Sono mono 194

Hey people, here’s a new chapter. Now we move towards the wedding!! Yeei! Let’s see how this turns out.

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Original: 今、どうなってるの?

Chapter 194 – What’s going on now?

“And? We seem to be the only ones in the house. Where did Navirio and everyone else go?”

I stayed for a while being embraced by the girls but, we calm down for a moment and return to take our seats and I ask about the think that it’s been bothering me for a while. In the house are only the girls and me. Navirio, Princess Eris, Givirio-otousan and Mirelina-okaasan are nowhere to be seen.

“Onii-sama and everyone else went to the Imperial Capital Iscoa.”
“… Mh? Why is that?”

According to the girls story, many talks took place in the few days I was shut in the bedroom.

The first thing that happened was that Princess Eris met Navirio, they talked for a while and then she proposed with great fervour in front of Givirio-otousan and Mirelina-okaasan. Navirio accepted her proposal at that very moment, and just at that moment my talk with Aria had ended so they witnessed it so she told the Hero Party “This is the future I desire. I will tell this to father as it is!!” with a stern face and so Navirio and company decided to go with her. The Hero Party returned to the Imperial Capital Iscoa as escorts.

And, although for Naminissa and Narelina it was a family matter and they were asked to come along, me being in that state, Navirio asked that as soon as I got better, the girls would explain to me the situation and hoped that we also went to the Imperial Capital.

I began pondering about it while I was drinking the black tea and eating the breakfast that Tata had prepared for me.

I have a feeling that this become something bothersome.
Isn’t this Navirio and Princess Eris’ problem?
No it’s not. This is already the problem of the Mabondo family. And in the near future it will also be my problem. So is that why he asked me to come?

It seems that Naminissa and Narelina are worried about their family and they are restless. Hmm… It seems that they want to know what happened…

“Should we go?”

When I propose it, for a moment their faces shined but next it changed to a hesitant expression.

“What is it?”
“No, well… I really do want to go but… I mean…”
“If we go you might bump into the Hero Party… Or more precisely into Aria…”
“Ahh that.”

You don’t have to worry too much about it…

“It’ll be fine. I have you all by my side, have I not? So that doesn’t matter anymore… If you are by my side, there’s nothing I fear!! Besides I don’t think that it has something to do with me anymore. Although, how to say it… If it tries to get involved with me… I’ll destroy it with all I have.”

They seem to feel relieved by my words because the girls give pleasant smiles. Seeing those faces I feel content so I stand up with the intention of going.



But before that I took a shower, changed my clothes, got Meru to ride my head, made our preparations and then we left the house. And while I was glancing at how the town was doing, the girls also came out after preparing their stuff so I told them “Let’s go” and left the Port Town. We say good bye to the gate guards and left trotting. The gate guards told us “Please take care of Navirio-sama and everyone else” while lowering their heads. As usual, they were the former Mabondo Knights that knew me… No, they are now the Motampe Knights. I answer them with a nod.



The princesses seemed worried about their family so we increased our speed a little while heading towards the Imperial Capital Iscoa.
In the middle of our trip, I mutter about something that’s being bothering me.

“… Now that I think about it, I haven’t tell my parents that I came back.”

Kagane reacts with a jolt at those words.
I give Kagane an inquiring look. I remember that when we first entered the Imperial Capital she gave a suspicious reaction too.

“What did you do?”

Kagane averts her eyes at my words and starts to sweat cold.
But it seems that she thought she wouldn’t be able to escape my inquisitive eyes so she muttered some words.

“… Just a little education…”

Okay. She just let out some disturbing words.
Just what kind of education did you gave them?

“… Probably… When they see Onii-chan, they might start apologizing with great impetus but, please accept them with a kind heart.”
“… Really, what did you do?”

I don’t remember having parents like that.
If they really changed like that, I will have to make Kagane turn them back to how they were while I scold her… It’s not like I hate my parents.
They did payed more attention to Kagane but, that’s to be expected, right? I think anyone would want to pay more attention to their child if she happened to be a genius.
And I wouldn’t hate my parents just because of that.
Even if the amount of love they gave me was different, it’s not like they didn’t gave me anything at all. I was also proud of my exeptional sister Kagane.

“… Uugh… You’re not angry?”
“No I’m not. It’s just that I will scold you later for going overboard.”
“… Hau… Do you hate me now?”
“Now that’s stupid. I could never hate you, Kagane.”
“I understand that you became happy but, I think what you are saying is wrong.”

We continued while doing our exchange, and thanks to our speed we arrived at the Imperial Capital Iscoa in a few hours.

Author’s note: Many people have asked me if I won’t put a “NTR” tag so, thinking about what’s to come, I ended up putting it.  m(__)m





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  1. The author’s note, soo there is really NTR….but was it “Netori” or the infamous “Netorare”.

    Lol……like hell Wazu will ever get Netori anyway

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  2. Ooooo shit. Even the author put up NTR tag. Hope it’s nothing that will break my heart cause i have read a couple of NTR stuff and they always leave me feeling sick to my stomach and make me feel like crying sometimes or feeling very negative. Hope it ain’t nothing like that. And thnx for the chapter the daily dose of “Sono Mono” is strong.

