Sono mono 165


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Original: 別話13 ナレリナとメラル

Chapter 165 – Another story 13: Narelina and Meral

— Narelina’s POV —

I finish my self imposed training and spars and return to the room to rest.

Fuu… Having Haosui and Kagane as sparring partners is a nice stimulant. It becomes a good learning experience to fight against opponents that rank higher both in satus and in war tactics. When I was in the castle of my hometown I used to go to the practice grounds of the knights instead of just train by myself, in order to always be ahead of everyone around me. I’m still no match for Wazu, and I don’t think that there’ll ever be a time when I get to equal him but, I want to get close as much as possible. I don’t want to go through somethig like that again. Thanks to Wazu getting enraged on my behalf and to his forceful kiss that made me happy, I was able to get over it to some extent but, I have no doubt that if I had been as strong then as I am now, I wouldn’t have suffered that kind of humiliation. That is why Iエm trying to become even stronger…

I drikng some water and dry off the sweat from the heat of the training, when Wazu enters the room.

“Ah! There you are!”
“Mh? What’s up, do you need me for something?”
“I was in the middle of making everyone’s equipment when I realized that, while there might be no problem with the weapons, I need your measures for your protective gear. And although it might be a little embarrassing, I’m going around asking for everyone’s measures.”
“I see. Indeed it’s beter for the protective gear to be the perfect size for the body. And so you came here in order to ask me for my measures.”

I honestly tell him that I understood and Wazu took a breath of relief. He might have been wondering if I would get disgusted over this. There is no way that I would feel like that for goodness sake… I wish he would start being aware that he is our husband. None of us would become angry for something like this…

“I got it. Then I’ll have you measure me to your heart’s content!!”
“You just have to tell me!!”

Eh? My feelings for you (T/N: anata) will not waver over something like you taking my measures!! Far from feeling disgusted, I would feel glad!! Or that’s what I was trying to express when I asked him to take my measures but, it seems that it didn’t got through… fumu, It might be better to tell him straight.

“Sorry, my phrasing was wrong. I want my future husband Wazu to take my measures. Can you heed my wish?”
“… Hah… Okay, why it should be different now?”

Different? I see, I wasn’t the first one. He has asked the same to other people. It’s a little regretable that I wasn’t the first one but, the order might just be who he came across first, and that isn’t something that matters between us. While I was pondering over that, Wazu took out a string with black marks on it and started to take my measures.

H-he’s almost touching my chest… won’t he touch them if he goes on like that…?

While having improper thoughts, I remember what I was doing before. I was wiping my sweat, wasn’t I…? which means that I haven’t taken a bath… when I realize that, I timidly call out to him.

“… Wa-Wazu… uhm…”
“Mh~? What is it?”

Wazu is taking my measures with such zeal.

“I want to confirm something… that is… Do I smell? Up until now I was training so I haven’t got the chance to take a bath…”
“Mh… not really. You smell nice like the sun as always.”
“I-is that so… that’s fine then…”

Fuu… for the time being I’m safe… but it still bothers me so later I’ll wash carefully…

Even though he told me that I smell good, it kept bothering me so I didn’t move a bit…


Some days later, Wazu gave me the equipment that he made especially for me. As weapons, he gave me a great sword made of Orichalcum and imbued with the power of fire with his God Magic, and he also gave me a long sword also made of Orichalcum to match any circumstance. He said he didn’t find any Orichalcum to make my protective gear so instead he gave me a full plate armour made of Mithril. I can’t be always be wearing it so he made contermeasurements. With his God Magic, he made it possible to autoequip it using my magic whenever I will it. It was really entertaining so I tried it many times. Otherwise it will usually be inside Meru’s magical storage.

I checked my new equipment, polished my new swords, put down the great sword, hang in my waist the long sword and face towards a new battle field.



In front of me are various ingredients and in my clean hands a kitchen knife… fuu… haa…

“I’ll be in your care.”
“Yes, give it your best at learning.”

