on a long journey together


  7. The fake Aria is someone from the hero party i think. Moreover the real Aria should be in the city since the fake Aria want Wazu to avoid the real one. I think there will be a fight with the hero (easy fight).
    What i would like to happen next is :
    The hero said wazu is a demon … and with the church they end up summoning a Godess that will then speak with wazu about their wedding or something around that. x)

    Liked by 1 person



  9. I’m kinda disappointed. Would be one thing Aria being controlled but.. Impersonation?

    So, where might she be? Dead? Captured? Is she a substitute for some reason that misunderstood something? Her sister? Who knows.. That hero might have some guilty within. Or the Demon Lord.

    I really can’t tell..


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