Sono mono 188

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Original: はめられた~!!

Chapter 188 – I was set up!

The Goddess of Sea is still blurting complains about the Goddess of Darkness so I make her calm down and ask her about what matters now.

“And so Goddess of Sea, do you know where is Navirio right now?”
“Of course I know. As long as he is in the ocean, it’s impossible to escape my surveillance.”
“Then I would like you to tell me where he is, please.”

When I ask that, the Goddess of Sea puts a hand on her chin and makes a face as if she was pondering something. What is she thinking about…?

“There is no problem in telling you but… Can you heed my… our request?”

The Goddess of Sea takes her hand from her chin and slightly opens her eyes and with a serious expression asks me that.

“… A request?”

What kind of request might it be? Well, I have their divine protection, and they have helped me countless of times. If I were to just take that into account, I could say that I’m indebted to them… but If i take into account their usual behaivour, I can’t think of any decent request… But it’s also true that rightnow I’m on a deadlock… Well it can’t hurt to hear her out…

“So, what kind of request?”
“It’s easy… Well I’m not sure it is… Accepting it might be easy but the results are difficult to know…”
“… Your wording makes me uneasy… For the time being, can you tell me what it is? I want to judge from there…”
“… You are right.”

The Goddess of Sea takes a short breath to adjust her respiration.

“I want you to fight alongisde us Goddesses against the Evil God in the future.”

… Just that? Well, I was originally planning to fight myself too… But the expression of the Goddess of Sea is completely serious. So I also answer her seriously.

“Understood. It’s okay. I also planned to fight him too, so having you Goddesses as my allies is reassuring.”
“… Is not that simple. The current deificated Wazu might be more powerful than us… But even that strength might be insuficient to fight the Evil God… At worst we might get annihilated…”
“… Is he that powerful?”
“Yes. Originaly the power of the God of Creation was on par with his but the God of Creation got his power stolen so he became even more powerful, so we judged that we would be unable to beat him so we used ourselves as binds and seal him. The result is that he was sealed, as you know but… But currently the seals are being lift and now is just a matter of time for them to all be unsealed… At that time, the God of Creation bought us some time by wagering himself to seal the Evil God and it was succesful because the Evil God was still getting used to the power that he stole from the God of Creation but… if he were to resurrect now…”
“He would resurrect as the strongest Evil God, right?”

… I see… Seeing how the Goddesses expressively took the trouble to tell me that, means that ion this battle I will truly be putting my life on the line…

“But if we don’t do something about the Evil God, then the world would come to an end, right?”
“Then, my decision remains the same. I’ll fight.”
“Is that okay?”

Like I’m going to let the world the girls live in to end!! With that determination I strongly answered.

“Thank you very much.”

The Goddess of Sea bows her head. No, you don’t have to be so courteous… I’m fighting for my personal reasons, so if you take that attitude, I’ll get ashamed… The Goddess of Sea raises her head and, probably because she feels at ease, a charming smile appears on her face.

“So, Goddess of Sea, I’m currently in a bit of a hurry so, can you tell me where Navirio and company is?”
“Please wait a moment…”

After saying that, the Goddess of Sea lowers her head as if looking for the presence of something, and just for a moment lets out her divine aura. After she finishes, she slowly raises her head and signals her finger towards the opposite side of the island, towards the open sea.

“They seems to be about 10 km from here in that direction. In there is a maritime city build by the pirates named Sealance. They seem to be captured over there…”

Hoho… There is a place like that…

“That is where you could say that the pirate stronghold is. Over there you can say that everyone is an enemy except for Navirio and company who you are looking for… I don’t think you need to worry but, please take care.”
“Don’t worry!! Thank you for telling me.”

Let’s see, about 10 km… Well I think I can get there without a problem. While I was starting to do some warm ups, the Goddess of Sea claps her hands as if she remembered something.

“That’s right, can you lend me your hand?”
“My hand?”

I stop my warm up and extend my right hand towards the Goddess of Sea. She takes my hand, looks downwards as if praying, and tenderly wraps my hand with both her hands. I got startled by the sudden action but she immediately releases my hand. What just happened?

“With this is all good. We have established a contract.”
“… Contract?”

What’s with those dangerous words? I didn’t hear anything. Or rather, can’t you tell me from the begining if you are going to do that? I’ll be sure to refuse.

“Please look at your palm.”

I look at my palm as I was told and in there I see some magical array or crest with a geometrical pattern.

“What is this?”
“The proof of the two contracts. The first one is to formally adress you as the messenger of us Goddesses and now you will more easily contact with us, and it also raises your status… Although I don’t know if with that you are going to be able to defeat the Evil God…”

… Eh? I became even more powerful? Or rather, even with my status raised and with deification is still uncertain whether I’ll defeat the Evil God? Just how powerful is that Evil God…? Well, I’ll still fight…

“And the other one?”
“… *whisper*”

… Mh? It was so quiet, I didn’t hear.

“What was that? I didn’t hear so can you please repeat it?”

I ask to confirm but the face of the Goddess of Sea becomes red and starts to disappear.

“I think this is the limit for my manifestation… I have to reserve power to confront the Evil God…”

You use the ‘Anti-Evil God’ excuse quite a lot, I see… Do you think that everything will be okay with just that?

“I’m sorry but you haven’t answered me. What’s the other contract?”



“… The right to take us Goddesses as your wives.”

The Goddess of Sea disappears leaving those words with a crimson face…

You tricked meeeeeeeeee!!
Guuhh!! She already left and I have to hurry so I have no way to complain… Wait a minute… I’m sure she said that this crest allows me to contact the Goddesses at any moment…

Great, let’s complain later… I won’t do it now because I’m in a hurry…



I finish my warm up exercises and once again dash over the water in the direction the Goddess of Sea pointed at.





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