Sono mono 187

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Original: そろそろ来ると思ってました

Chapter 187 – I thought it was time you came.

As I left the Port Town Motanpe, the guard besides the gate asked me “Oh, are you leaving already?” so I told him that as I was worried about Navirio, I was going to get to him, so he told me “It’s true that I haven’t seen him in a while… Please take care of him.” and lowered his head so I honestly answerd him “Yes.”

And so I started to run towards the beach I was told.



I got to the beach in a trice and looked towards the sea.

“Uhm… Is it that one?”

I spotted a distant single island. It’s about 3 km from here. Just to be sure I looked out for other islands but there doesn’t seem to be any. I’m sure that’s the place they told me about. While I was checking its surroundings I found a nice place. As this is a little secluded place, people don’t easily come to this beach so there wouldn’t be anyone to bother us and thus I could bring the girls to swim. Let’s bring them here next time.

Oops, now what’s important is Navirio and his crew. From what I was told, Navirio and Orlando and another 10 knights went in the pirate extermination trip. And the pirate lair is in that island…

I do some warm up exercises and dash towards the sea.


With that sound, I run over the surface of the water. The theory is simple. I take out my foot before it can sink. Just that. Although not at the typical speed…

And like that I cover the 3 km in a sprint and when I’m getting closer to the island I jump a little and safely reach the island’s beach.



Let’s see now where could Navirio and company be…

The island is not particularly big so I start to search for the presence of people… My bad feeling is getting true because I can’t feel a single person. And the boat in which Navirio and his crew came is nowhere to be seen. But in the sand of the beach I can see countless of footprints meaning that there were many people here before. But why I can’t feel the presence of people… Mhh…

While I’m thinking I move towards the center of the island.

In the center of the island is a small forest? or jungle? so I suspect that the pirate lair might be inside. I walk with that objective in mind. My guide are the many footprints in the soil. Following the footprints I come across a clearing surrounded by trees in a way that hide it from outside and in that clearing there were many dilapidated houses. It seems that this was the pirate lair and as expected, there’s no one here. But looking carefully I can se traces of battle everywhere. I think that probably this is where Navirio and his forces fought the pirates.

“… Fumu.”

I give a single nod and start moving again, I go around the island in about one minute and as a result I confirm there is no one here nor any boats. With this information I can think of two possibilities. Due to them not returning after ten days, they either went to chase the escaping pirates or they lost and the pirates caught them… Thinking about Navirio and Orlando’s ability I think it is the former but, it’s also probable that reinforcements came and they were caught off guard… There are no bloodstains so the probability of them being alive is high…

“Well, the most important part is that Navirio and his crew are not here and I don’t know where the pirates might have gone…”

Well I’m troubled… Because I don’t know where they went, I can’t help them…



While I was being absorbed in thought, the guild card in my breast pocket shined and in front of my eyes a pillar of light appeared.

… Ah, I know where this is going…

Soon after, from the pillar of light a woman appeared.

She had a hair blue as the deep sea that extended down to her waist, slanted eyes that made you wonder whether she had them open or not, facial features so beautiful it would make everyone turn their faces towards her, and she was splendidly wearing a dress so deeply blue that it was close to black that shined blindingly. You could feel her sensuality just from her standing… Seeing her appear like this I have no doubt that she is a goddess and one I haven’t met before so that means…

“Nice to meet you, I am the Goddess of Sea.”

The woman that called herself the Goddess of Sea gave an elegant bow. I was thinking that she might be her. I imitate her and also lower my head and ask to make sure.

“H-Haa… Uhm… Are you the real one?”
“Of course.”

Saing that, the Goddess of Sea wears the already familiar aura as proof. How to say it, at this point, I’m already used to it. When the Goddess of Light did it before I got surprised but now I feel I can take it with just a ‘Ah, okay okay.”

After being satisfied with the proof, the Goddess of Sea suppresses her aura and like that I ask her.

“And why are you here, Goddess of Sea?”
“Of course beacuse Wazu is troubled and this time it concerns the sea… So I thought that it was my turn so I manifestated myself.”

I’m glad for your feelings but, Didn’t the Goddess of Light say that you were saving up power for the contermeasures for the Evil God? Well I won’t deny that it helps a lot… Now, speaking about the Evil God, didn’t the Goddess of Darkness say some things about the other Goddesses…? If I remember correctly…

“… That the Goddes of Sea has a heart* as narrow as a pond or something… (whispers)” (T/N: Heart as in mind, or more exactly she is narrow-minded)

I mutter what I recalled just to make sure in a murmur as to not be heard but, it seems that my mutter gets to the ears of the Goddess of Sea and a dark smile appears in her face. When a beauty does that it’s kind of scary…

“That is something the Goddess of Darkness said, right…? But I shall forgive her.”
“My heart is as big as the ocean. And thus I shall forgive what that Goddess of Darkness said. Why because, those are completely groundless words. I am the Goddess of the Sea, you know? There is no way that I’m narrow-minded. Instead, isn’t the Goddess of Darkness that said that the narrow-minded one? What a sad truth. She can’t accept herself as she is. Well, I don’t care what people like that say to me. Why of course, my heart is so vast that it can swallow this great ocean. But no matter how tolerant I am, I can’t possibly leave the Goddess of Darkness like that. I shall hammer into her body how narrow-minded she is and make her accept my big-heartedness. But if she were to accept the hammer of my great heart, that narrow-minded Goddess of Darkness might despair from the great difference and might sever her own life. Well, if so, then it cannot be helped…”

You care a lot!! And yet you have the nerve to say that you are so open-minded?! And besides, the last part exudes with killing intent towards the Goddess of Darkness!!

Let sleeping dogs lie*… Let’s not touch this matter again…

(T/N: This is a pun. The proverb says something in the line of “If you don’t touch God, you won’t get cursed”… Should I have just used that?)





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  1. She’s going to give a great big ‘I’m not angry that you ruined everything’ hug to the spoiled brat.

    Thanks for the translation, it’s fun.


  2. This chapter in a TL;DR way: MC went to where Navirio was supposed to be (an island) but foun no pirate or Navirio and cia). Than the goddes of the sea appeared.


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