Sono mono 196

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Original: 決闘前

Chapter 196 – Before the duel

And after that, the preparations were done in the blink of an eye.

Givirio-otousan called the veteran butler and told him that we would accept the duel, and it seemed that King Rusona also wanted to get this matter over with because they had already finished their preparations so, in an instant the duel was ready.

The place was an open field outside the castle. There, the Hero Party and King Rusona along with some male attendats were already wating for us. Inside those attendants was also the veteran butler. On the oposite side were us, the Mabondo family and Princess Eris.

I once again look at the other side.

As I had met previously with the Hero Party, I leave them aside and focus on King Rusona. Because he is a person that an ordinary guy like me would never meet.
Well, Givirio-otousan is like that also. Is just that he didn’t gave that impression when he appeared…

King Rusona looks a lot like Princess Eris that you would tell they are parent and child just from looking. But right now he has a tired expression and if you compare him with Givirio-otousan, he looks unwell. It’s as if he has so much to worry about that he gives a troubled aura.

He might be worried dead about the matter with her daughter. How regretful.
After this matter is dealt with, the matter with the Evil God will be waiting for you. Hang in there!!

I’m worried he might collapse from exhaustion and anxiety.

“I see you’ve made up your mind… Let’s solve this matter already.”

The moment King Rusona says that towards us, the hero comes up front. His expression is full of confidence and he doesn’t have even a speck of doubt that he will win. Well, I also don’t plan to lose against the hero.

The hero already stepped forward so I also give Navirio and everyone else a glance and nod once, and immediately after, I give the girls a smile to give them peace of mind. I hand Meru to Haosui and also step foward.

When I step foward, the other side start making faces as if asking ‘who’s this?’ and only Aria gives a face of disbelief. I guess that’s obvious, Aria doesn’t know about my strength. Well, she already has nothing to do with me so I don’t care.

I look like that at the hero and the hero gives a smile that looks like he thinks he will win with leeway.

“I believe you are Aria’s childhood friend… and the one that kidnapped Princess Eris…”

Are? Wasn’t the misunderstanding solve already? Why did I become the kidnapper of Princess Eris?

“Good grief… Are you aware that beacuse of you, Aria and I took so long to get married?! And you even commited a crime… But also beacuse beside you are Aria’s friend Princesses Naminissa and Narelina, her friendship with them got destroyed!!”

Are you planning to make it my fault also?
Moreover, you are saying that in a loud voice as to everyone gathered here can hear it… Are you trying to make me the bad guy?

“Realize already that you existance troubles everyone around you!! This is a great chance, I’ll bury you right here!! Worry not!! I will open the eyes of Princesses Naminissa and Narelina!!”

Ahh, I got it. This guy is that type. The type that doesn’t hear people’s words.
He selfishly makes up his own justice, and like that tramples on, brandishing his selfish justice. Isn’t the one giving trouble to the ones around him, this guy? Well, I guess that heroes are like this.

They believe in their own selfish justice and carry on like that untill the end. And because they have power, their surroundings have just to held their tongues and that makes them believe they are right…

And because to decide whether that behaviour is up to the people around, at that moment there is nobody that can give a different opinion. And like that, they shine more and more thinking that they are right… And does that mean that Aria is between the people that got attracted to that light?

Or rather, hasn’t he noticed?
My wives are becoming more and more furious at this guy’s words. Their faces are so scary that they could spring at you at any moment. They are scary if you make them angry, you know?

But that’s a shame because that’s my role. The one that has to wake up is your side. If you were to try and touch the girls, I will not be able to restraing myself… Although killing you might be bad, I can always embarrass you.

“Are you listening?! Listen well…”

Because there is nobody to stop him, the rant of the Hero (lol) continues. The people on the Iscoa side are listening. Well those are the words of the hero of their country. And between the members of the Hero Party, Aria is somewhat flustered, the Male Warrior is smiling amused and the Magician Girl is nodding off.

