Sono mono 156

Hello again!

One more chapter out. I feel like my translations are becoming more fluid so that’s good I gess. Although I think it’s going to have more mistakes for some reason… but you guys just tell me where, that I will amend them as soon as possible.

Anyway, thank you as always for your comments and corrections. Keep them coming becuase I like to read them all and it helps me improve.

And finally, take it ease and just enjoy. 😉

Original: 魔物達の力関係

Chapter 156 – The power relationship of the monsters

As we continue inside the forest, some days have passed. I’m currently carring Mao in my arms and Tata in my back while I move. Since we met the bandits Purple-san and Blonde-san, for some reason it has been decided that it will be two and not one the number of people I’ll be carrying. Well, I really don’t mind, even with two I won’t get tired. A piece of cake!
… Is what I thought at the begining but now I’m extremely troubled.
When I was only carring people in my arms I just got to smell a really nice scent, but now the person in my back has to tightly grab onto me because I have my hands occupied with the person in front… in other words I can fully feel two soft things being pressed in my back and holding to my senses is taking my all. And when it was Kagane’s turn to be in front, she came to realize my dilemma.

“Onii-chan, I can feel a hard thing being pressed in my rear…”

Says Kagane with a happy grin. I turn my face while whistling just air and tell her “Isn’t it just your imagination?” but immediately realize that my actions just confirms her suspicion and I get a little depressed. And from that moment on, every time one of the girls gets on my back, she presses herself onto me more hoping to see my reaction. Please forgive me…

While that was going on, me, the girls and Freud finally enter the mountain. From around the middle of this mountain, the weather is completely unpredictable so we will rely in the magic barriers of Tata, Naminissa and Kagane to protect us while we advance. The placement of the barrier wil be done in two shifts Tata and Naminissa being in charge of the morning and afternoon shift and Kagane being in charge of the night shift due to her INT level breaking the limits and awakening a skill that allows her to keep the barrier up even in her sleep. Well, if the situation requires it, I can always use deification and place the barrier myself… or so I thought but it seems that thanks to the girls training, they became strong enough for there not being a need of me doing anything. We were able to continue without problems.

Inside the barrier it was quite comfy but outside the barrier whas a total mess with sometimes a scorching sun that threatened to wilt the vegetation, sometimes a mercilessly cold storm and sometimes a great downpour would come out of nowhere. But thanks to the barrier of the three girls we were able to fend it off. And besides the weather, there were lots of monsters that would chase us, but thanks to Kaganes magic, they were put down one after another. How’s that! My little sister is amazing! I felt like braging about her but there is nobody to brag to in the first place so I diverted my feelings into patting Kagane’s head instead. But when Haosui saw me doing that she puffed her cheeks and making her hand into a blade, started killing all the monsters that got in our way. How’s that! My wife is amazing! and abbreviating the rest I also started patting Haosui’s head. But now all of the girls started to pick up rocks and throwing accurately them against the heads of the monsters or creating magical barriers over the monsters to crush them. They started to strive to be the first to slay the monsters like a ferocious hunter. In order to calm them down I ended up patting everyone’s head. You girls got stronger… I started to put all the materials of the hunted monsters in Meru’s magical storage, I shall not let them waste.

As we kept moving, one day the weather outside the barrier got better so we were able to se farther, but that’s when I met those two again.

The Cat monster and the Fish monster.

This time, besides the two monsters there was another one.

A reptile that evolved and started walking in two feet with frenzied looks, a monster like a dinosaur was chasing the Cat monster. The Cat monster was desperately trying to escape from the Dinosaur. And the Fish monster was gazing at that scene hidden in the shadow of some trees. My feet stop and I start to watch de scene unfolding before me, and as I do so, everyone else stops to and gather around me and Mao who is in my back asks me.

“Otto-dono, what are those monsters doing?”
“Mh? Ahh, actually…”

I tell the girls about how I met the Fish monster and the Cat monster and they give me a look as if saying “… and?”. It’s okay, it’s okay. I didn’t expected you to understand me… only Freud puts his hand on my shoulder and starts to nod understandingly. Ohh… I don’t feel happy at all that you are on my side but I’ll at least thank you from the bottom of my heart. The girls join me and while we keep looking at the monsters we start our break.

As we were doing that, the Cat monster that was being chased around trips with a bump in the ground and falls magnificently. The Dinosaur doesn’t miss that chance and opens its fuaces wide trying to eat the cat in one gulp.

But, as if waiting for that moment, the Fish monster comes out from the shadow of the tree and jumps to the air, starts spinning around and when I thought it was gonna fall, it starts gliding in the air and with his… foot? fin? …sends the Dinosaur flying.

