Sono mono 171

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Here is a new chapter fo sono mono.

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Original: マーンボンドの騎士達

Chapter 171 – The Knights of Mabondo

After we climb down the mountain we enter the forest that is at its foot. Midways many monsters appeared but all of them were defeated by the girls and I was unable to do a thing. Haosui was at the front because she was originally the strongest and thanks to my training and even more to the legend rank equipment I made she got even stronger so no problem occurred at all. The other girls also used the monsters to test their new equipment. There were cases in which they tested to the defensive power and recieved the monster’s attacks, and when I saw that I got chills run down my spine. Because the girls explicitly told me to not get involved at all and Freud who didn’t participate either in the battles was in charge of holding me down so I really wasn’t able to do anything… No matter how much I know that they’ll be okay, that’s not something that I like to see. The one that was putting the most effort in the battles was Tata. Was the advice of the Goddess of War effective? She engages battle proactively and tries to confirm her own strength. Well to be frank, certainly in this group the weakest one is Tata but from what I can see her strength is such that even an A-rank adventurer would be unable to hurt her. I always thought that she was a mentaly strong person but she is became physically strong.

And as we advance while exterminating the monsters, we came across a group of armed people inside the forest. We immediately hide ourselves and it seems that they don’t notice us. We learn from their armour their identity, they are a Knight Order from somewhere or so it seems. What are they doing inside the forest?

From the state of the Order we understood two things, that they’re a group of 30 people, some have removed their armour and are preparing their food by stirring a pot, some are sparring with wooden swords and the three that look like the most ranked people from their armour and mantles seem to be having a meeting. And that, because in the center of their encampent there are sooty traces of a bonfire, the sleeping bags being spread around, and their opaque and dirty armour, they have been camping in here for some days already.

As we were looking at them, Naminissa and Narelina came over to me and called me out with a quiet voice.

“… Wazu-sama, can I have a moment of your time?”
“Mh? What is it? Don’t tell me that you want to do something by yourselves. That would be a little…”
“No, that’s wrong. Actually I recognize someone from that group.”
“Ahh, I can confirm it too, there’s no doubt… That Kinght Order is the Mabodno Knight Order.”
… Eh? Mabondo? If I remember correctly, that’s Naminissa and Narelina’s birthplace, right? In other words, those knights are the knights employed by this girl’s country.

“Eh? But why are the knights of your country all the way over here? And more over in that deplorable state… Isn’t the Kingdom of Mabondo quite wealthy…?”
“… About that…”
“… Right now there is no more Kingdom of Mabondo.”
“.. Eh?”

And I got to hear from Naminissa and Narelina the story. Right after they decided to chase after me and leave their country, their parents also decided to leave the country with their knights and ther people, and what originally was the Mabondo Kingdom became now part of the Flebondo Kingdom. After hearing that I tought that the king was a really cheerful person and that’s why their knights and people yearned to follow them. Or rather, were they trying to rape (T/N) Naminissa and Narelina? Yeah, Let’s destroy that Flebondo House. Let’s do that.

“And then, those Knights…”
“Most probably for some reason they got left behind in the country but then gave up on the Kingdom of Flebondo and left it… And without knowing where to go they decided to stop here and now they are looking for a solution to their problem…”

… Fumu… Certainly from hearing the Princesses’ explanation it does seem like it.

“But it’s not like we have proof of it and nothing will come from just us discusing it… You said that you know someone from those knights, right? Then why don’t we try to call them out for the time being?”
“You are right.”
“Let’s do that.”
“… But we don’t know their circumstances so let’s stay vigilant nonetheless…”

So we stepped out while staying alert as we didn’t know how they would act. When they saw us, the knights raised their arms and pointed them at us, and then the three higher ranks in mantles came out too.

“Who are you… depending on your answer we will…”

The one that spoke was the one in the middle of those three. A man in his fifties with manly features, an unshaved beard and skinny appearance. He extended his hand towards the pommel of his sword.

“It has been a while Runo-sama.”
“It’s been a while Master Runo.”

From our side Naminissa and Narelina get infront of me and call out to him. I stayed in a stance to be able to dash out at any moment.

“… Princess Narelina, Princess Naminissa.”

The one called Runo kneels in front of Naminissa and Narelina the moment he realises who they are. The other knights immediately kneel to mimicking Runo-san.

“I’m glad to se that you are both fine, Princess Narelina, Princess Naminissa.”
“Fufu… There is no Mabondo Royal Family any more, you know?”
“So you don’t have kneel before us or call us princesses any more.”
“… Even if there is no country nor Royal Family I don’t care. For me you are the Princesses.”

Naminissa and Narelina seem troubled by Runo-san’s words but somehow a happy smile appears on their faces.

Afterwards we joined the knights in their preparations to welcome us, Sarona, Haosui and Kagane were to collect firewood nearby, Tata and Mao went to help with the cooking and Naminissa and Narelina went to discuss something with Runo-san. Because it turned out like this, Freud and I were left with nothing to do so we went to help in setting a place to eat. Meru as always was on top of my head giving a carefree yawn.

T/N: I’m not sure if that really happened but that’s what the raw said, if anyone remembers please tell me… that is one of the problems of releasing one chapter every fortnight.




25 thoughts on “Sono mono 171

  1. i thought when the king and queen were about to leave the kingdom the head of the flebondo family (the next king) attacked and got beat up…. so… would they really still be in charge given how much the prev royal family were loved.


  2. It’s hard to write a good plot when the main cast can teleport/fly all over the world, I like it when they organically encounter events like this

    But that’s just my opinion


    1. Because, as I said in the first post, I’m trying to maintain sabishii’s nuances and namings, and he used Mabondo. Originally I wanted ro translate it as Marnbond… but I thought you might not like it.


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