At my side was Meru’s mother Meral-sama standing in her human form. Her skin is as white as snow like in her dragon form, her facial features are so beautiful that even I a woman am feeling charmed, and with long and slender arms and legs, she is the living definition of a beautiful woman. During our stay in this castle I have asked Meral-sama to teach me to cook and I have been doing a great effort to get better at it. Since the first day Meral-sama came to our room to… play?… and to have a frendly talk. Usually I would ask Tata to teach me but it seems that she has something to do herself and when I casually said that it would be a problem if the time for studing cooking decreases, Meral-sama offered herself to teach me to cook. I had once tried her food and realized that she has such a mastery that wouldn’t lose to Tata’s, that instead I wanted to plea instead to be teach.

“Let’s see, you already got the basics right so today let’s focus on seasoning, shall we?”

Saying that, Meral-sama took out various seasonings and lined them up. Could there be around a dozen?

“There are this many…”
“That’s right, there are also some that look the same but, what’s important is to know how to use them, and even though my husband looks so crude, he’s unexpectedly picky with the flavour of his meals. That’s why I also did my best in collecting this many. And thanks to it, my husband was really pleased.”
“You really love him, right?”
“Fufufu… You also have to feed Wazu delicious meals too, Narelina-chan.”
“I-I’ll do my best!”

Meral-sama started to teach me after seeing my fighting spirit.

“Narelina-chan, first you need to cut the meat and vegetables into bite-sized pieces.”

“Now, before cooking the ingredients you just cut, we need to prepare first the seassoning. At first you might probably don’t know what to do so, let’s add them while tasting it.”

“Narelina-chan, why did you put that in?”
“Yes! Because I heard that it would be good for health!”

“Narelina-chan… that one’s a little bit…”
“But I heard that this one gives you vigour!”

“… Narelina-chan?”
“I’ll add this one… and this one… Ah! This one too…”


That’s weird… was this dish supposed to have this colour…? It was supposed to be something with the feeling of a home made cooking but, it has a deep purple colour… or kind of black… I turn to look to Meral-sama and I see she is smiling but she is sweating cold. From her smile I can understand that this was a failure. I had put my everything but turned out to be a failure.

While I was worring about what I should do, Wazu-san enters the kitchen.

“Eh? Narelina and, is that presence Meral? So that’s how you look in your human form. Rather, why do you look so lost? Did something happen?”
“Ah!! No, this is…”
“Nothing happened!! Nothing!!”

While I was lost at words to say looking at my failure, Meral-sama tried to cover up for me but, Wazu came over here with a questioning face and looked at my failed work. Ahh… t-this is… eh!

“Were you cooking? Then let me taste it for a bit.”

After he said that, he brought it to his mouth before we were able to stop him.

“… u~m… yep!! It’s tasty!!”


“Oh! That’s right, Ragnil was calling for me! Then, see you later!!”

Wazu quickly leaves the kitchen. Meral-sama and I see him off and then turn to look at each other.

“… Well, Wazu is kind of a special case so… let’s try once again…”

Being exhausted after learning to cook I return to the room and turn to sleep.

Just right before falling asleep I heard from somewhere a voice screaming ‘I feel to excited and can’t sleep!!’ but I went to sleep soon after…





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      1. Wazu is fine with the food Narelina made. But Wazu became really excited due to the ingredient Narelina put and I presume Ragnil was calling Wazu to spar with him.


    1. not only that, during his two years at this mountain, he eats evertyhing he can to satisfying his stomach. And probably among it were as bad as Narellina’s cooking.


  1. Gj. And my daily dose is satisfied.

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  2. Just right before falling asleep I heard from somewhere a voice screaming ‘I feel to excited and can’t sleep!!’ but I went to sleep soon after…
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  3. Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Wazu finds anything “toxic” as “tasty” because of the 1st goddess’ blessing and when it leveled up he can even eat magic and mana now so iz prolly coz of that


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