Sono mono 193

Hey people. How were you after yesterdays shock? It really surprised me the level of hate towards Aria and the Hero, and that huge discernation about whether it was NTR or not… I think NTR is more about how you feel… If you felt NTR’d then you got NTR’d, don’t you think?

Anyway, chapter 192 was more about coming to terms with it, and in my opinion this one really heals you.

So please enjoy!

And as always, thanks for the comments and feedback.

Original: 待たせてごめんね

Chapter 193 – I’m sorry I made you wait.

We sit again around the table. I softly stroke Meru who is over my head, and I wonder if she is happy to be once again in her usual place but she starts to lovingly bite my fingers. It tickles. I can’t help notice the banner in the middle of the table. Aren’t they taking it off?

“Are you completely fine?”

While I was playing with Meru, Naminissa asks me that with a worried face. The other girls too have a similar expression. Do they think that I’m just putting up a brave facade? Do they think that I’m forcing myself? I have to tell them that now I’m perfectly fine.

“I’m completely fine. I’m sorry I made you worry… It was reassuring having always someone by my side these few days… I’m really thankful.”

Together with my thanks words, I honestly tell them what I thought and what I feel to let them feel reassured. I’ll be living together with everyone here from now on so I don’t want to hide anything from them. I told them about myself just as it is. The girls too give me serious expressions not wanting to miss anything I say.

“… And that’s how I feel. So I’m completely fine now. I resolved everything with Aria and thanks to you all I was able to stand up again… I’m really grateful to you… No, that’s not it. What I should say right now is…”

I cut my words there and look at everyone in order.

“I’m glad you were there for me, thank you… From now on I wish you would stay together with me… I won’t ever let go of you… I love you all.”

“We won’t let go fo you either!! We’ll be forever together!!”
“Fufu… If you are fine with us, please let us be with you forever.”
“Our feelings for you will not change, Wazu-sama. We will always be by your side.”
“Our feelings remain the same since the begining. We all also love you Wazu!!”
“… Together forever.”
“He became dere!! Onii-chan became dere to us!! We won!! We won!! Sekihan*!! I want some sekihan right now!!” (T/N: Sekihan, or red rice, is japanese rise with azuki beans and is a dish eaten to celebrate special events)
“Don’t say something like that now… My face is burning…”

Don’t worry, I’m sure my face is crimson red right now. I mean, this is really embarrassing, and I know my skin is completely red but I won’t avert my eyes from theirs. Besides, your faces are also red, you know? We’re even…



I cleared my throat and after calming myself down, I once again ask the girls.

“And…? What is this all about?”

I point towards the banner and everyone answers me.

“The Hero Party came as messengers from the Iscoa Kingdom a little before you returned from bringing back Navirio-sama and company.”
“And because you weren’t here, we hid Princess Eris and we face them first.”
“We took into consideration that they might have wanted to meet Princess Eris by force, so that is why we hid her. And so we tried to explain to them about what Princess Eris wanted but…”
“Before we were able to do it, the hero attacked us.”
“… He said ‘Doesn’t matter if you know Aria, that’s no reason to kidnap the princess of a country.'”
“Fu fu fu… Even remembering now, my blood boils… That damned hero!! You talk about it first!!”
“Of course we were going to retaliate so we took our stances but, at that moment, Aria yelled at him so he stopped… Then the hero sat down with an embarrassed face and at that moment you came in.”

… Fumu… That means that the hero attacked my wives without listening to reason first…

“… Let’s kill him.”

I fill my body to the brim with killing intention but for some reason, the girls look at me with enraptured expressions. Of course, I have no intention to actually go kill him, Is just that no matter whether it is the hero or any other man; if someone tries to lay even a finger on the girls… I WON’T KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN.

“Now that I remember, Princess Eris told us that the hero has many wives but, how many could he have?”
“Let’s see, from rumors I heard that they were about 30. I heard from Princess Eris that Aria is the legal wife.”
“Hee… He has that many.”
“Well, he did defeated the Demon Lord and that is a big achievement so I’m sure many nobles offered him their daughters.”

Listening to Naminissa and Narelina’s conversation, I honestly just feel as if it is someone else’s matter and I can’t say anything other than ‘Hmm…’
Does it mean that I don’t care anymore? Well as long as it doesn’t involves us, I don’t care.

“… Does Wazu-san wants to accept more women besides us?”

Tata carefully asks me that but I answer her honestly.

“No, I’m more than happy with having you all with me. I don’t want to increa…”
“Why do you stop there?!”

Receiving Tata’s scream, I remember something… The contract… I have to tell them about it too… Haa…

“No, it’s not what you think… Uhm… The truth is…”

Saying that, I show the girls the crest engraved in my right hand and explain about the scheme of the Goddesses.

