Sono mono 180

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Original: ”似て非なる者”

Chapter 180 – “Counterfeit Beings”

I move towards Shiro while looking at the Goddesses fight.

I feel from Shiro that he is from the human race so, since we are inside the ‘No Damage Barrier’ there will be no fighting.

As I was walking beside the Goddesses fight I hear “”Gugigig…”” Excuse me, I’m about to have an important talk with Shiro so could you be quiet for a moment? I don’t mind you fighting but keep it down as to not being a bother to us.

I get close to Shiro, fold my arms and ask him.

“And? What do you mean that we are ‘Counterfeit beings’?”

When I ask that, Shiro gives me a happy face.

“Right, the Goddesses seem to be busy so let’s continue our talk. That time I thought that Wazu-kun was just a really powerful human being but after I investigated a little more I realized that we were similar beings. Although there is some enmity between us, it’s still interesting!”
“Similar beings?”

I don’t get what are you say… Wait… Similar beings… And he also knows about my deifications… I don’t want to admit it but we both have deities by our sides… And his hair is also black and white like mine… Which means that if he is like me… You don’t mean…?!

“… You don’t mean you too…?!”
“That’s right! I also recieved the blessing of the Goddess of Darkness and can also use ‘Deification’.”

I become stunned with what he said. I unfold my arms and put my guard up. As if sencing what I’m thinking, Shiro gives a really delightful smile.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on fighting you here. I really just want to talk. And unlike you I can only use deification for just a moment… Haa…”

Shiro gives off a disappointed feeling. But I still can’t let my guard down. Even if is just for a moment but he can still use deification… And that means that he can also have a strength comparable to mine. I take a glance towards the girls.

“I also don’t plan to do anything to them. And I already said that I can just use it for a moment… I can’t think of winning against Wazu-kun that can use it for a long time… for now.”
“… For now means that you plan to become even stronger later… Then I should just now…”

… Use deification and…

“You better not. If you hurt me now I don’t know what might happen to the person I prepared as present.”

… A person he prepared as present… Does he mean Aria…? Is not that I don’t feel that I wouldn’t be able to do something it about Aria, but this guy has a Goddess with him so I can’t take any carless action.

I let my guard down and fold my arms again, just in case something happens.

“You are well prepared.”
“Of course. I wouldn’t come to meet you without being prepared. I still have things to do and a goal to achieve!”
“A goal, huh… And what is that goal? Does it have anything to do with us talking?”
“Of course it does.”

Saying that Shiro gets himself down from the desk and with an air of composure gets close to me.

“My objective is the revival of the Evil God.”
“… Evil God?”
“Eh? You don’t know? Has no one tell you? Then I’ll tell you the easiest way.”

Shiro’s smile gets even deeper.

“Some hundred years ago there was a God. He was an evil god. He didn’t have a name so he was called the Evil God. And as the name suggests, the Evil God tried to destroy the world with an overwhelming power. But there were also gods that tried to get in the way of the Evil God. The God that created the world and the Five Pillar Goddesses that were born from him. Those Gods borrowed the power of many humans and dragons and putting their survival on the line, fought with the demons born from the Evil God. And the result is the world we live in now. The Evil God lost. To be precise, the God of Creation used half of his power to create seven seals to seal the Evil God and the Five Pillar Goddesses used their own bodies to create five seals and thus the Evil God fell into a slumber from which he wouldn’t wake up… or that was the plan.”
“… In other words you plan on releasing those seals.”
“That’s right! I believe you can understand now with what I told you. If you remember what have you done up until now.”

I put my hand on my chin and start remembering…

Seven seals and five seals… If I put together those words and numbers with what I have done until now I can figure out something. The keys are the black spheres and red spheres that Shiro has been giving out… If I count of the number of spheres that I have seen I can understand that the red spheres are the keys for the seven seals and the black spheres are the keys to the five seals. And to support that hypothesis, every time that a black sphere was put to use, a Goddess increased in my guild card… No wait… but that thinking doesn’t explain one part…

“… Then when was the seal of the Goddess of Light released?”
“Fufu… You can also know that if you think a little bit more. A hint would be four years ago.”
“Four years ago?”

Four years ago was when Aria set on a journey to subdue the Demon Lord…

“… I see, you mean to say that the Demon Lord was someone you prepared with the red sphere?”
“Correct!! That Demon Lord was ‘Gluttony’, a poor dragonkin struggling for something to eat. And now there are just a red sphere and a black sphere… The resurrection of the Evil God is near. And you don’t have any way to stop it, Wazu-kun.”

Seeing Shiro look so happy gave me a bad feeling.

“And from now on is our talk. You understand everything I just told you, right?”
“I am the messenger chosen by the Evil God and the Goddess of Darkness that was born from the Evil God, and you Wazu-kun are the messenger chosen by the God of Creations and the Five Pillar Goddesses!! See? We are beings that look the same yet are not thus counterfeit beings.”

I can’t believe I am a messenger from God… I don’t feel anything like that… nor intend to…

I turn to look at the girls.

I can’t sit and watch how the world in where the girls that care for me be destoyed…

“Even if the Evil God resurrects, I will beat you down all together!!”

I turn to look to Shiro once again and say that. Shiro gives the most radiant smile yet.

“Hahahaha!! I wasn’t expecting anything less from you!! It’ll get entertaining!!”
“… There’s still something I want to ask.”
“What is it?”
“Why are you doing this?”
“… Fufufu… Why else! Because it’s entertaining!!”
“That doesn’t feel like an answer…”
“I’ll tell you about myself the next time we meet… Just remember that at that time we will meet to kill each other.”

After saying that, Shiro turns to look at the Goddess of Darkness.

“Goddess of Darkness, we are running out of time so it’s time to go!”

After hearing Shiro, the Goddess of Darkness unlinks hands with the Goddess of Light and appears besides Shiro. Or rather, were you grappling hands all this time…? (T/N: Imagine something like this)

The Goddess of Darkness turns to the Goddess of Light after appearing beside Shiro and raises her middle finger.

“Goddess of Light!! I’ll kill you next time!!”
“That’s my line, stupid!!”

The Goddess of Light also raises her middle finger after accepting her challenge. Seriously… what’s with these Goddesses…

“See you later, Wazu-kun!! As soon as we are gone, the ‘No dammage barrier’ will lift up and my parting gift will appear! I’m eager to see how you face what’s to come!!”

Shiro looks and waves at me while saying that and, together with the Goddess of Darkness, get wrapped in a black mist and disappears. And instead a woman sleeping gets left behind in that place. I rush to the woman to check on her.

… It’s not Aria…

But her clothes give off an air of her being someone of high class. When I finish checking on her, the Goddess of Light gets close to me.

“… I have to confess something to Wazu-san.”
“What is it?”
“The truth is…


… I’m not just a Goddess. I’m actually the Goddess that rules over light!!”
“… Yeah, the Goddess of Darkness said so just now, and I kind of suspected it.”

The Goddess of Light gives me a bewildered look while saying “… Eh?”. That expression fills me with unease.

Can these Goddesses win against the Evil God…?





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    1. More like Wazu passed by multiple demon Lords and give them a punch cuz they’re on the way (tho one of them became his wife….)


  1. The only thing I can see about the Evil God is how big of a d*** he has and how much he swings it. It’s a big target for Wazu though.


  2. Thanks for the chap
    The plots deepening !!!! This is getting exciting next time well see who wins black(shiro) white(wazu)
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