The Dinosaur with its huge body falls to the ground with a ‘zuun’ sound, defeated. It seems that it passed out from that attack. And the Cat monster turns to the Fish monster with a face as if saying ‘I belived in you!’. The Fish monster lands with grace and recieves the Cat monster’s look with composure.
Eh? What was that?
While I was thinking that, the Fish monster helps the Cat monster stand up by biting the Cat monster’s neck and the both head to where the Dinosaur is. The Dinosaur is still unconscious but the Fish starts hitting it with its… hand? fin? in both cheeks. And from the pain, the Dinosaur wakes up and confirming its own situation, rebuilds its pose and starts to attack again but the Fish monster once again sends it flying with the back of its… hand? fin? It seems that this time it went easy on it because the Dinosaur retains its conscious. The Dinosaur helds its cheek with its short hand and looks at the Fish monster, and that Fish monster raises a voice like a roar to the Dinosaur, probably talking to it.

And then, the Fish monster closes its mouth and the Dinosaur lowers its head towards the Fish monster and like that the three monsters make the Fish monster their boss and disappear into a closeby forest.


After seeing the whole ordeal my only thought is that there was no need for the Cat monster at all… the Fish monster could have defeated it by itself, right? Or rather, Is it okay to assume that the Dinosaur got subdued? And while my mind was wandering I realize something…

Who cares!

It was a complete waste of time. The girls were pleasantly talking. I call out to them and once again start going towards our goal.

If I ever encounter those guys again, I’ll be sure to send them flying without a qualm. Or rather, hang in there Cat monster!





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    1. In my opinion, I see where sabishii is coming from in having their project being worked on without permission. But Orcbolg mentioned: “Sabishii doesn’t want me to take his precious child from him and I understand him. I’m trying to contact him to work together as I’m having fun translating this and don’t want to stop, but I also like Sabishii’s work and really don’t want him to get sad or pissed. So I hope to work together!” on the second chapter Orcbolg translated. Not to mention that the only thing orcbolg “stole” is the “names and nuances” which isn’t really that big of a deal. Sabishii doesn’t have the time to put out content regularly, and denying readers their pleasure because you’re busy but don’t want someone who’s willing and able to translate is ridiculous.
      At the very least, Sabishii should offer Orcbolg the option to translate it but have it posted on Sabishii’s site if it’s really that big of a deal.
      Regardless, I’m going to keep following orcbolg’s translations as the quality is nearly identical but the release speed and site layout is exceptional.

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      1. I’m thankful to whoever translates it. I just can’t agree people complaining other people are translating it. Sabishii doesn’t own it. Orc is just being polite because he read Sabishii translation (I guess) once and because he is a cool guy.

        But. Definitely.. No one that translates something without consent of those who owns or have the rights of it should feel their work ‘stolen’. It is veeeery interesting seeing this sense of ‘my things were stolen’ from Sabishii and many other groups translating novel, animes, mangas, series and etc. It is awful.


  1. like i really appreciate the chapters, like really your doing something im literally incapable of doing, but sabishii is over there not ready to give it up. again not trying to be rude, but i gotta stick with sabishii on this one, sorry! (>人<) please dont be mad


      1. Well, I think sabishi really is sad about this, So how about orcbold-san take other project instead? I recommend translating
        “Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki”
        It’s about making a kingdom for the demi-human that got discriminated. The last translator of this novel already drop it because of RL reasons, so you can take it anytime


        1. Why should he? He does it because he likes it. If Sabishii does it because he likes it, it shouldn’t matter. He owns nothing at the end. It is strange people ‘feeling’ for Sabishii since he stole the original author’s work.

          Don’t take me wrong: I’m thankful to his early translations. BUT he owns nothing and doesn’t change the fact he is mad about “his” revenue.


      2. Exactly! People forget they read it translated because there is no official work in English. And that whoever translated, do so, supposedly, because of the fun and because they like the story and not because they own it.

        Also, remember people: we own nothing. Sabishii doesn’t own it too.


  2. Hello, thanks for the chapter!
    I wanna ask, there is some consensus with sabishiidesu? Even if we get impatient and want to read fast, he started the proyect, something like alternate between groups or fusing the group, is pitiful take the proyect midway the original tl could have problems rl and have been a bit absent but getting your hobby stolen is like when you play a game and when you are in a fun/hard part your brother finish it and overwrite your save.


      1. Kinda weird tbh. He disappears/stop uploading for while, but when some1 else picks ONE of his projects up, he goes all ape about “no, no, no. i can do this” and even rufuces ANY join project talks :/

        As for me, I’m really happy that you are sticking with this due the fact that your upload speed is amaizing + you are commenting here actively 🙂

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    1. Personally I like Orcbolg’s translations more than Sabishii’s. This translation makes more sense and I don’t have to substitute more than half the content in my head to something that makes sense. I do appreciate all of Sabishii’s hard work in translating That Person, Later On…, but in the end I want to read something that I don’t have to struggle with reading in the first place. It would be great if they worked together, but I think the line’s been drawn already on Sabishii’s account.

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    2. Are you really saying “stolen”?! To begin with, the one who have his work stolen was the original author!

      Seriously, people..


