Sono mono 160

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Original: 第三の刺客?

Chapter 160 – The third assassin?

The morning after I confirmed the girls sizes I started to feel a presence and started to wake up. This is not Meru’s presence. Or rather, I can’t feel Meru’s presence at all. Did she went for a morning stroll or did she went to se her mother Meral?
Did the girls got in again? Yesterday due to my mental exhaustion I forgot to lock the door and I didn’t put something to seal the door… hmmm… well, it can’t be helped.

I slowly open my eyes and…

“Ya… you were so intense last night.”

To my side is a woman lying down and saying something. That woman had hair as red as fire, a sharp look and strong-willed features but, she was definitely beautiful. Figurewise, her chest was on the regretable side, and a slim physique but, just by looking you could tell that it was well forged. Her abs were perfectly built. Why do I know that you ask? Because that woman was only wearing a jacket that only covered her shoulders and underwear.

“Well~ I wanted to try saying it once… are? Is he awake? It seems like he’s looking here… Hey! Hello~!”

… eeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!

I got up on the spot and take a combat stance.

“Wh-Who are you?! Why are you sleeping in my bed?!”
“Mh? Now that you mention it, this is our first meet. I am the Goddess of War.”

… Goddess of War… Goddess of War… Goddess of War… Goddess of War?


Again this?!



After I screamed in my head, I let out all my exhaustion at once, and sit down hard in the place. The woman infront me does the same and sits. I should probably confirm just in case…

“Just in case I’ll ask but, are you the real deal?”
“Mh? Is it fine with this?”

Saying that, the woman in front of me wears a godly aura as if to prove herself. Yeah I knew… I knew she was the real one… but I still wanted it to be just a dream… haa…

“It’s okay already, I get it.”
“Is that so?”

The Goddes of War erases her aura and smiles at me. I reply with a bitter smile.

“And? What is the Goddes of War doing here? Or rather, how did you get here?”
“That’s a simple story. Between us Goddesses I am the one who rules over war and thus the one that can store power more easily. And so I stored power to be able to manifest myself because I wanted to meet you… and at the same time see how is the world doing.”

… eh? What is it? Leaving aside the part about wanting to meet me… I get the feeling that what she is saying is extremely normal… Mh? Isn’t she a friend of the Goddess? Her comrade? innit?

“… Uhm… Just that?”
“Is there anything else?”
“… No… there… isn’t.”

How to say it… is like… if a Goddess says something normal, I get thrown out of tune…

“So, you already met me, and now you are going to see how the world is doing?”
“Let’s see… well, there’s nothing else to do… even though I manifested myself I can’t fight.”
“You can’t fight? You are Goddess of War, right?”

When I ask her, the Goddess of War says “ahaha…” while smiling bitterly.

“Well, I am the Goddess that rules over war for certain but, for me to be able to fight there are a lot of restrictions so I can’t easily do it.”
“… Eh? But you wrote before that you wanted to fight with me if you got to meet me, didn’t you?”
“… I got carried on by the moment.”
“So, that wasn’t true?”
“No, it was.”
“… Eh?”
“When Wazu gets a complete deification, you will be a being of the same nature as us, and at that moment we can fight without a problem.”

… Yeah, I want to go in a way where I won’t… Being someone of the same nature with the Goddesses that don’t hit me completetly the right way is a little bit… but I see… If I perform a complete deification, I’ll get to be the same as the Goddesses… haa…

“Well, that’s for when I get to be one…”
“Yeah!! I’ll wait eagerly until then!! From now on I’ll look foward to that day!!”

The Goddess of War says that with a really happy face… Ahh… If she makes such a happy face, I’ll become unable to keep fussing over my race percentage dropping…

“Mh? Is something wrong? Are you feeling unwell? Do you want to lay down? Ah! Am I disturbing you? I’m sorry, I’ll leave now.”

