Sono mono 191

Original: 現実は大抵こんなもん

Chapter 191 – Reality is probably like this.

I open the door once again but the scenery doesn’t change.

From inside the room I can feel bloodthirst filling to the brim the ambience, the girls are bluntly showing their displeasure and you could even call it killing intention… Or rather, all of their expressions are full with it. Just what on earth happened…?

On the other side, this time Aria is the real one and not the Goddess of Darkness impersonating her but, she is sitting closing her eyes and mouth. Besides her was a man with a face almost as handsome as Grave-san’s face, with blue hair and wearing a splendid silver armour and he is looking downwards while sweating. Behind them, laughing, there is a man with a handsome face and a well built body that gives the air of a warrior, and by his side a young girl with a cute face wearing a pointy hat and an ambience of a magician is sighing. I bet they are the Hero Party that beated the Demon Lord.

After confirming that, I enter the room, try to somehow calm down the girls and sit down facing Aria. The moment I sit down, I realize that the situation was so unexpected that I forgot to run away. Well, after coming this far, I naturally decided to not run away. But I made sure to tell the girls not to intefere no matter what is said to me.



“… It’s been a while, Wazu.”

She opens her eyes, and looking at me, that is the first thing she says.

“… Indeed.”
“Before we talk I want to confirm something.”
“Princess Eris is fine, right? I haven’t meet her yet.”

… She just met with Navirio not long ago, so she might have hidden herself as to not be taken back before that…

“She’s fine. I met her just now.”
“I see… Then that’s fine. The reason we are here is to take back Princess Eris. And to do that…”
“Just talk it out with her. I won’t meddle anymore.”
“Understood… Then I’ll talk about my personal reason for coming here.”

… *gulp*

I unconsciously gulp. And it seems that Aria also made up her mind. The blue haired man besides her calls out to her worriedly but aria just answers with a nod. Just by looking at that I can somehow figure out what Aria wants to talk about…

“This is just talking by myself and any mistake can be said is my fault. So please listen to everything first and I don’t mind if later you want to curse at me, but just let me tell you that this is all my decision and there’s no way to change it… I want you to listen to me with that in mind.”

She looks straight at me as if to tell me that there is no lie in her words.

“When we were little we made a verbal promise… We might have been just kids at that time but there’s no doubt that those were our real feelings… And because they were real my heart is still lingering to it… And if I don’t resolve that lingering feeling, I won’t be able to move forward… That’s why I was looking for Wazu… And because I was able to meet you here, there is something that I want you to know no matter what…”

I can se Aria behaving stout, but I can see tears forming in her eyes…

“I’m sorry… I can’t keep that promise…”

… Okay…

“That wasn’t my intention when I first went out on our journey with the hero here beside me… All I wanted was to finish this as quick as possible and return to your side… But we worked together, and after the years some bonds were made… He saved me from peril many times and my perception of him changed, from a reliable person to a dear person…. and then those feelings changed to love…”

“And he also had those feelings… By the time we defeated the Demon Lord we had already…”

… Figures… As I thought, the scene I saw at that time was not my misunderstanding or nothing…

“That’s why, although I know I’m saying something really selfish… I know that I’m just saying this after it happened, and that this is the least I can do to settle things in my heart… I know that I’m hurting you… But I wanted to tell you this myself… I know that doing this will only hurt you more but, I can’t make it as if our seriousness that time was nonexistent, and it has been tormenting me up until now…


I’m really sorry… I’m sorry I’m being selfish…”











I didn’t say anything. Midways I hanged my head down… And didn’t look at Aria at all.


They might have gotten tired of waiting because with a sound I was able to tell that Aria and Hero-sama got up…

When Aria and her party were leaving the room, I looked at Aria’s back and said just one thing.



“Be happy.”



I don’t know if she heard me… But I wasn’t able to say anything else… There might be something else I could have said… But I couldn’t think of anything else… If I had not run away that time, something might have changed… But I ran away… Is there anything else I can say…?

‘You were special for me too…’

I whispered that in my heart…



After Aria and her party left, I turn towards the girls.

“… I’m fine!! I’m unexpectedly calm!!”

Even after I said that, the girls give me worried looks. What is it? When I was thinking that, I felt water hitting my hands. I touch my cheeks with my hands and realized that at some point I started crying. Even though I wasn’t planning on cry…

“I-I’m sorry!! This is just… Some dust got in my eye.”

I don’t want them to se this unsightly side of me.

But the girls just hugged me tightly.

“… It’s okay… It’s okay to cry.”

I don’t know who said that… It could have been all of them… but…




The moment that genlte voice entered my ears, I started sobbing and just kept crying…





60 thoughts on “Sono mono 191

  1. Damn netorare. Only those who have felt it knows how truly disgusting this damned thing is. Why write something like this?! I was kinda expecting some turn of events but that bitch even had already done sex with the hero!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how everyone bashed Aria and how sht this will be and stuff.
    But i mean cmon….The way things went is NORMAL!

    You might have a crush on someone, but if you dont see them in years, travel with other people (more the case since it was whole hero adventures) you are bound to make new friends and bonds. Leave the fairy tale stuff to disney movies lol 😀

    Also, if you really want to see Wazu and Aria as a thing, read the LN. It is WERY different regarding the whole AriaxWazu thingy.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Cant post spoilers here. But lets just say that the hero is A-hole.

        You can find the rest out by yourself if you really want to.


        1. A Web Novel is what an author writes first in a normal blog, as a private work.
          A Ligh Novel is a published novel, edited and corrected by the editor from a publisher, and with illustrations.

