Sono mono 164

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Original: 別話12 ナミニッサと水溜り

Chapter 164 – Another story 12: Naminissa and the puddle.

— Naminissa’s POV —

I finish my daily routine of training and return to the room to rest. It is not that Wazu-sama’s training is so hard that you can not move afterwards but, it would not be good either if I do not properly rest. I lay defenseless in the bed and look to the ceiling.

Whenever I have times like these for myself to think, I always think of one thing.

The thing about Aria.

Ever since Wazu-sama told us his intentions of going to where Aria is, I have always been thinking that as Aria’s friend I do know her personality, and even though the society calls her a Holy woman, actually she could not be farther from a Holy Woman… yet I can not get myself to believe that Aria would betray Wazu-sama. If she really had betrayed him, she would not be explicitly looking for him. Instead she might have been loking for him all this time just to tell him that she never betrayed him… or it might be just my wishfull thoughts… but then again, there is the thing about why she is still with the hero… there really is no end to my train of thought… fuu~…

I take a breath and raise my upper body, and realize that in front of me is Wazu-sama.

“Oops, did I wake you?”

It seems that he thought that I was sleeping and, because I suddenly got up, he thought that he woke me up.

“No, I was not sleeping in the first place. I was just laying down for a bit.”

When I deny it, Wazu-sama pats his chest in relief. You do not have to worry like that. Even if you were to wake me up, I would never get angry at you. Isntead, I wish you would wake me up with a sweet kiss…

“And, to what do I owe the pleasure of you visiting our room? Oh! I know, you came here to embrace me. Then if you would give me a little time to arrange myself…”
“No, you don’t know!! Your answer is wrong!! Why is it that the first thing you think of is that I came with that in mind?!”
“Is that not it?”
“It’s not!!”

What a shame.

“What is it then, are you looking for someone?”
“I’m making everyone’s equipment and for them to suit you well, I’m asking for everyone’s measures.”
“I see now, because they would be personal, you need minute detail of the sizes of everyone. Then please take my measures.”

I open my arms inviting him to measure me as much as he wants.

“… Why does it comes to me taking your measures?”
“Because I wish so.”
“… You can always just tell me.”
“The measures I know are outdated. People grow everyday, you know? Right now I do not know my measures. So I ask of you to please take my measures.”
“Do I really have to do it?”
“I expect you to do it.”

Seeing that I will not yield no matter what, Wazu-sama takes a breath and makes a resolved face.

“Understood, I’ll take your measures… you won’t get mad?”
“Why would I get angry when I am the one who is asking you to do it? Ah! Should I take my clothes off? Or do you want to undress me yourself?”
“That’s fine!! You are fine like that!! Stay like that please!!”

Afterwards, Wazu-sama took my measures carefully. From time to time I move my body on purpose just to see Wazu-sama’s reaction. Such a blissful time.


Some days later, I recieved my equipment from Wazu-sama when I was alone in my room. It was a staff that enhanced my magical barrier equal to Tata’s, and a little shield that sticks to my arm so that it does not disturb my mobility. The protective gear was divided in two, the upper part being an armour and the lower part being a multilayered skirt, a so called dress armour. The materials he used were Orichalcum and dragon scales, and it was dyed in red tones to match my hair. I place my equipment in a way that I can contemplate it. This is the equipment that Wazu-sama made himself just for me…


I let out a smile from happiness. I lay down on bed and stare absentmindedly to my equipment, and fell asleep like that…


While I was sleeping, I felt an unconfortable sensation from my lower body, which wakes me up.

“… mmm…”

The first thing I do after waking up is invesstigate what is the unconfortable sensation in my lower body.

… *splash*…

… Mh? Splash?…

… My hand is wet…



It is wet!!

I completely wake my self up immediatly, straighten myself and look at my lower body.

There is a puddle in there…



Eeeeehhh!! What is the meaning of this?! This can not possibly be… No, no, no nooo, it can not be!! There is no way that I would do such a careless thing being a former princess… but in front of me exist a proof of it… no it is not!! This is no proof!! I am sure that in my sleep I toppled a flower base or a cup of water!! And in fact a flower vase that decorated the bed is laying on the floor… I am sure that is the cause!! If not then this is a dream!! The real me is still sleeping soundly!! No but… uuhh…

… I shall not accept this… I shall not…

Hahh… for the time being it looks like I did it… let’s destroy the evidence.

I get up from bed and take of the sheets. First I will dry the wet bed with everyday magic. Yes, it disappeared nicely. Now I will activate a magical barrier in the form of a washing pole and I will put the sheets in it to dry. I take a breath there.
Now that I have done this, I can calmly think about what happened.

In my sleep I turned and toppled the pedestal in which the flower vase was standing, and the water in the vase flew over and spilled in my lower body. And in the floor is a thick carpet spread, I am sure that it killed the sound of the vase falling. And I was late to wake up… yes, there is no way that I… *cough* myself.

Still, It was good thinking of me to hang to dry the puddle in the sheets even before I started analyzing the situation…

Suddenly, I feel the presence of someone at the entrance of the room so I turn to look.



In front of me was Wazu-sama…

Wazu-sama opens his eyes wide and becomes dumbfounded. He then turns to look to the puddle in the sheet behind me… Eh? Does it not look like I did this…?

“I’m sorry!! I didn’t see anything!! I really didn’t see anything!!”


Wazu-sama turns on his heels and tries to leave the room. N-noo!! I can not let him go like this!! I can not leave witnesses!!

“Block the path of my enemy (in super fast-talking)”

I lost my self and used all of my magical force to activate a magical barrier to block the door of the room, sealing Wazu-sama’s way out.


Wazu-sama bumps his face in the magical barrier wall that I created with all my magical force and lets out a scream.

“Haa… haa…”

Fufufu… I-I was right to use all of my magical force… I somehow was able to avoid that Wazu-sama escaped this place… what is next now is…

“I-impossible!! I didn’t use all my strenght but how can there be an invisible wall blocking my way?!”
“Fu, fu, fu… Wazu-sama… where are you going? You could not possibly be thinking of leaving like this…”

Due to the exhaution of draining all my magic, I am dragging myself in the floor and getting closer to Wazu-sama.

“I-I really didn’t see anything!! Nothing at all!! I didn’t see the mysterious puddle in the sheets!!”



Later on I had a lengthy CON-VER-SA-TION with Wazu-sama to clear the missunderstanding.

My word, I do not know if Wazu-sama has a good timing or a bad one… haa… I am completely tired… my throat is dry too, I will drink some water and then go to bed…





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  1. Wazu… saw the… soaking… sopping…. wet sheets… and… red and flustered…. face…. What the hell happened?! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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