I knew it!! With all this conversation I understood!! You are too normal!! This is a normal conversation!! No, saying nomral is rude, she is a good person… a too good Goddess!! Is this Goddess the same type as that Goddess or that Earth Goddess? In fact she isn’t, right?!

“Then, take care!!”

And saying that, the Goddess of War raices a hand and starts leaving the room.

“Ah, wait!”
“Yeah? What is it?”

Aree? Why did I stop the Goddess of War? Could it be that because we were having an unexpectedly normal conversation, I got a little shaken? The other Goddesses have never been worried about my condition nor do I remember having a proper conversation with any of them ever… Or rather, while I’m thinking this, the Goddess of War is still faithfully waiting for what I’m about to say. What do I do, what do I say… I spoke without thinking and now can seem to say anything at all… Ah! That’s right!!

“You can’t fight right?”
“Yeah, there are some restrictions.”
“But can you teach people how to fight?”
“Let’s see, I can’t demonstrate how but I can at least talk about how.”
“Then, I know it’s an imprudent of me but, can you please teach a thing or two to the girls?”
“Mhh… Well, why not. I think that would be okay. Besides we are the same in that we feel strongly towrads Wazu and I thought of talking to them in order to get along better with them so this is a good chance. But I just have just time to teach to one or two of them. And I’ll watch them form afar so I don’t become a bother to them and point out when is required. I’m sorry I can’t teach all of them.”


What’s with this Goddess of War!! She is normal!! Really normal!! You can interact normally with her!! There is no fault or eccentricity to be found!! I’m sorry!! I’m sorry I grouped you with the other Goddesses!! I’m sorry that I put my guard up from the begining!! On the contrary, please come whenever you want!! Or rather, If you want to stay forever that’s fine too!! If you need my power to sustain your manifestation then I’ll give it to you any time!!

“Then I first go see how are they doing. If I don’t actually see it, I won’t be able to know what to teach them.”

After saying that, the Goddess of War leaves the room while waving her hand and I return the gesture.

I go to the work room to make the girls’ armour after getting dumbfounded for a while, thinking that there is this kind of Goddess too.





39 thoughts on “Sono mono 160

    1. Going with the flow of the conversation, yeah it is normal to the point where Wazu retorts non stop in his head how normal it was.
      Even if compared with the other girls this is the most normal conversation he has in a while.

      Liked by 3 people

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    She’s so normal that it feels actually feels suspicious xD since she’s a goddess of war, maybe she’ll be super strict or harsh while teaching the girls? It’s so hard for me to accept that there’s a normal girl in this story…

    Liked by 4 people

  2. is the author tripping us to a false sense of security?
    or is this the real life?

    or are we gonna wait for it??
    (she is the Goddess of war, no well adjusted being shoul be normal to govern over the aspect of war…)

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  3. why do i have a feeling that when she is drunk or in teaching/battle mode would be have another personailty
    like a calm guy when interacting to people but suddenly have all of that impression is broken when he is driving


  4. Considering the goddesses in the guild card seem able to read his thoughts, it might be dangerous for him to look at that card right now, after thinking so well of the goddess of war…. And, yeah, I too think she is acting strategically. This way she can get close to / get the approval of the other girls before any of the other goddesses. Being strategically minded, she should know that even if Wazu becomes a deity in the near future, he is not going to abandon his girls. So making them allies before that point is more advantageous in the long run than ignoring them out of some belief that they will no longer be an issue, no longer be in the running, once Wazu becomes a deity.


  5. Wazu would be much cooler if he just stopped worrying about the girls’ weirdness and just goes with the flow.
    His wishywashyness makes him kind of a loser.
    …Freaking just accept the girls and be more agressive…like Arata or Issei or Basara!
    OP MC with timid personalities can only be tolerated for so long… those girls are kinda wasted on him.
    Why do Japanese authors insist on thinking that MCs like this are okay!?
    It’s so damn annoying!


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