  3. i like fast releases but Sabishii desu!! started the project and has continued for a long time and i think it would be immoral to just take it from him
    just a suggestion that
    there are many other novels that have been haulted and you can easily pick them up, personally i would like to recommend some:
    Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu
    Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru ni wa
    Aku no Joou no Kiseki(teaser has been posted)
    400 Years Old Virgin Demon King
    Gekka no Utahime to Magi no Ou
    Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria
    Kuro no Senki
    and if you are interested paichun translations had put a notice that anyone can take their series

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  4. i will say something totally different from the rest, thanks for your work and translations. I know that many can say that you are stealing a translation started. but for me I do not know anything Japanese and had to wait sometimes weeks or months for a new chapter of the previous group. I thank you very much. because at last I can see how the wazu story ends thanks to your hard work!
    I hope you continue translating


  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    Your translations are coming along nicely, but if there’s one thing, it’s that I found a couple of dangling modifiers in you sentences. Basically it’s a sentence that doesn’t properly convey its intended meaning, for example:

    “But, as if waiting for that moment, the Fish monster cames out from the shadow of the tree and jumps to the air, starts spinning around and when I thought it was gonna fall, it starts gliding in the air and with his… foot? fillet? …sends flying the Dinosaur.”

    In this sentence the dangling modifier is “sends flying the Dinosaur” if you say it aloud it doesn’t make sense because it should be the fish’s foot/fillet that ‘sends the dinosaur flying.’ Not the fish’s foot/fillet flying the dinosaur. (Imaging a foot that’s flying a dinosaur is quite hilarious though.) 🙂

    And just to nitpick, “cames” should be ‘came’ and “Dinosaur” in this sentence is not a proper noun so it doesn’t need to be capitalized. [Came is already the past tense of come, trying to put an ‘s’ at the end is trying to put a tense that doesn’t exist or suit the function of that word (simply put ‘cames’ is not a word).]

    Mistakes like this are more common in writing that you would think, so if you just keep an eye out for dangling modifiers in your sentences you’ll master writing in English in no time. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the feed back. I’ll change it and see if I properly understood what you meant. The ‘cames’ part was a stupid mistake on my part, thanks for pointing that out. And last, I capitalized dinosaur because I thought it would transmit more individuality to it, like Cat monster and Fish monster.


      1. Oh, don’t worry too much about the proper nouns part of my comment. That was just to be more of a joking ass than anything else really, haha. 🙂 Still, I appreciate you reading my advice, best wishes to you for your work from now and into the future.


  6. “But when Haosui saw me doing that she puffed her cheeks and making “his” hand into a blade”
    I think it should be “her”

    Anyway thanks for the translation, I dont really care about the drama but at least I dont have to turn off my adsblock in here LUL

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  7. Hi Orcblog *waves*. Thank you for the chapters. The quality is getting better, so keep it up (quality wise). I’m saddened to see that Sabishii doesn’t want to work together but I really love this series so I can’t help but read chapters that are released here. Anyway,, if things didn’t work out between the two of you, there’s this novel, ‘Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World’, which armoredraven ‘took over’ from another translator and promise a fast paced translation but its almost 2 months without a translated chapter. It has a lot of fan and I’m one of people who want to see it continue. I hope you can take a look at this series but its okay if you don’t have enought time. Sono mono is already great 🙂


  8. Thanks for the speedy translation!
    Unless the fish monster is carrying a cut of boneless meat, I suspect this is supposed to be “fin,” as in a fish’s limb.


  9. Hey orcbolg, I hope you continue translating this novel which is about done. Am gonna stick with you for 2 simple reasons: 1 better quality and 2 faster releases.

    I dont see whats all the fuss about you doing the same as sabishii, I mean in the end he does not own the novel and can’t say anything about it, I get that you like his work but if he is taking too long to release 1 chapter and you like to do it because YOU LIKE IT then I don’t see why not.

    Anyway thanks for the chapters and continue if you can and want ^^

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    1. I agree with you.
      Why complain about stealing if he does not own the Novel.
      So let the Fan of the Novel translate it, and lets the Fan Reader to pick the best translation.


  10. Thanks for the chap. Though you can update everyday. Please don’t push yourself and take care.

    P. S. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


  11. thx 4 the chapter,
    right now there was 2 translator
    Orcbolg (cat monster) vs Sabishii (reptile monster)
    And while the readers was worried they will realize something…

    Who cares!

    call the third party (the fish monster), to end this dispute


  12. No one here is stealing NOTHING from Sabishii. He own NOTHING.

    If you all are saying he was stolen, stop reading altogether. Because the one, technically, stolen was the original author.

    Again. I’m thankful to him, really. But this is nonsense…

    It all started back in 2000’s, when not many people could translate stuff and some other people started to translate and take ~illegal~ revenue from other groups that started translating before these new groups. So they threatened to stop translating because wouldn’t matter and people feared it and came to this strange consensus only one person could translate a thing.

    THIS IN DUMB! People translate because they have fun with it. If they translate because of revenue, then, sorry, they should have it “taken” (not “stolen”, they own no shit).

    Also.. If one get revenue, I coudn’t care less. It is their problem. But know that if someone faster, with better quality in its work, he/she/they will triumph. It is capitalism, babe. Simple!


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