Sono mono 159

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Original: 我慢は体に毒ですか?

Chapter 159 – Is holding back bad for the body?

The day after everyone got things to do. For starters, I had to colect the necesary materials for my clothes and the girls armour. To some extent I can make do with the materials that we gathered while coming here which are inside Meru’s magical storage but, the problem are the materials for the cores. Even I can’t make them appear out of thin air so I went to the Audience Hall to ask Ragnil and Megil if they have any idea of where I could find some. By the way, whenever the girls aren’t around, Ragnil would be doing dogeza. Let’s already forgive them, or so I would like to say but I really don’t want to get involved with their problem so I just kept it for myself.

“Fumu… crystal that could become cores… Just by looking I can tell that your wives are all really strong so using regular crystals won’t hold on, and all the crystals that you can find around here will not do…”
“As I thought, they would not hold well… I also looked for some places that would have some crystals on our way up here but couldn’t find anything… what do I do now?”
“Wazu, You should use the weapons that are in the treasure vault of this castle. I think quite a few lay there.”

Ragnil says while being in dogeza.

“I’m grateful for the offer but, is that okay?”
“No problem. There is no one that would come looking for treasures here. There will be no problem even if there were to decrease by a few, besides, tools are meant to be used.”
“I’ll accept your generosity.”
“Umu, In exchange, give up on Meru.”
“That is not for you to decide. The most important thing is what Meru feels. I will punish you for saying impertinent things, one more day of dogeza.”

Yup, I’m not in the wrong. I think that Ragnil just self destructed. After that, Megil tells me the way to the treasure vault and gives me key to open it. I thank her and leave the Audience Hall.

The treasure vault is protected by a door large enough to let even Ragnil in. I introduce the key in the key hole that is located at a distance that I can reach by stretching a little and turn it around. And after I do that, countless of magic circles appear and as if they cancelling themselves, they start to desappear. Afterwards I hear a loud click and the door of the treasure vault opens. I carefully push the door open and get inside.

The treasure bult was so big that doesn’t match with the built of the castle. One would think that it’s being expanded with the help of magic. And the inside of that room is so full of glittering stuff like jewels, silver and gold and armour that you have to half-close your eyes.

“… It’s too big. Do I have to search from all this?”

While I was looking at the inmense quantity of treasures that filled my field of vision to the point of making me feel fed up, I took a nearby sword that is gorgeously decorated with jewels.

“… I don’t have any idea of how was it forged, nor what these materials are… and I just grabbed it without a problem but, if it is cursed or something it would be a problem… mhh…”

Haa… there’s no helping it… when I’m troubled then it is a job for deification. Instead of wrongly picking up something that could harm the girls, it’s better that I use deification to search for something at the cost of decreasing my race percentage. The girls safety is way more important than something like the percentage of my race. I activate deificaton and lok at all the things in the treasure vault. As to be expected, in this form I can know from just a glance if anything is good or bad or if it has a curse in it or not, and even if it’s not to the degree that I can know what they are made of or the way they were made, I can at least look for materials that would suit the girls. In that way I finish selecting the materials that I’ll need for all the armours and while I was wondering how I would carry them all, Meru enters the treasure vault.

“Kyui kyuii~!”

Oh, just in time! I’ll just take them into the magical storage of Meru. Meru comes flying to my head and I realize that she is carrying a paper in her hand. I take that paper at the same time as she lands in my head. It seems that it has a message directed to me.

“Please take care of Meru for the years to come – Meral.”

… mh… right now, this words can be taken in a different way. Well, being honest, I’ll always welcome Meru no matter what. I answer Meru ‘Please take care of me too’ and she pats my head and answers with a ‘Kyui!’ And thus I ask Meru to load the stuff I chose into her magical storage, leave the treasure vault and close the door with the key. Contrary to when I opened the door, when it closes, the magical circles start forming again and whit a click, the door becomes locked.

And like that I go to a work room that I borrowed different to the one I’m stayin in, and while deification is still active, I start working. I ask Meru to unload from her magical storage the materials I’m going to need and start the forging. If I was to use the God Magic attribute, I’m sure that I would be able to make them in no time but, this time I want to really feel that I’m making them myself so it’s taking some time. Well, thanks to deification I’ll know what and how to do what I’m supposed to. And while I have work to some degree I realize something. I’ve forgoten something fundamental.

I don’t know the sizes of various parts of the girls bodies.

I’m troubled… I can’t possibly make them by eye and then fix them accordingly… I would definitely be better if I ask them or confirm them first… haa…

I stop for a moment my work. If I were to ask the girls to let me take their measurements, normally they should be against it but I’m sure they would instead forcefully tell me ‘please touch me more!’… of course, I would do nothing other than take their measurements but… my reasoning would definitely suffer.

That day I got mentally exhausted just from taking measurements and, after confirming everyone’s measurements, I took Meru to our room and went to sleep.

Author’s note: The measurements of the girls will come out in a conversation in the distant future!!





31 thoughts on “Sono mono 159

  1. Quite weird… Nepu’s not here.
    Yeah, sure. Do that. If it helps your wives in one way or another, then lose your race percentage…
    Just be careful to the yandere goddesses aiming for your heart and ass in the future.


  2. I think you mean identification instead of deification/deificaton? One means to clarify something while the other means to worship something.


  3. Thanks for the hardwork. Im here only for my own report regarding your errors.

    Well shouldn’t be hard to detect, that is, are you translate it directly or something?? Because some of the sentence is not quite good. For instance “I stop for a moment my work” isn’t that should be “I stop my work for a moment”??.
    Also, to put it lightly, this chapter only having minor grammatical errors. Welp that’s all.


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