Sono mono 155

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Original: 3回目邂逅は何か増えてる?

Chapter 155 – The third time meeting by chance but, aren’t they increasing?

In the fourth day we came into the dense forest around the mountain. Since the day was coming to an end, we started to look for a place where to spend the night and came across a huge tree with a hollow in the base. It was in a place in which it would be easy to supervise the surroundings so we decided to spend the night in here. It would be impossible to continue running without proper rest and traveling in the night would be dangerous.

So we took out the ingredients from Meru’s magical storage and Tata and Mao started cooking with some weeds that Freud brought from who-knows where. We decided to everyday alternate the ones in charge of cooking all the way since we were in Grave-san’s country in order to gain experience in it, which means that of course I have to make food some days too. It seems that today, our group’s best cook, Tata is going to teach Mao while cooking. And it seems that Mao is earnestly helping Tata while listening to her instructions with zeal. Normally the ones in charge of cooking are grouped in pairs, but there is a pair that is always a mistake in this case and that would be Haosui and Kagane. When this two are paired for some reason the food always become somewhat creative, or should I say eccentric? Some of their peculiarities come out. Normally they can cook delicious food but when the two get together it becomes a contest to see who can beat the other, and although their food is not exactly delicious, it always come to me barely being able to eat it and telling them which one was better. The DEX level of the both is high so why it is only to me that they feed this “strict” cooking? Once I mustered the courage and asked them to make something normal but the two answered “Cooking is Love!! And the results shall be neglected!!” so I gave up… I guess that I should be grateful that they are cooking for me and don’t bother with luxuries such as ‘flavour’…

While I was thinking that everyone else was setting the tableware when those girls appeared once again.

“We are bandits~… eh?!”
“Oh! We met again!”

It is already the third time that I hear the voices of Purple-san and Blonde-san. I answer them as I scratch my head.

“… hello.”
“Ah! Yes!! Good afternoon!! mh? Or is it already good evening?”
“Hello-hello~ It’s been a while!”

Purple-san gives me a respectful greeting while Blonde-san raises one hand while greeting me. It almost feel as if we were friends already, but they are still bandits.

“And? Are you still doing that? Your Certification Exam?”
“Yes! I’m giving it my best!”
“We are in the middle of the examination for level 3.”

Yep, it’s gone up again.

“It seems that you have gone up again.”
“It’s good for me too that this girl has already started to earn an income.”

When I bring up the level upgrade Purple-san gives a really happy broad smile while Blonde-san starts patting Purple-san’s head as if looking to her little sister. Well, if you were to see that, normally you would think that is a really heartwarming scene but, the core problem is that their activity is banditry so I can’t really feel good for it. Rather, what bothers me since before is another thing.

“I’ve meant to ask for a while but, who are those three in the back? Your friends?”

I point behind Purple-san and Blonde-san towards three people who are hidden behind the trees of a moderately open area in the forest.

Their complexions and ages are all over the place. A fat guy in his thirties, a thin guy in his forties and a medium built guy in his teens. For some reason the three are wearing clothes with purple as its base color and wearing bandanas in their heads that are equally purple. In their hands are sticks around 10 cm long painted in purple… what are they for? To fight?

“They are good people who root for me from the shadows!”
“They were originally people selected for the test but, for some reason immediately after she confronted them we started to see them from time to time… and when I think that they already left, they appear out of nowhere…”

Eh? What’s that? It’s a little scary… are you girl aware of what you are saying? Suddenly those three start waving their purple sticks and cheer for Purple-san with loud voices. No, seriously… what are those purple sticks for? I kind of start feeling something frightening that I can’t understand from those three. Blonde-san continues explaining.

“What’s more, when is time to go back, they give a large sum of money to this girl… and they don’t try to come closer than a certain distance. Well they are harmless and they help us a lot so I can’t bring myself to chase them away…”
“They all are good people!! You doubt them too much!!”
“And this girl keeps saying this so I can’t really relax…”

Blonde-san makes a somewhat exhausted face and lets out a great sigh. I get the impression that this person is the worrying type. I’m sure the last time we met she was talking about her boss pestering her, and Purple-san also said that her words and actions are a little off… she really has it hard… I still won’t give them any money.