“… So that means that the Goddesses might come to become my wives.”
“What do you think about that, Wazu-sama?”
“Uhm… It’s true that they have help me up until now, and even though they have given me some trouble, it’s not like I hate them, and if they want that, I can only say that I do feel happy…”

Or can it be that I actually want them near where I can see them so they don’t give trouble to someone else? But well, it’s also true that I enjoy being together with the Goddesses… It’s a feeling close to ‘If you want to come then come’ or something…

“Well, if it is the Goddesses then we don’t have any complaints.”
“I understand that they helped you out of love, and the Goddess of War is a nice person.”
“Fufu… It seems that we will also become a big family.”
“Yeah, and to think that it will also include deities.”
“… It’s expected from Danna-sama.”
“Fumu… We have to polish ourselves to in order to not lose to the Goddesses.”
“Yeah, we won’t lose.”

I’m glad for you Goddesses. It seems that my wives will welcome you. If they were to object, this conversation would be over. To me the girls are already my top priority…

… Ahh, talking about becoming my wives I remembered.

“I just remembered but Haosui, how many days are left for you to turn 15 years old?”
“… Just about a month.”
“I see. Well, Kagane is already 15 and when you turn 15 too, let’s get all married. I’m sorry I made you wait until now.”

When I say that, they give me a smile like that of a flower blooming and being unable to hold it in, they come to hug me.

I hugged them back in order to support them.





82 thoughts on “Sono mono 193

  1. And now I regret talking about how it was NTR in a sense. Anywho… Wazu has reasons to punch that damn hero! Leaving Aria out of it, there was the words he said to Wazu when he rejected Wazu. And now he tried to fight Wazu’s wives!? UNFORGIVABLE!!! Wazu needs to punch him to the point where the Hero becomes nothing more than a shell of his former self. Look, I’m not mad about Aria leaving Wazu for that bastard anymore. But to try to lay a hand on Wazu’s girls… JUSTICE MUST BE DONE!!!

    Liked by 11 people

        1. I know what you think of but you are not hajime so…. No, JUST DO IT!? Turn him to maiden-man. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….

          But first I will runaway from you.
          No homo pleazu……..

          Liked by 1 person

    1. slow down, partner, it’s already been declared that simply killing him isn’t going to be enough. You need something more.

      Nude vs nude, arena, public humiliation, one man is to walk out alive. That way, the ladies get the show and pleasure

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Alright, sir. I totally agreed with you, sir. *get up and hit the table*

      Please mark the target and I’ll dive bomb them with Ju-87 stuka. *walk out to the hangar*

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  2. Thnx for the chapter. It really help with healing the heart. I think the conclusion with aria ended well in the WN. The reason that i feel like i got NTRed maybe is cause i started with the manga before i started reading the WN. And in the manga chapter 0 you see that he really wanted to go with her on the asventure to kill the demon king and that her sister seemed really supportive of the relationship. And the way the Hero told Wazu to F*ck off it really made my blood boil when i read this yesterday. But if the WN and LN is different that means the manga maybe following the LN so it’s not so bad. I would like to read both version if posible and see both a ending where he does get with Aria and one without. But anyways Thnx for this chapter. It made my day more relaxing. Gj for everyone and the goddesses are also gona be there. Hopefully the goddesses are also having an extermination discussion.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Yea this route is alot more mature and stuff like long distance never usually work. But I also like stories where when they make a promise they do their utmost importance to not break it, like in the novel “seirei gensoki” if you have ever read it. Its a good one.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I LOVE Seirei Gensoki! But… this is different. Wazu is not Rio/Haruto. No, he’s his own man. A man who has a harem with an elf, onee-san, two ex-princess sisters, a female hero, his imouto, and a nekomimi! I forgot to mention… goddesses as well!!!


  3. Thanks for the chap.
    Yeah… I hate NTR, manga or IRL.
    Feelings can change but you have to completly close a relationship before begining a new one…. this is called honor.

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  4. Leaving on such a journey with some companions will surely lead them to bond hard, thus Aria and the Hero should not be at fault (I hope). As for Wazu’s wives hatred on them, well, people tend to loathe whoever hurts those they love no matter if they are at fault or not.


    1. She can do that separation better tho, right now it almost feel like they (hero group) are looking down at Wazu, she came just to satisfy her feeling of guilt and left with a single “sorry” really not cool coming from a childhood friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lol what happen with the expected slight drama, in order to accept kagane his sister as his bride.

    Suddenly ok she is 15 let get married…ahh~ sad i was expecting slight serious bro & sis drama development.

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  6. Well for me its not really and ntr and i expecting something for it damn(forget about it, its not like im used on reading ntr or anything.)… Though kill the hero for trying to attack them…
    Anyway thanks…


  7. apparently it is not ntr if it was not forced so it is only tagged as cheating. Though we don’t really know the real situation in hero’s party’s perspective if she really consented to it or if she was forced and just got Stockholm syndrome so I won’t be certain. Although reading this three chapter really stabbed a pain in my heart unlike when I read the first chapter. It was maybe because the author made us assume that it was only a misunderstanding, like how it went for the other heroines.
    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Apparently, no. I plan on learning the Japanese necessary to read it put will take me around 1 month, I guess (maybe less).

