Sono mono 172

Hey guys how’ve you been. In a few hours is the US GP qually so let’s see how it goes.

Someone asked me why I ommited the “n” in マーンボンド leaving it just like Mabondo. As I said 20 chapters ago (wow! already 20) I wanted to keep it as close as it gets to what sabishii did in order for you readers to not feel estranged with the translation, but there are some things I wanted to change, like naming the countries Marnbond and Furbond and the Earth Goddess, Mother Earth (that is her full name according to the raws). I already did some changes (although) minimal like “Narelina” from sabishii’s “Narellina” (there is no double “L” in her name in the raw) and the order of the names of the Goddesses to make them sound more dignified (like War Goddess to Goddess of War) their actual names in the raw are: Goddess (女神), Mother Earth (大地母神), Valkyrie (戦女神) and Goddess of Sea (海の女神). That’s right, only the Goddess of Sea is called like that.
In the end I’ll leave it to you to tell me if you want to keep sabishii’s names or should I change them to the more raw accurate ones.

As always, thanks for your comments and feedback.

Now enjoy!

Original: 騎士達の行き先は

Chapter 172 – The destination of the Knights.

I was in the middle of helping setting the table when Naminissa called out to me, so I entrusted what I had in my hands to Freud and went to where the princesses were. In that place were Naminissa, Narelina, Runo-san and the other two officers around a bonfire, and I got seated between Naminissa and Narelina for some reason and continuing their talk, Runo-san and the officers told us why they were here.

According to Runo-san’s story, when the Royal Family of Mabondo left the country, countless of knights and citizens decided to leave with them, but there were some others that had lingering feelings for they places so there were some citizens that didn’t went with them. So they stayed behind for those citizens but the rule of the Flebondo Royal Family was so cruel that those citizens were suffering greatly. Finaly those citizens were unable to keep living there so they too decided to leave so we left at the same time with them and escort them to where the Mabondo Royal Family was and after some days they left on a journey. By the way, according to Runo-san, the Royal Couple was in a port city not far from the Imperial Capital we are heading to.

“It seems that the motherland is in an even more difficult state than I thought… By the way, why didn’t you stay in the same place as Otou-sama?”
“Yeah, Father wouldn’t have minded you staying, on the contrary he would have welcome you.”
“That’s right… he certainly welcomed us but, looking at the Royal Couple giving their best in a new land, we also had the feeling of starting anew in some new place… besides I’m already an old knight. In Givirio-sama’s place there are already many young knights and citizens that will carry on to the next era so it will be fine, but I thought that there might be some other country that still has a need for a knight this old so I recruited some brave warriors and this is how we got here. This has also been aproved by your father Givirio-sama.”

As he said that, Runo-san turns to look to his knights.

“Is just that we haven’t decide of a place to go so that has become the cause of unrest.”

Being said that we smile bitterly. I see, he is looking for a place to spent the rest of his life and now is on the middle of that journey.
Now that I think about it, when we left we did it in such a rush that we weren’t able to meet these girls parents but they seem to be doing fine… I wonder if the girls older brother Navirio and my friend Orlando are doing fine… Thinking about them made me want to meet them… and my thoughts went astray. I suddenly turn to look at both sides and find Naminissa and Narelina pondering if there is nothing we can do about it. I turn my face to Runo-san to confirm something.

“Can I ask you one thing?”
“You can ask me anything, Wazu-dono.”

Are? Did I introduce myself?

“Don’t make such a bewildered face. I just simply heard it from the Princesses. They joyfully told me that you are their future husband and that the ladies accompanying you are like them your future wives.”

I turn to look to both of them and they make bashful faces with faint tinges of red so for the time being I pat both their heads, and they don’t seem to mind at all because I can see them become dere.

“My word… I know the Princesses since they were born but it’s my first time seeing them make such a bashful face.”
“Hahaha! Please don’t get so flustered. In fact that makes this old man happy!”

It seems that Runo-san has been serving the Mabondo Family for many years now. And I can feel from their interaction that the girls trust him a lot. He doesn’t seem to be a bad person. The knights around them also are smiling from seeing their actions. One of the knights besides Runo-san told him jokingly “If you tease them too much they’ll come to hate you…” so Runo-san broke into a loud laugh.

“… By the by, you were going to ask me something.”

Runo-san stopped laughing and turned to look at me.

U~m… at first I was trying to ask something but, with his previous actions I can tell what kind of person he is, and he for sure must be a good person from all the people that are following him…
He has been serving the Royal Family for many years so his abilities with the sword must be good… wait a moment… he said that they hadn’t decide their destination, right…?

“Uhm… Do you have something in mind in respect to your destination?”
“No, nothing at all. Just that we can stay forever in here so we are discussing for some close country or city to go to.”

… So they have yet to come to a consensus… if that is so…

“To be honest, I just know the perfect country for you to go to but, would you be willing to go?”
“Ho. What place is that?”
“Let’s see, to put it simply, it’s a country that has just been formed so they have a real lack of helping hands. By the way, they are in an alliance with the Beastpeople Country.”
“Is that so… It has just been formed… then they still lack a proper structure… furthermore they have an alliance with the Beastpeople Country… sounds interesting… I’ve yet to try myself against a beastperson…”

Runo-san seems content as he is grinning. He reacted particularly to the part of the alliance with the Beastpeople Country. Ahh I got it, this person is a battle freak. Probably if he goes there he will not lack partners to fight if he were to express his desire to fight. Did I chose the wrong person? But it is true that they lack helping hands, and they also lack knights and soldiers that can be relied on so…

“Where is that country?”

Amusedly, Runo-san ask me that. His facial expression is like that of a child being excited just before getting his hand on a new toy. Well, who cares. I’m sure that Grave-san will handle it just fine.
And thus I tell Runo-san about Grave-san. He also asked me to write him a letter of introduction and so did the girls so I wrote it.

It’ll be good if I can help Grave-san’s country even if a little…





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  1. Thanks for the update.

    I like most of the changes that you’ve been making but there is one I don’t agree with. I think Valkyrie sounds better than goddess of war.

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  2. Thnx for the daily update keep up the good work. Also have you tought about adding some of the novel illustrations to your site?


    1. Yeah… but I haven’t purchased the novels so I don’t have them and I’m really lazy to look for them. You are free to share a link of them if you have them. I’ll link them to the ToC page and give credits, just remember that you must not put any kind of ad in the link or it won’t be used.

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  4. hey orcbolg is there any chance that in the future you would translate the past chapters?? sabishii made a good work translating them but he never really listen to us to change the stuff that was poorly written. And your work is easy on the eyes 😉


    1. I really thank you for your kind words , they make me feel that it is worth the work. I don’t think I’ll be doing them. I chose to do this novel because it was finished, I wanted to know how it ended but the pace it was being translated was unbearable, and there was only 70+ chapters left.

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  5. Thanks for the latest update. 🙂

    Also keep it as goddess of war, Wasu has it that way on his guild card, changing it now would mean you would have to go back and change his card.

    Also when i think of Valkyre i always think Norse with Odin, this doesn’t have any Norse background to it, not that i can see anyway.


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