“Then, this time too are you asking for money?”
“Actually… I was hoping you could give us some food.”

Ha? While I was being perplexed by what Purple-san just said, from her and Blonde-san stomach comes out a ‘guuu~” sound.

“… food is it?”
“I’m sorry… to be honest, we have being in this forest for a few days already and we haven’t got anything decent to eat. If you could spare something for us we will disappear in no time.”

Blonde-san embarrassed, tells me their circumstances. Food… well I can at least do that. And as I was thinking that, I turn my sight to the girls.

And from them I can feel a clear intent to kill overflowing. Why?

I signal with just my hand for Purple-san and Blonde-san to wait and carefully approach to where the girls are.

“Uhm… your faces are a little scary…”

Why aren’t you answering me…? Eh? What should I do? While I was being lost at to what to do or say, Freud approaches me with an effeminate smile.

“Wazu-sama, it seems that you aren’t aware of what is happening here so I will tell you. The ladies are feeling jealous.”
“Yes. If you watch closely, it seems as if Wazu-sama is having a friendly conversation with those lady bandits.”

Ehhh~… Is not that I’m friendly, more like I just know them. Are you saying that this is how it looks like? I take a deep breath and turn to the girls.

“Let me explain. I just know this girls from before and nothing more. And this time I was just thinking that I could give a hand to people in trouble. I was thinking of giving them some food and nothing else. Is that not possible?”

I just told them exactly what I was thinking but, for some reason the girls just let out a big sigh.

“Well, they say that kindness is a virtue.”
“His kindness is also one of Wazu-san’s charming points.”
“Just this time, okay?”
“There’s no next time, okay?”
“… no cheating!”
“It’s Onii-chan so it can’t be helped.”
“I think that helping the weak is a duty of the strong so…”

“Thank you.”

I give my thanks to the girls and think that this power relationship will continue in the future…

I shake my head to make that thought go away and take the food from the girls and give them to Purple-san and Blonde-san, and they start to cry while thanking me.

“”Thank you!! Thank you!!””
“I think that if you continue that way you will be able to reach a town.”

I open the map in my head and point them to the closest main road that will take them to the closest town. They both once again give me their thanks and disappear in the direction that I pointed out. Of course after them go the trio. As we were watching that, I can hear Kagane saying something.

“A natural and an idol… if we get careless…”

Idol? Is that another word from Kagane’s former world? I don’t really know nor care so I return to where the girls are to help with the dinner.





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  1. Chappy o kansha kangeki!

    So, a bandit who have a secret fan team, huh? Quite a nice combination there. If the wifes jealous, it means the bandit girl is quite pretty/beauty, so I can see why Kagane comment it like that.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Appreciate your work especially since sabiishii is kind of being selfish.. its been a month since the last update yet they wanna keep the pace slow just to continue milking revenue.

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    1. I appreciate sabishii effort to translate out of his own time to give us leechers chapters to read, but his quality is shoddy and his editor/proofreader is also unreliable. His edited chapters are still full of plenty of mistakes and apparent MTL that weren’t given any editing touch.

      This site’s translator right now crank out faster, has almost 95% readable English that a native speaker like me can’t really find too much faults, and sentences are understandable.

      Comparing the two is like comparing an amateur versus a veteran. That’s my current feeling so I can’t sympathize with sabishii and his whining. Even if he’s trying to catch up or compete, his quality is still clearly shoddy.

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      1. I never understood people that groan over another group translating stuff. I mean, would be pleasant if we could have everyone translating one thing each so we could have more things translated at a normal pace (fast if possible). But there is no reason to be angry if people are translating the same thing because they can and want to. This isn’t even his original work to begin with and the original author earns nothing (directly) with his translation.

        This is just a translation a fan made because he wants to. There is no reason to have “mine!” being said since no one owns the story – with the ‘exception’ of the original author. Always sounded like shit since the times of old scanlators and fansubs.


  3. Thanks!!∧∧
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  4. I apologize because I do not know English and I use google translator, because I’m following the novel that person later, I like the histori, and the only thing I think is that I have to wait 1 month, since you can translate in less time, we are waiting for the translation, now hangs 156 hehhehehehe.
    Congratulations on your great work, continue like this ..


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