          The WN ara usually free, and the LN must be paid to read.

          Many authors make changes to the story when they remake it for the LN. Sometimes little changes, sometimes big changes.


  3. Well, this is what i feared from a long-distance relationship. A lot of girls tend to fall for anyone dependable and the closest to them at the moment, forgetting that she hurt someone far away. (source : me ._. )

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I disagree. I actually find her admirable for spending so much time seeking Wazu to tell him to his face rather than sending a letter or just ignoring him. Now he can finally make a clean break and get on with his life rather than being held back by memories of Aria.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. Thnx for the chapter. I was thinking maybe she was forced into something. Cause when you look at the manga the hero looks like a dick. But thinking rationally if you go on an adventure for 3 years something may happen and even when she came back wazu ran for another 2 years i think she would have different feelings but it is sad flr wazu thou. Cause he stayed true to her and was not rewarded. This is not an NTR thou. This is more like experience that some have to go throu. And atleast she was honest. Hope she does regret it afterwards.

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  5. Well, I was imagining Wazu holding down his rage before turning into deity form then calm down quickly…
    Hero party would be scarwd shitless seeing someone more powerful than tge Demon Lord


    1. Learn to live and let go, man. She didn’t felt the same feelings anynore. And that’s the flaw of promises, it’ll always hurt.

      Aria has no fault since she tried to keep her promise and neither is the hero at fault since faith let it move that way. At least Wazu was man enough to finally face her and Aria valued him enough to actually care and tell it to him herself

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  6. Thank you for the chapter. It was more or less as expected, and a LOT better than in the LN […]

    This situation is far more realistic: a hero who is actually somewhat heroic and not a foul deconstruction of the concept, and a girl who genuinely loved and made the promise in good faith, but after many years apart her one-time feelings waned, and new feelings and bonds grew with, toward, and eventually returned those of an honorable man who had saved her life multiple times and genuinely loved her.

    If this story were told from the perspective of the hero we wouldn’t hate this situation half as much. If it were told from the perspective of Aria it would come across as an intensely tragic accent to an otherwise lovely love story – she constantly resisting falling in love due to a promise made during her childhood, only to eventually give in once she accepted that she no longer loved her form love and truly loved the one before her. It is only because this story is told from the perspective of Wazu that it comes across as so horrific.

    And for those few who have said this is NTR – please look up the actual meaning of the term. NTR requires that the other male (here the hero) actually sought to and successfully stole the girl (Aria) from her former significant other (Wazu). Without that, a case of the two genuinely falling in love with each other can never be considered NTR.

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  8. Well, the only thing for me that saves Aria’s misdoing is her age. She went on the yourney as 17, i think? That said, imo she is a shitty person.

    Tbh, by my standards, all of you who say this is the normal course of things seem… let’s use the term “stupid”, but I would like to use a stronger term.

    You are absolutely right until the point that people’s feelings change.

    But you are definitely wrong (again, by my standards) after that. A normal adult first closes his\her previous relationship before starting a new one. Otherwise, it’s cheating. Or do you want to say it’s still not cheating if you know the other party still loves you, and thinks you are in a relationship with him\her? Who are you trying to decieve, yourselves? Would you rather live for even the shortest time with a “torn by your side” ((c) Aria) than be truly happy with the one you love, even if you have to wait some time? Well, good luck for you, you will probably get a nice poisonous feeling that will slowly degrade your new relationship… Unless you are a douche, in which case you won’t care anyways, and i could say even Aria is a better person than you.

    Aria choose she spread his legs and not wait until she closes her previous relationship. For this, by my book, she has a bad personality. All this forceful ‘Im a victim too’ in her big speech is utter bullshit racionalizing why she cheated. Being selfish is not a bad thing, what she did, though, is.

    That said, the author wrote both parties as youngsters, who make mistakes due to their age. Hence, it can be forgiven, if you are that kind of person.

    Oh well, it’s wonderful that different people have differing opinions. We heard each other’s, and shared ours. It was a good experience. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This chapter wasn’t that bad compared to some of the things I’ve seen. I went through a similar experience once but unlike Aria, my now-ex didn’t have the decency to tell me or to apologize, rather my ex thought it was none of my business told me to get lost.

    In comparison to my experience, years after the fact, Aria still felt guilty enough to search out Wazu and explain herself. Aria was a young, high school age girl placed in a situation where she had limited contact with Wazu for years due to being in a fantasy world with no phones or internet. During that time her feelings changed but she probably couldn’t contact Wazu to talk it out. I think expecting her to give up on her new feelings would have been unfair to her. Imagine graduating from high school and going to a college far away from your high school sweetheart and not being able to talk to your significant other until you graduate and move back. You would probably think it unfair if your feelings of love changed during that time and you found somebody else that you loved instead but couldnt be with them because you haven’t talked about it with your old lover from high school that you can’t get in contact with yet, especially if that old lover disappeared for two years and was likely presumed dead.


  10. Well
    Aria is a bitch. Simple.
    She was in a promise with wazu to marry when she return.
    And even before she returns, she already opened her legs for the hero, yes, They love each other, nothing to complain, …. BS, that is cheating in my book, and she only talks to wazu cause she was feeling guilty, from breaking the promise, after that you can say , They Were children, and feelings over the time and distance fade away. Ok, but if you done the deed , when you are in a relation….
    and wazu was willing to go with hero party, and They send him to fuck off …..
    so i am waiting to retribution time…. hero and his party will have to see mt tai….


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