Sono mono 163

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Original: 別話11 タタと戦女神

Chapter 163 – Another story 11: Tata and the Goddess of War

— Tata’s POV —

After finishing my daily trainig, I return by myself to the room to think a menu for the meals of today as it’s my turn to cook. Aftera while, Wazu-san enters the room. It seems that he’s looking for someone so I try to call out for him but before I do so, he finds me and comes inside the room.

“Ah, I finally found you.”
“What is the matter?”
“I have something to ask of you…”

Something to ask me? I tilt my head while wondering what could it be. Does he want to confirm the menu for today?

“… Is just… I have a favour to ask…”
“What is it?”

A favour? Does he want to request that I don’t include something in the menu that he doesn’t like? I don’t think so becuase, no matter what we cook, Wazu-san eats it happily while saign ‘Delicious!’… appart from Haosui and Kagane’s avant-garde cooking that is.

“You can say no if you are against it but, I need everyone’s measurements to make your personal equipment easy to…”
“Please take my measurements as you like.”

Before he could even finish I bow showing my consent.

“You’re to quick to decide! Or rather, why do I have to take them myself? You can just tell me.
“I don’t know my own measurements, so please take them as you see fit, Wazu-san.”

I actually do know them. I mean, in order to always look beautiful in front of Wazu-san, we consult each other about our bodies every night. Especially in the weight department.

“… Then, how about you measure yourself and then tell me…?”
“That’s no good. I think is most important for you as the manufacturer to confirm the shape it should have.”
“Even if you say that… haa… I understand, I’ll take the measurements.”
“I’m in your care!!”

Fufu… I’m glad I held back on the food yesterday…

Wazu-san is taking my measurements. Equipment made personally by Wazu-san, huh… I’m looking foward to it.
Ah, seeing him with such a serious face… I feel like teasing him a little.

“Wazu-san… should I undress now?”
“… I don’t know how undressing would help.”
“Aren’t my clothes getting in the way of taking my measurements accurately?”
“Nope, they aren’t so you can keep them on.”
“Is that so? Then, can I ask another thing?”
“What is it?”
“What do you think of my breasts?”


“… Do I need answer?”
“Please do.”
“… I think they are extremely wonderful.”
“Thank you very much.”

Fufu… extremely wonderful is that… of course, my breasts are one of the things I take the most pride in.

Afterwards I got Wazu-san to completely take my measurements. It was an extremely wonderful time… whoo…


Some days later I recieved my personal equipment. I was sure to train with everyone but, I still don’t feel to well while fighting. If I were to be honest, I’m scared. I don’t feel to bad if the opponent is a monster but, were it to be a person trying to kill me, I don’t know if I would be able to stand it.

I look once more at the equipment Wazu-san gave me. The main weapon is a splendid staff made of metal with incrustations of jewels and a big magic stone on the tip. According to Wazu-san, it greatly enhances my magical barrier because it was made with God Magic. He also told me that he made it that way because he kept in mind that I’m not good with fighting so it would be better if I had a stronger defence. Apparently it packs quite the striking force because it was made with Orichalcum but I wonder if I’ll be able to use it correctly. He also gave me a shield of about half my height. Of course it was also made from Orichalcum, yet I wonder if is because I have been traingin a lot because I’m not having any trouble moving with it. But due to it being to big, it will be kept in Meru’s magical storage and when I need it I can materialize it with my magic if will it to, or so it seems. And finally, my guard will not be an armour but some robust robes so that I can move around freely. They were black as my previous one and it seems that they were actually sewed over some other clothes that Wazu-san found in the treasure vault with string made from Ragnil-sama’s scales. I happily embrace the equipment that Wazu-san made just for me.

Although it was Sarona’s turn to prepare the food today, she said that there was a new power that she wanted to try out so I hurriedly exchanged places with her. In the kitchen I’m looking at the ingredientes before me while thinking of a menu for today when all of the sudden, I glance upon my new kitchen knife. Wazu-san made it for me from the leftover materials but it has a sharpness equal to a holy sword so I can easily cut any ingredient without a problem. So useful.
I was in the middle of pealing the skin of an ingredient with my knife and at the same time brewing soup while thinking of the rest of the menu, when a person entered the kitchen. That person was a woman with crimson hair and sharp eyes and looks yet she was a beatuiful woman that looked as if she had come out from a picture. It’s my first time seeing her.

“Oh! A delicious smell is coming from here.”
“Who might you be?”
“Ah! I should introduce myself first. Glad to meet you, I’m the Goddess of War.”
“… Ha-haa…”

Eh? Let’s see… I seem to remember that name from between the Goddesses that gave their blessings to Wazu-sama…

“Yeah! You are right, I am that Goddess of War!!”

And after saying that, she lets out her godly aura to prove herself. Immediately after I felt that aura, I try to kneel down but Lady Goddess of War stops me.

“It’s okay, it’s okay! I don’t like that kind of formal stuff.”

She stops me with a bright smile. Her appearance is far from what Wazu-san described the Goddesses to be. How to say it, she gives the vibe of a really kind Goddess.

“You have stopped cooking, is that okay?”

From the words of Lady Goddess of War, I remembered that I was in the middle of cooking. I check the condition of the soup… whoo… it’s still okay.

“You don’t have to mind me, please continue cooking.”

Should I really not mind her? While thinking that, Lady Goddess of War tels me “It’s really okay” so I bow to her and resume cooking.


Lady Goddess of War is fixedly staring my work and it’s kind of unsettling but, I continue cooking as I’m used to. And at that time Lady Goddess of War calls out to me while looking at my hands.

“In the end, fighting is the same as cooking.”
“You are afraid of fighting, right?”
“… Yes.”

How was I seen through? Is is because she is a Goddess?

“Cooking is also scary at the begining, is it not? Like when you held a knife for the first time.”
“… that is right. The first time I put a knife into some ingredients, I was afraid of cutting a finger.”
“But it’s not scary anymore, right?”
“Not anymore.”
“Fighting is the same. Right now you might be worried that if you suddenly use your power carelessly on someone, you might hurt that person. But, like that knife, if you get used to use it, you’ll get your desired results.”
“… Can it really go like that?”
“Don’t worry! If the Goddess that rules over war says so, then it will be okay.”

Lady Goddess of War hits her chest. I unconsciously let out a smile thanks to her words and actions.

“… Thank you very much.”

It seems that I can muster a little more self confidence.

“The rest is about how confident the person is but that varies from person to person. In the end everyone’s reason to fight also varies from person to person… But if what I said can relieve a little of your fears, then I’m happy.”
“I will do my best.”
“This is my present for you.”

Lady Goddess of War puts her hand towards me and suddenly I can feel that something warm pours into me.

“I just gave you my divine protection. Keep working hard.”
“Yes. You gave me advise and even your divine protection, I’m really grateful.”

I bow to Lady Goddess of War and she gives me a briliant smile and then leaves the kitchen.

I feel like I can be more confident in fighting now. I’ll be more proactive in my daily training from now on… I wonder if I should ask one of the girls to spar with me…





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  1. Huh? A goddess that was actually useful?!?!

    Wow, at first I thought this meathead goddess was the one I’d like the least but she’s currently my favorite now…


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