Sono mono 176

Okay I wasn’t honest. 175 wasn’t the chapter everyones was waiting for… But wasn’t it entertaining nonetheless??

Now we go on to the search for Aria.

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Now enjoy!

Original: ストレスの溜まる仕事

Chapter 176 – A stressful work.

At one point during lunch, I drank some water and turned to look to everyone.

“Let’s see, I’m wondering… where would Aria be?”

I have no idea where Aria would be. Would she be in her parents’ house? Or would she be in the church dedicated to the Goddess? Or else would she be in the castle with the Hero Party? We all put our thoughts in but came to nothing conclusive. It seems we would have to look for her gradually.

We were about to reach for a conclusion when Naminissa proposed something.

“How about going to the Adventurer’s Guild? That time they said that if we knew something about the black robed man we should tell the guild, and conversely we could be able to know her whereabouts from the Adventurer’s Guild.”

Fumu… That could be a possibility… And we don’t have a destination so from where we start searching is all the same…

“Then let’s do that. Let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild to inquiry.”

And after saying that I realized something.

“… Kagane.”
“Mh? What is it Onii-chan?”
“Where is the Adventurer’s Guild?”
“Right, I’ll take us there. Before that, let me pay the bill so wait a bit.”

After saying that she goes to the inside of the shop and calls for an employee. Well I was going to pay the bill but her movements are fast…

When I was living in the Imperial Capital I never thought of becoming an adventurer so I never looked for where the guild would be… Haa…

When Kagane returend from paying the bill I knew that I would be rejected if I tried to pay her back so I forcefully gave her the money and had her show us to the Adventurer’s Guild.



The Iscoa Imperial Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild was… how to say it… huge.

It had five floors and widthwise it could fit thre normal houses, the front door was gorgeously constucted and the walls looked new.

“… Kagane, was this kind of building in the capital before? I don’t remember seeing it before…”
“Of course you don’t. After you left it was remodeled. As a sign of good will towards the guild of the Hero that defeated the demon lord, the Royal Family gave money to make it this gorgeous… Seriously, if you have that kind of money it would be better invested otherwise… Well, it is true that due to the influence of the Hero, a lot of adventurers have concentrated here.”

He has even influence in this kind of things… I see that defeating the demon lord is something amazing… Although I have defeated various guys of similar importance… Well, who cares.

Nothing would come out of staying dumbfounded in here so we entered the guild.



The interior of the guild was also gorgeous. The chandelier that illuminated the interior was of exquisite craftsmanship, the request board was huge, a fully equiped dinner the size of a whole house, and in there were people that looked like adventurers drinking since noon. When I thought those adventurers were giving us weird looks, I realized that they were giving me murderous looks. Even if I wondered why, just by looking behind I could understand why. It’s because the appearance of the girls is top level. Because I don’t enjoy those looks I thought of finishing our business quickly so I headed to the equally gorgeous reception counter.

The reception looked so gorgeous that I wanted to ask from what luxury hotel did they get it from but I contained myself and lined in the queue for the reception counter. The few people in front of me are all bringing in their hands a request sheet to take those request so I think it won’t take long.

The people in front of me swiftly disapear and it becomes my turn to stand in front of the reception desk. The lady receptionist was, as to be expected from a guild, a gentle-mannered beautiful woman.

“Excuse me, I want to inquire something.”
“Yes, what could it be?”

Her attitude felt like a mirror that doesn’t destroy a smile. I showed my guild card and continued talking.

“I want to know the whereabouts of the Holy Woman Aria.”

The moment I said that, the receptionist let out a blunt sigh and gave me a bothersome look.

“… Good gief, again… there are always these people… haa…”

She sighed again.

“Listen well, this is the Adventurer’s Guild, not the missing person office. Furthermore you are looking for the Holy Woman, lots of people like you come here for the same, is annoying. Besides, do you think that I would tell some unknown person like you where she is? Or are you a famous person? If you came here is because you are an adventurer, right? What is your rank? A-rank? B-rank?”
“… Yes… I’m an F-rank adventurer.”