      Learning to read stuff in other languages is way easier than people figure it out to be. Of course, much will require research.. But If I do, I will translate to English.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. :O…… Really? I Translate this novel into spanish……So….the Spanish-speaking community would be very grateful to you if you translate it: D
        Althoug…..anyone who did it would be a Hero :v


    2. There probably is a LN… but those cost money. Seriously, they cost money and don’t always come digitally. Do you know how much work translators put in? Japanese is not the easiest language to translate into English. That’s why some people learn Chinese and translate from the Chinese releases.

      But yeah, Novel Updates only lists novels being translated or have been translated. Just because they don’t have a light novel on their site, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.


    1. You’re forgetting… Shiro looks exactly like Wazu. Both are messengers of different gods. As they are pretty much beings that can become deities, Wazu was probably found at the side of the road before his imouto was born.


  8. Have I said the hero has no blame in it? Let me rephrase: let’s burn his damned soul and put it to rot by the miasmatic odor of hell.


  9. I know I shouldn’t think too deep into this, but that separation still bothers me. A bit…
    It feels a bit forced, how do I say it? One sided? Selfish? That the only reason she come looking for him is just to close it abruptly, despite the fault coming from her side, it somewhat feels condescending, yeah thats it, like the hero group is looking at Wazu as below them. It isnt what I pictured a childhood friend saying “goodbye” should be like, like she intentionally decide to put distance from him AND the girls, it feels too drastic. Not really what a close friend should do, it is too one sided.
    It makes me think “ah, so her feelings is just that” instead. She came literally just to make herself feel good and “move on” leaving him behind with only a single “sorry”.
    If thats really how she is I agree with Kana calling her a pig. She deserve to be hated at least a bit, because she can do that separation much better.
    Its given the girls are still angry for that, they just can’t understand her thinking, also maybe a bit of jealousy included as well seeing how long Wazu mourn after that. Haha

    I know I wrote this without knowing what happened in the duration of the long separation between the hero’s mission plus after Wazu ran, and yes, their promise was a childish one, But still I kept the opinion of: Easy Woman.

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  10. Thanks for the chapter. Glad Wazu’s comes to term with the girls. Well, being close coming from cooperating in a pressured environments raise affection more often than distance. Though I wonder how many out of those 30 were born from affection. Well, they’re nowhere as close as King Grave’s wives. But more importantly, though the context differs, the hero(lol) did try to hit on Wazu’s wives…

    Btw, minor typos:
    //I/ really thankful./

    /“What /dou/ you think about that, Wazu-sama?”/


  11. Thanks for the Chapters!

    if ya spend 3 Days crying over losing a girl’s affection (After running away from the world 2 or 3 years ago because you saw them kissing someone else) – it’s NTR.
    The Harem end is usually the best ‘happy ending’ for an NTR, but it doesn’t help if the MC is still broken up about the loss years later after forming said harem. If it weren’t NTR, Wazu would have shrugged her speech off, reconciled and offered her a wedding gift to restore their childhood friendship (in the past, he was proud just to know her) putting a nice little bow on this story arc so we can see some growth in the MC and move on.

    it’s not Cheating. They Were friends until Aria inserted the ‘lets get married @15 BS’ bit; then the adults decided to break them apart and send her off to save the world and things happened. It’s just the collision of a fickle brat and her pushover friend to whom she gave a Horrible 15th birthday present.

    Wazu was getting cooler by the chapter up until 191 and then he reverted to Early Prologue Wazu for 3 days (still a fun character – at least he didn’t run away again) … it would be a disappointing ‘conclusion’ to what was His quest to confront His past if that Aria Monologue turns out to be the end of the Wazu/Aria story.

    I’d given Aria some benefit of the doubt up until she actually got some dialogue, but it looks like the Future Wives Club is right about Aria (Dark Godess Aria was more redeemable with her rant in the market).
    – I doubt Aria thought twice about Wazu from the moment she joined the Hero Party (perfectly reasonable; onward and upward, adventures to be had! Daemon Lords to kill, World to Save), but now she thought she had to say something to preempt the rise of another villain by her actions (Vengeful Wazu. plus, the Hero wasn’t helping with his hit-first-ask-later ideas), so she came up with her contrite-confession play.

    seems like the author doesn’t ever want us to have any level of understanding for the thoughts and actions of the Hero Party, so Every Time they come up in any serious capacity, it seems like an annoying diversion of time from the story. Especially when they actually show up and don’t reveal Anything we didn’t already know 191 chapters ago.
    if they meet again, I’d rather see the Hero Party and the Wazu Party fight than yet another one sided monologue … … it’s still annoying me two chapters later lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. The previous chapters did not hurt me, neither did this chapter heal my heart. For it is in shambles even before I’ve been here. But I feel sad for some reason after reading the previous ones


  13. Nah you know i think this is a proper result of wazu and aria
    Hero party realy look down on wazu
    And of course aria too
    But why wazu doesnt angry at them or at least got iritated
    Its because of wazu character
    He is not someone who cool or badass
    His character exactly like that
    That why crying is the proper result of wazu character


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