On the other hand, on the Motampe side: The girls seem to already stopped listening to the Hero’s words because they are playing with Meru. Navirio and Princess Eris are looking at them pleasantly, Givirio-otousan and Mirelina-okaasan are nonchalantly drinking black tea brewed by Freud with a table set he prepared from who knows where.

Aren’t you too relaxed?

Well I’m also the same because I’ve already started ignoring him… Right now I’m pondering how to shame him.

Ahh… Can’t you start already…?
I’m getting hungry…
I’ve finally returned to Iscoa but I have yet to meet my parents…
I feel like eating mum’s cooking…

“… Do you understand!?”

Sorry, I wasn’t listening to you.

Did he finally realize that I wasn’t listening to him? Because his expression is full of rage. Maa! Your face is so red. You have been talking by quite a while. Do you want something to drink? Isn’t your throat parched?


Reacting to the hero’s words, the veteran butler from the Iscoa side comes to stand between us. Ah, thank you for your hard work. I’m sure is hard for you, to have to even do this kind of thing.

“*cough*… Then…”

The veteran butler looks at us to confirm that we are ready at the same time that he says that.

Yes, yes, anytime you want.


Let’s see how strong the Hero is.





117 thoughts on “Sono mono 196

  1. So, I guess in the LN version, the Hero has the same personality with a bit more pushyness, hence Aria breaks up with Wazu thinking Wazu is weak and wants the Hero to spare him.

    Or some similar BS rationalization by the Author?


    1. In the LN the hero is outright evil, in the WN he’s a self deluded fool.
      LN was changed by the author because a lot of fans whined at the “NTR” and made the hero force himself on Aria, she slaps the hero later and tries to find Wazu to fix their relationship (she loves him) in the WN she simply loves the hero.


        1. I found a few summaries, don’t remember the site and the manga and it’s raws confirm the content, basically the author had to rewrite that part of his work because his fans were too butthurt to accept Aria’s “NTR”.


          1. Well, tbh, apart from my utter hatred for NTR…

            The whole theme, while good as a catalyst for the story, this late (knowing it will end soon) really doesnt fit with the mood and the story so far. This kind of serious topic into such lighthearted, funny comedy.

            Well, from a reader’s side. From the author point of view, as an author, you have to write what you want to do, and the readers will either read it, or quit. 🙂 I think it’s a bad thing if you rewrite YOUR story because the readers want to. Must feel disheartening.


          2. I pity the author, the whole thing with Aria can’t be classified as NTR . I think the author was trying to tell the readers a story about a bittersweet first love and how the MC got over it but the readers couldn’t understand that.


    1. cara meu coração tava batendo muito rapido quando vi que os dois iam lutar, então quando eu vi que acabo chegou a doer meu peito!


  2. Self-righteous justified hero… shame him please, Wazu. He’ll lose the title while he’s at it. and if the Rep of Darkness gave him one of the Red Balls, good, all the more reason to put him down.


  3. Some people talk about LN and WN for this series, what are they? Where can I get them? Thanks.
    And thanks to trandlator-san for his/ hard word, next chapter seems very interesting.


  4. what the fuck?!?! now that’s a cliffhanger..
    is that dirt bag really a hero??. what does aria see in that douche monkey anyway…. well until the nextchapter then. i was hoping to see hero get rekt or something but ill have to wait until then.

    thanks for the update.


    1. Noo kouki is good guy but stupid but this hero he is lustful and selfish confidence well just my think present True hero is hard to found (sorry for my bad English I am not English people)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Excelente cap, o Wasu ta muito badass, calmo e racional. Ele esta muito maneiro, agora sim. ele ta parecendo un HOMBRE de verdade assumindo suas mulheres sem ficar enrolando suas deveras kawaii wifus. Esse é o meu primeiro comentário, eu sou do Brasil, e você sempre me trás muita felicidade com seu trabalho, Thanks for the chapter.
    PS: Meru is Life


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