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  3. I don’t think that the but with aria qualifies as ntr. The author bent over backwards to explain that it wasn’t Aria being stolen, it was the MC running away from the first challenger he saw. You would be hard pressed to even call it netori because of how little resistance he put up. If the story was told from the hero’s perspective then the author would be criticized for writing such a laughably weak-willed stepping stone. He ran away from home in tears because he saw them kiss once and didn’t even stop to ask the situation. Aria would have been dumber to chase after him.

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  4. i don’t think it is a NTR he let her go and never went to look for her, basically the story already tell you that they are not mean to be together (at least thats what a think, people might not start reading this novel becase of the NTR tag, and it is not a strong NTR it is basically a light one, why dose every woman need to fall for the protagonis to begin with…)

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    1. its a little ntr in the way of aria had promesied marry with wazu but she broken the promise, starting love a the hero and didnt tell anything a wazu. but wazu run away of her. before he have guilty too


    2. The reason he didnt was because all of the adults told him he shouldnt go(they were both 13 at The time so neither were adults.) So I still considered aria in the wrong. Also there is no way that she couldn’t have contacted wazu at any point while she was traveling letters exist in this time. Finally,even though she admits to loving him an saying she took the promise seriously she still screwed the hero BEFORE talking to wazu at any point. He had literally no way to know she changed at all before he was shown the betrayal. Yes,he ran away but he left because he didn’t want to be reminded of her I mean he probably would’ve left any way after the conversation she was going to have with him if he didn’t leave. In the end I just feel that Aria forgot about Wazu once she fell for the hero and only wanted to apologize when she remembered about him

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      1. that’s true but my point is that this netorared happened before the start of the story you know, it don’t give time to the reader to develop feelings to the girl and it basically show you that they will not be together, it just say that she is not a wife material but she has her reasons (you know this happen in real life if you are not by that person side she or he might lose the love she/he had for you), that does not compare with a heroine that is always by the MC side that you want to see the ship sailing and suddenly she falls for other guy and fuck you (i seriously would not be able to read this)

        Sorry for the bad English, not my main language


  5. Heh can’t wait for the hero to learn a lesson …..on another note cmon guys let’s break the record again!

    Thanks for the chap ~


  6. Thanks for the chapter. Wazu never forget to ‘equip’ Meru. While Kagane’s… quite hardcore…

    A little unsure about these:
    /They did /payed/ more attention to Kagane but, that’s to be expected, right? /
    Google-sensei tells me that it’s paid, unless it’s related to ship or money.

    /If it tries to get involved with me… I’ll destroy it with all I have./
    Does ‘it’ referred by Wazu here is ‘the situation with the hero(lol) troupe and/or Aria’ or ‘the hero(lol) troupe and/or Aria’? Please enlighten this one.


  7. Thanks for the chapter, with that comment rly i hope dont reffer to someone of the girls camp.
    Wazu get blocked after the comments of Aria and can’t say nothing in that time, but, thinking about the type of the story and the events until now, i can imagine Aria was forced by Hero party working for Shiro, who appeared in the first battle against mahou king ( remember was hero party telling about the peddler first when no one knows about red pills ) and Aria (now because she dont know wazu is semi-god) tried to get away wazu from de calamity of evil god.
    I can smell about wazu being a god and sacriface to win the battle or seal another time, ( or just Freud telling about he is the god of creation and after getting the god power of wazu win the battle. I have that 2 options in mind.
    I cant understand why japanese autors like more bad or open endings than a happy ending :S

    P.d. 2 hours here to “tomorrow time” … the new chapter can’t be possible right? XD


  8. its a little ntr in the way of aria had promesied marry with wazu but she broken the promise, starting love a the hero and didnt tell anything a wazu. but wazu run away of her. before he have guilty too.


  9. Thanks!

    “…thinking about what’s to come”??

    unless Wazu’s entire harem is stolen away, I don’t see any reason why the whole story would need an NTR tag – one Halloween episode doesn’t make an entire story a Horror.

    Wazu was NTR’d sure, but that’s just the Prologue, not his actual Story … unless he spends more days locked away crying in his room and it becomes a major theme.


  10. Okay guys question; I wanna reccomend this series to a friend and I love this series but the NTR tag just screwed me and confused me. Is there going to be a NTR scene because I haven’t seen one so far. My friend is like me we absolutely don’t like NTR and have dropped Series because of it. They makes us sick and can’t handle the series anymore so is there going to be one before I recommend it to my friend I feel he would enjoy this series a lot like I have.
    Thanks for the update you’re doing awesome brotha.


    1. You actually read past the ntr (that’s what most people say before it TL) storyline. It was resolve in last 191 or 192 if including the epilogue of it. It’s not much of an NTR as most people. and there is a good reason why it happened to be so. So no worries and just continue on reading WN or maybe just wait for a miracle that LN be TL


  11. I hope you gets around to translating the light novel after the wl is done. From what i’ve read so far, the storyline in the ln is better. There’s also a part two which links to the improved ln.


  12. You, dont be such worrywarts, just read the announcement in Chapter 185.

    I’m sure all of you had your workload increased too with the end of the year rush, like him, but unlike him, you are not translating, only waiting. 🙂 Be more understanding, and find some other awesome novel to read in the meantime. 🙂


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