Sono mono 170

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Original: そろそろ行くよ~

Chapter 170 – Let’s get going~

After consulting with the girls when should we leave, we decided to do it the day after tomorrow because everyone needed time to prepare all kind of stuff. I was wondering what happened with the Goddess of War after our talk so I asked everyone if they met her and only Tata seems to have met her. Tata is really grateful to her because apparently she recieved some advice on combat.
Seriously… for her to be such a nice Goddess of War… I even want the Goddess and the Goddess of Earth to learn from her. The other girls said that they also want to meet her after hearing whad a kind goddess she is so I promised that the next time she appears I will introduce her to them. I wonder where is she now… She might unexpectedly returned to her original plane when I was sleeping…

After we finished talking about our preparations for departure, the meeting ended and I left the room, when suddenly I realized that Freud was nowhere to be seen. How to say it, I feel restless when he is not around… I feel like he might be up to something somewhere… Seriously that guy…

While I was looking for Freud inside the castle I heard some voices talking in a certain room so I decided to see what was happening and inside that room I saw Megil and Freud talking.

“… been a lon…… is… injury…”
“You…… right…. about….. but now I… a butler…”
“I see……”
“…… need to be done……”
“…… evil… seal…… or…..”
“Fumu……. I also……”

Uhm… It seems that they are talking about something but since I’m outside the room and they are talking in quiet voices I can’t hear clearly… Or rather, it really seems that Freud has been here before. He seems to know Megil, did he came here even before I was here?

As I was leaning in the wall and thinking about Freud, the person in question came out from the room.

“Is that Wazu-sama? What are you doing in this place?”
“… Nothing… just thinking some stuff about you.”
“OOH! You are finaly aware that you are my master?”
“Not that.”

Seriously this guy… While I was giving him a scornful eye, Freud turns his hands towards me.

“… What’s with these hands?”
“Wazu-sama made equipmente to everyone so I was wondering if you had made something for me.”
“… Eh? Do you even need a weapon? Of course you don’t. You were able to stand my God Punch so I don’t see any need for a weapon.”
“… Certainly. That was due to perfect timing and the help of the air resistance, don’t you think?”
“… Well, I didn’t expect a real answer from you.”

As usual, Freud is stil Freud… Haa… I ask Meru who is on top of my head to open her magical storage and take out two identical butler suits and throw them to Freud.

“Here… I mean, even though I don’t want to admit it, you have helped us some times so this is my thanks to you. The desing is the same as what you are wearing righ now but the materials are the same as what I was wearing before so don’t expect too much.”
“Ooh! I’ll gladly accept them! So this means that by giving me these clothes you are indirectly accepting me while saying ‘You are my butler’, right?”
“Of course not! What I’m saying is that, even if you might be keeping clean those clothes you are wearing right now with magic, you need to properly wash them instead of just wearing them!!”

Haa… As I thought, every time I speak with this guy I get tired… Well, he looks happy so I think giving them to him was worth it… although I regret it a little…



Everyone’s preparations were finished and finaly the day of our departure came.

We are all lined up in front of the castle and doing the final checks. And in front of us where Ragnil, Meral, Megil and for some reason the high elf, the necromancer and a muscular Beatman. Why are you people also here… I turn to look to those three and in an unanimous move all three avert my eyes. Seriously, why are you here?


Suddenly I hear someone calling out to me so I turn to look and there were Megil and Meral led by Ragnil. I’ll make as if I didn’t see the traces of the stone in Ragnil’s legs.

“Our promise of treasuring Meru is one done between men so don’t forget it!!”
“Please take good care of Meru.”
“I understand! We’ll be sure to come again!”
“Kyui! Kyui!!”

I respond to Ragnil and Meral’s words while patting Meru’s head.

“Wasu, I leave Meru in your care…”

Megil gives me a serious face. How to say it, that look seems as if she has made her resolve for something.

“W-What’s going on? Eh? Was this a scene where you say something so serious?”
“… Please.”

Megil says just that making her request, closes her eyes and bows her head towards me. Ragnil, Meral and I become a little surprised by her actions but, seeing Megil being so serious I answer her.

“Of course. I’ll protect Meru no matter what. If someone wanting to hurt Meru were to appear, I’ll be sure to kill him before.”
“Hearing you say that gives me some peace of mind…”

Is she a little relieved after what I said? Megil raises her head and looks at Meru and me while flashing a smile.

“Meru too be sure to stick close to Wazu.”

Meru skillfuly raises her hand from over my head and answers.

“We’ll be going now. See you later.”
“Yes… I pray that we are both safe the next time we meet.”
“Don’t say something so ominous…”

And like that we once again say our good byes to Ragnil and them and set off from the castle to climb down the mountain and head to the Imperial Capital.





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    1. Isn’t that the bodystyle of the other dragon girl? I keep forgetting her name. . . The one that “married” him for beating her in the competition.

      My big question is, when will Meru get her human form?


      1. I think her han form will poof out like sore thumb out of the remaining chap,

        That is if u dont like beastial….on wazu harem hehe.


  1. Thanks for the chapter

    Okay, so Freud is an incredible existence. As he seems to be friends with Megil, I guess that he is a ‘good’ person. Maybe the fifth goddess who, for some reason, became male, or another god, or the demon god/lord(?) who is said to be evil but actually is good, etc.


  2. Phillip Island MotoGP is what I’ll be watching. F1 is just dishwater in comparison, both in terms of risks taken, skills required and sheer entertainment value.


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