Sono mono 186

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Original: 本当に元王様ですか?

Chapter 186 – Are you really the former King?

Naminissa’s and Narelina’s mom Mirelina-okaasan went to recieve their father, Givirio-san at the entrance. After seeing her doing that, I release my strength and lay on the table.

“I-I was so nervous…”
“You get nervous too, Wazu-sama?”

Seeing my condition, Naminissa gives a chuckle and I answer her question.

“Of course I would… It’s yours and Narelina’s mom, you know…? I’ll be troubled if they were to say that she wouldn’t let me marry her daughters because I gave her a bad impression…”

Naminissa and Narelina get their cheeks red while looking gleeful at my words.

“It is fine, Mother would not say that, and she respects our decision.
“Yeah, and even if our parents were to oppose, we wouldn’t leave Wazu, no matter what. And that is a feeling that all of us here share.”

The girls nod at the words of the girls and smile at me to make me feel at ease. Freud was also among them but I don’t really care about you…

And we heard the sound of two pair of steps coming over here from the entrance. They are Mirelina-okaasan and Givirio-san. I got up from my seat and prepare to greet them and after me, everyone else also stands up. The one that came into the livingroom was a person that looked like Navirio had gotten older, a masculine face with a splendid beard, skin with a healthy tan and a muscular complexion, his clothes were nothing a former royalty would wear with a short leeve t-shirt, short pants and sandals, and in his back was carrying a multicolored fish in a net.

… Is this person the former King Givirio-san? He doesn’t look like royalty at all. He looks like your typical fisherman…

I turn to look at Naminissa and Narelina for confirmation but all I see is their stunned faces. Uhm… Is this that? They are too surprised by his transformation? But to proove that the tanned person here is Givirio-san was Mirelina-okaasan by his side.

“O-Otou-sama… Why are you so tanned?”
“Oh!! Naminissa and Narelina!! How have you been? Looking at you I can see that you are eating well so there is nothing to worry about!! Ah this, this is a present!! The catch of this morning was great!! I’ve been involved in the fishing industry, you know. I tried for a little bit and it was really entertaining!! After I left the crown, I was stressed no more and got a great feeling of liberation, and all the fishermen in this town are great people and the elder let us get this house, you know? Aren’t you surprised? And now there have been talks about making an original Fishermen’s Guild in this town! What do you think? Should we make one?”

He answered Naminissa’s question with great vigour. Or rather, he feels quite lax from the way he way he talks… I thought the talk would continue like that but he turned his looks from Naminissa and Narelina to me. I feel a little nervous.

“Oh!! Are you Wazu-kun?”
“Ah, Y-Yes!! My name is Wazu.”

I bow respectfully.

“Ah, don’t worry! Don’t be so tight!! I stopped being a King because I don’t like that! And besides we were saved by you! Instead, your position should be higher. And besides, you being with my daughters means that you are marrying them, no? Then you are already family!! You can call me father* without reserve!! Or rather, I won’t accept anything but that…!! Just kidding.” (T/N: Like with Mirelina, father as in father-in-law but read as Otou-san)
“Ha… Haa…”


So light! His attitute is so light! This Givirio-otousan!!

“Then Mirelina, please cook this for dinner with some side dishes.”
“Yes dear.”

Givirio-otousan gives Mirelina-okaasan the net with the fish inside and then he urges us to sit while he himself takes a seat. Freud also gave a respectful bow the moment Givirio-otousan passed by his side. Can’t you do that for me too? Givirio-otousan sits in front of me, cleans his throat with a cough and asks me.

“And? What happened?”

After being asked that, we tell them the reason why we came here and like with Mirelina-okaasan we introduce him to Princess Eris.

“I-It has been a while, Givirio-sama!!”
“Oh! You’re Rusona’s girl. Indeed it has, since I went to say hi.”

If I remember correctly, Rusona is the name of the name of the King of this country. Well, not that I have seen him.

“And so you want to marry Navirio?”
“Well, why not? If you are fine with him. More importantly, does Rusona knows?”
“… Father is… against it… He says that he cannot stand having familiar ties with that guy…”
“Gahh… As always worrying about the small things… And even like that you want to marry our Navirio?”
“Of course!! Even if they disinherit me, my mind will not change!!”
“Well, what’s left is Navirio’s opinion…”

Yeah yeah, we have to ask him.

“Excuse me, do you happen to know where Navirio is? If possible, we want to meet him quickly.”
“Eh? You didn’t hear from Mirelina?”
“No, we just heard that he went to exterminate some pirates…”
“Ahh that’s right. I’m sure he left about ten days ago.”

… Ten days ago… It’s been longer than I thought…

“And where did he head to?”
“I think he went to a deserted island that is about 3 km from a beach that is close to this town.”

After hearing that info, I nod and turn to look at the girls.

“Are you going?”

Sarona asks me to confirm and I nod.

“Yeah, he might be there already so I’m going to meet him and see what’s going on there too.”
“Then, we will too.”
“This time I’m going alone.”

After saying that, the girls gave me a look as if asking ‘why?’ and so I tell them.

“First, we don’t know when the knights and soldiers from Iscoa might come so I want you to stay here to deal with them, and also Naminissa and Narelina are meeting their parents after a long time so I want them to stay with them for a while at ease… And this is the most important and the most difficult reason… Moving alone would be faster. As the days pass, I think is better to hurry up.”

The girls give me unhappy faces. Well, I also don’t want to be apart from you but, this situation gives me a bad feeling, so I have to be strict with them…

“Come on, trust in me and wait here… I’ll bring back Navilio and company for sure.”

“… Understood.”
“I trust in you, Wazu-san.”
“I am leaving Onii-sama in your care.”
“I’m leaving my brother to you.”
“… I’ll endure it.”
“It can’t be helped… With Onii-chan’s strength there’ll be no problems.”
“It means that we need more training…”

While doing vexed faces, they understand that is better to hurry up and gave me their concent.

“… I’m sorry.”

I’m unable to bear it and apologize to them, and with troubled faces they tell me.

“Y-You don’t have to apologize, Wazu-san!!”
“That’s right!! Is just that we still lack strength!!”
“You do not need to worry about it!!”
“I understand that is the best for my brother too.”
“… It’s okay, we are Danna-sama’s wives.”
“Our tolerance is great!! Towards Onii-chan only!!”
“Don’t worry!! We will become stronger from here on!!”

“Thank you…”

The girls encouraged me to me while I was apologizing, I have to answer their feelings.

“We’ll train harder when I come back!”
“””We’ll be waiting!!”””

I say that and the girls answer me with their fists high. This has become fun. I’ll seriously train you hard.



And so I heard the details of the deserted island from Givirio-otousan, and after telling the girls ‘I’ll be back soon’ I left them to take care of Meru and quickly departed.

Freud said that he needed to discuss something with Givirio-otousan so he stayed behind… It’s not as if I wanted you to come…





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    1. Why ‘half a day’?
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      Surely, it should not take Wazu more than an hour (or two at max) to reach that deserted island (depending on how far that beach is at from the town).


  1. Thnx for the chapter. I have to say Freud makes me feel like he could be the former god of creation and when all the fighting ends gives wazu his daughters who are the goddesses that he created maybe.

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    1. Freud… well while it is often the fault of the butler, even an evil god after being sealed by a creation god would have issues with mobility
      And wasn’t there the dark goddess that seems to have his power?


  2. Thanks for the chapters. Yay for Wazu who finally decided to marry them (all).

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  3. And then the goddess sky will soon fall for him , I think ? I mean she s the last one of the five godesses goddess of darkness listed


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