Sono mono 197

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Original: 雑魚い

Edit: I’m sorry you guys, I realized that some portions of the translation got cut off so I reuploaded them. Please read the chapter again!

Chapter 197 – Small fry.

At the same moment the veteran butler gave the start signal, the Hero unsheathes a sword from a gorgeously ornamented scabbard. The sword is also gorgeously adorned as to not lose to the scabbard and from the blade a pale blue light shines.

Is that a Holy Sword?
The Hero lunges at me with the Holy Sword.

… Crap!!

At once, I avoid that sword and retreat backwards.
The Hero gets on stance again after a swing and grins.

“Fu! As I expected, this sword is efective against evil. I’ll tear you to pieces with this Holy Sword!!”

… That was dangerous. This has become a nuisance… That Holy Sword… I can’t let myself be cut with that Holy Sword…

Of course, I’m not I’m an evil person so it won’t have any effect in me as the Hero said. But still… what a nuisance. I mean, that Holy Sword…

Is the only one in this world, right?

In other words, I have to avoid destroying that Holy Sword no matter what. It’s not that I’m doing it for the Hero (lol), but for the people of this world, I need to leave them this sword. And that being said I have to avoid that Holy Sword touching my body.

Because, I don’t know if a Divine Sword, that surpasses this Holy Sword, can leave a scratch on me…

Or rather, won’t it break by just touching me for an instant? So besides a nuisance, how can you call this situation…?

Ahh what a bother…

“HAHAHA!! What is it?! You can only run?!”

Because I’m greatly avoiding the Holy Sword, the Hero got cocky and started slashing at me. I’m not!! I’m thinking about the future and avoiding getting touched by the Holy Sword!!

Or rather, the movements of the Hero are dull…
Eh? His movements makes you wonder if he really is a hero.
I mean, that’s what a hero is, right? The one that saves the world, right?
Eh? Eeh? Was he this weak?
He can’t even hold a candle to my wife Haosui who has the greatest figthing power, you know?
He might even be lower in status that Tata who has the lowest status among them.
Tata might win with her knife…
Ahh, Is he not giving his all yet?
Does he have a hidden strength?
Is he going to awake his dormant power?



That seemed even less likely.
Far from it, right now he is heaving his shoulders greatly.
That’s what you get for putting on airs of greatness and star swinging your sword like that after getting cocky because I was sticking to evasion, you know?
Or rather, to lose your breath over just this much…
Can it be that after you defeated the Demon Lord, you stopped training?
Now that I think about it, you have lots of wives.
Were your hands full with them?

But that’s a shame. There is no time to think so I won’t show any mercy.

“Bastard!! Can’t you do nothing more than escape?! Fight me fair and square!!”

Fair and square… This kind of people tend to say this a lot, isn’t that strange? I mean, everybody has their way of fighting, so to fight fair and square depends on every person, right? And yet, whenever something is not fair and square for you, you always say those words… Why is that?

For the time being, I want to first say that it’s not fair and square to grandiously draw a Holy Sword and lunge at a person you consider a commoner.



… Ah! I just thought of something nice. If the Hero is really a hero then it there won’t be any trouble.

I aim at the wrist of the Hero that keeps swinging unrefinedly at me.


With a typical word I give him a chop and the Hero drops the Holy Sword due to pain. I immediately grab the Holy Sword and stab it into the ground with great force. After confirming that, I retreat some steps away.
By the time the Hero turns to glare at me from pain, the Holy Sword is already stuck in the ground and only the handle protrudes.

“You bastard!! What are you doing?! Do you even realize what that sword is!?”

The Hero is filled with rage but I feel relieved. Or rather, that’s the Holy Sword, right? A weapon that’s close to it? That would be the knife of our Tata. I can’t see any more value in it other than that.

The Hero gets close to the Holy Sword crawling, he grabs the handle and pulls with all his strength but the Holy Sword doesn’t budge.

AHAHAHA!! It seems you can’t pull it out!! So that means that you are not the Hero!!

I tried saying something a villain would say.


The hero tries to pull it from the floor with a red face but it doesn’t give a sign of moving from there. Or rather, can’t you fight without the Holy Sword? Come at me empty handed.

I raise my sight from watching the hero, and notice that the people on the Iscoa Side are dumbfounded. Well, that’s to be expected. They never thought that their hero would lose. Aria has her mouth open and has an expression that she can’t believe it. The veteran butler has an unfazed expression. Well, he is a butler.

