Sono mono 189

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Original: 海上街シーランス

Chapter 189 – Maritime City Sealance

I moved in the direction the Goddess of Sea pointed to and while I was wondering if I was getting closer, a city really appeared. To be precise, it consisted of many ships tied together with chains and it apparently was conformed by tens of boats, and in the middle was a huge ship that could carry over a hundred people.

I slowly slowered my speed and sank into the sea carefully as to not disturb the surface of the water and started to swim. I could have attacked just like that but because I don’t know where Navirio and his crew are held, I can’t carelessly put them in danger.

I swam like that up to the closest ship and I infiltrated by the hole in the hull where one of the cannons was installed.



I infiltrated without a problem but there was nobody in here. Eh?

This is a pirate’s ship, right? Why then is there no people? Don’t they have to stay on lookout? Now that I think about it, we are at sea. There is no land nor island in the vicinity. I see, they think that in here, nobody would be able to touch them. But what a shame, because I’m already here. You’ll be done if you did something to my brother in law Navirio and my best friend Orlando. Or rather, even if you didn’t, I can’t let you be. It is decided that I will exterminate all the pirates in here. My condolences.

When I get out to the deck, I examine the situation and understand that people is gathering in the big ship of the center. Because I can hear loud cheerings from there.

I start to jump from ship to ship and get close to the big ship in the center to examine the situation.

On the deck is a great gathering of pirates, and they seem to be circling something in the center because they are all packed together. In the center is a female pirate with dull blonde hair wearing a big pirate hat, a big thick black coat is hanging from her shoulders, and in front of her were Navirio and company tied up. I’m glad that they are still fine. The female pirate grabs Navirio’s chin and raises it to check out his face by turning him towards her.

“Fufufu, Your face is in my srike zone… I like you, I’ll give you lots of love.”

In the moment I hear that, I jump from where I am towards the circle on the deck and scream.

“Don’t come increasing my problems!!”

And like that I throw a punch at the female pirate that had captured Navirio with enough speed so that she can avoid it and naturally she avoided it and got away from Navirio. Well that was my intention and I would be troubled if she hadn’t dodge. It’s not that I’m trying to kill her. Although if it were a matter of life or dead, we would be talking differently… I greatly wonder if that day would ever come though…

Just as I land in front of Navirio, the female pirate reacts by screaming “Kill him!” and the pirates come attack me with their weapons.

With an instant movement I knock down all the pirates down in the blink of an eye and return to the place where I landed. Seen from the point of view of the pirates, besides not knowing what happend, they started to see they comrades fly off. In that moment I cut the ropes that bind Navirio and company with an axe I stole from one of the pirates that attacked me. The other knights besides Navirio and Orlando seem to be the ones that were in that battle because they remembered me and gave me their thanks. Taking advantage of the turmoil of the pirates that still don’t know what is happening, the now free Navirio and Orlando call out to me.

“It’s been a while Wazu, you saved us.”
“I’m happy for our reunion but what are you doing here?”

Hearing Navirio’s words of gratitude and seeing Orlando’s surprised face, I also float a smile.

“Well, a lot happened… Let’s leave that for later…”

At that time, the pirates raised their vigilance towards me and the freed Navirio and company, and with weapons in hand they threw loadfuls of killing intent towards us.

“I’ll be enjoying that red-hair man later so leave him alive! Kill the rest! Teach them where they are right now!!”

Where we are? In the stronghold of some hundred pirates, right? Instead I’ll be teaching you who are you dealing with.

I realize something when I was looking at the pirates that want to attack us. I messed up! Navirio and company have no weapons! I don’t particularly need one but they do. I get near to some of the pirates that are getting close, send them flying while stealing their weapons and then I give them to Navirio and his crew.

Navirio and company star to face with the weapons they received from me the pirates that are attacking them. I also kept gazing at them while I was knocking the pirates but as expected from a pirate extermination crew, there doesn’t seem to be any problem. Well if there were to be any danger, I would rush to them. But now that I look at them, their clothes look ragged and I can see impatience in their faces. Well I can’t blame them, they were captive just a moment ago, so they haven’t rest well.

So thinking that, I start to put more force into my body as to lessen the burden on Navirio and company for even a little. And at that moment I spotted a nice opening in the way of the bow of the ship so we moved over there.



In a few minutes, the end was already at sight.

At the bow of the ship that we headed to was already a small mountain of about a hundred people. Of course inside that people there weren’t Navilio nor his people. That mountain was composed of the pirates that were here. It’s thanks to me moving quickly and send them all flying there.

Now there was just the boss left, the female pirate was the only one left standing…

“Impossible!! We are the pirates that rule over these seas!!”

That’s wrong. The one that rules the sea is the Goddess of Sea, or so I thought. Or more exactly she was the one that spotted you here. Although I’ll still raise objections about the previous matter…

“Surrender now!!”

But well, right now, that female pirate is being surrounded by Navirio and his men and she has nowhere to go. Shortly after, Navirio gave her a blow to her vitals and made her lose consciousness.

And only after seeing that I was able to breath relaxedly…

I’m glad that Navirio and company are fine!!





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