I show my guild card to prove myself and the receptionist becomes astonished from the ‘F’ letter written on it.

“F-rank? F-rank?! An amateur underling has the nerve to ask that? Don’t you know shame? Normally we wouldn’t tell the whereabouts of any person, but now an F-rank is looking for the Holy Woman?! What? Are you saying that you are that famous? Your own strength is insuficient so are you looking for the help of the Holy Woman? How much can one ignore from the ways of society? Do you think you look cute with a plush toy of a dragon on your head? You are just a mediocre person!!”

“There’s nothing but this kind of person lately! If you are an adventurer, then go on an adventure!”

She threw back my guild card and when I catched it I felt my heart break a little.

I’m sure that she has been asked this time after time and she piled up stress to the point of explode… and I was just unfortunate enough to be the one she exploded at… let’s think that’s it… I hope that’s it… I feel like crying…

I leave the line and helplessly return to where the girls are. Around the girls there are a lot of male adventurers lying down for some reason.

“… What happened?”

It seems that when I got away from the girls, some adventurers tried to call out to them, at the begining the politely refused and then they tried to make the girls obey by force and when someone grabbed Mao by the arm, she yelled ‘The only one that can touch me is Otto-dono!!’ with passion and the other girls got railed up too, so in a flash, they knocked them down. Well… If I was there at the moment I would have done the same thing so I can’t criticize them.

When they asked me if I got to learn where Aria was, I just told them that it was not possible. If I tell them what really happend the girls would get angry… After I said that, Haosui took a step forwards.

“… Then I’ll go.”

And before I was able to stop her she went towards the receptionist. We followed her with our eyes and saw Haosui exchanging some words with the receptionist, she took out her guild card and showed it to her. When she saw it she stood up quickly and answered all of Haosui’s questions. Now that I think about it, Haosui is a Hero and an S-rank adventurer. Of course her attitude towards her would be different from me… Haa…

Soon afterwards Haosui came back and told us that Aria probably was in a mansion that was in the edge of the Noble District.

… Haa… Shall we go…?

Feeling my disparity as an adventurer, I dropped my shoulders and left the guild.





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  1. Thanks for the chapter update. Excited for when they find, Aria. Not sure what to hope for, whether she is absolutely no good already like the fake or is still at least somewhat good.


  2. Cara quando é que ele vai mudar essa classificação F
    o cara já derrotou um dois classes S e um que tinha classe herói e e o cara ta ainda na classe F ,o cara e tão foda que deveria criar uma nova classe superior só pra ele


  3. You know he needs to rank up his card lol.. that card got nothing else except being a chat and viewing stats, if he ranked up that card would get some influence as well

    Thanks for the chap ~

    Also I like how you decided to delete those spoilers and it would make us enjoy the story more *nods nods*

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  4. I always have to wonder at the story convention that Adventure Guilds only assess people based on their guild rank like they are a military.

    IMO it weakens the story that the receptionist is so clueless to the individuals capability.


  5. Thanks for the chapter, and say no to spoiler, if you want to debate go some forum, I think that here is destined for reading and hypotheses ..


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    man she gonna be really . . .really pale


  7. Seriously ? Why all of these japanese authors always make overpowered protagonists which hide themselves in the name of “laziness” or “what a drag”, but always feel depressed when they got humiliated by random people even though it’s their fault ? Did being humiliated is a selling point in japanese novel ? What a masochist.


    1. Actually, there are mostly those who are overpowered and those that sucks and use manipulative measures/companions to achieve stuff. So I think they cover it ‘all’.

      The aufience likes these extremes because makes them always be on edge. Makes them alsways use ‘philosofical’ thinking inside their heads.


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    thanks for chapter.

    i think aria kidnapped?

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    I think we need to enslave orcbolg for faster production (translation) and then avoid the manager (Mr. Cliff Hanger).


  10. This is being updated almost everyday, so to those people that post spoilers, even if you mean well, please dont. Also about this chapter, why does it feel like I want to throw up every chapter end! My body cant take the suspense ugh xD


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