On the Motampe side the girls are giving a refreshing smile seeing the comical way the hero is behaving, Navirio is giving a wry smile as if to restraining himself from laughing, Princess Eris and Givirio-otousan are laughing out loud.
Mirelina-okaasan and Freud are, as always, nonchalant.

After confirming that much, I return my sight to the Hero and see that he’s still fighting with the sword stuck in the ground. Just give up, that just means that you are not the hero.

Let’s end this already…

I take a breath and in an instant move in front of the sight of the Hero, I give him a kick with enough strength as to not kill him by mistake and send him flying, I catch up with the Hero that’s up in the air and, with my hand into the shape of a blade, I cut all of the Hero’s equipment.
After I have cut enought, I turn to punch him towards the ground.


When the dust generated by the crash to the ground clears, the lower body of a person can be seen sprouting from the ground, and that lower body has nothing in it other than its birth suit… Of course, it is facing the Iscoa side. I can’t show something filthy to the girls.

And then I hide the scarp of the mantle that I cut that’s falling from the air…

Instead, that appearance looks more tragic.

“The winner, the Mabondo Family.”

The veteran butler cooly says that while raising his hand to our side. As expected from a butler… Nothing like some fake butler from somewhere.

Haa… I feel much better.

I feel somewhat satisfied and return to the side of the girls that are waiting for me.





125 thoughts on “Sono mono 197

  1. And then Aria comes out saying that she was only with the hero to protect him because she feared what the hero would do or at least that’s what probably will happen. If that actually happens I hope he doesn’t take her back since it would feel like going against his character but I guess that was why it was apparently from what others habe said changed in the LN.

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    1. yes, in the LN aria really love a wazu, but she was afraid of the heroe hurt wazu thats why she was with the heroe, but in the Wn is different….and i wont say anithing more becuse it will be spoiled


        1. But everyone already knows that LN Aria and WN Aria are completely different. As long as you don’t tell us what she does in the WN then it isn’t a spoiler.


  2. I know in the LN that Aria’s character is changed for the better by making her not a bloody moron and gold digger. But in the WN is Aria really in love with this trash or is she just there to make sure he doesn’t hurt others?


      1. Either she is a gold digging who’re going after the HeroLOL for his fame, went through the suspension bridge effect and gave herself to the HeroLOL because she was to stupid to realize it might only be a passing spark that she could have realized by waiting until after seeing Wazu again to properly judge who she really loved, or she never truly loved Wazu in the first place.


  3. Ohhh! Dios, que emocionante llegar a esta parte de la historia, no saben como espero lo que sigue …. 😀
    Pobre Aria se caso realmente entonces :/ pero asi es la vida, no siempre te casas con el que si te podria proteger hasta de un Dios malvado uu


    1. Yeah, they had to remove that part of the castle floor and now it’s the stone waiting for someone to pull the sword out. As no one’s succeeded, the one who does pull it will now become the true king. Lol!


    1. Up to date she’s not as bad as people make her, just a kid who “Liked” a simple villager but after seeing the outside world fell in love with a shining hero.
      The promise to marry Wazu was just a thing between children, betraying that promise doesn’t make her look good in the reader’s eyes but she hasn’t done a single questionable thing up till now, she was even searching Wazu to reject him face to face.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter. He can’t even hold a candle to King Grave the literal harem king. And it seems every single butler here is trained to be godly calm in any kind of situation. And Wazu… even if the girls can’t see the front, they can see the back.

    Btw, typos:
    //Bastar/!! Can’t you do nothing more than escape/

    /It seems you /can/ pull it out!! So that means that you are not the Hero!!/

    /When the dust generated by the crash to the ground clears, the lower body of a person can /se/ sprouting from the ground, and that lower body has nothing in it other than its birth suit…/

    /And then I hide the scarp of the /mant/ that I cut that’s falling from the air…/

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    1. Someone add wazu’d to urban dictionary. Verb – to be demolished and embarrassed by an individual of higher caliber whom one assumes to be greatly weaker and below oneself.


  5. The hero party and the hero are not going to take this lying down they’re gonna wanna fight everyone vs wazu and show them how low they are when he goes god mode before the battle starts. That would be awesome as F$@“ then Aria be like well I backed the wrong hero/god then all four goddess come out and say they also marrying him boom!


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