Sono mono 179

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Original: 来るなら事前に連絡して下さい

Chapter 179 – If you are coming, let us know first.

“What do you mean with ‘Counterfeit beings’?”

I ask Shiro who is sitting in the desk while facing against him and his harmless smile deepens even more and happily answers me.

“Of course I will tell you, that’s why I’ve been waiting for you here. But before that, let her introduce herself to you.”

With Shiro’s words, Fake Aria that is leaning agains him stands up, turns to me, takes a step foward and while standing before Shiro, her body gets covered in a black light.

I get dazzled by that light but when my view returns I see that Shiro is still sitting in the desk but the Fake Aria that was in front of him is nowhere to be seen. In her stead was a woman with a hair so black that looked like from a painting that reached the floor and with beautiful features but from her eyes I can feel cruelty and coldness. Her well proportioned body was covered by a black dress. Is just that from that woman I can’t feel a ‘human’ presence, if I were to say, her presence feels close to that of the Goddesses.

The woman elegantly bows towards us.

“Nice to meet you in this form… I’m one of the pilars who is called the Goddess of Darkness.”

Darkness… That’s why she had a presence similar to the Goddesses. I’m fine from just feeling her presence but when I turn to look at the girls behind me are pursing their lips as if to endure something and they seem unable to move by themselves. They seem to be trembing. They must fear the Goddess of Darkness of whom they know nothing. For the time being let’s confirm it while I feel relieved from seeing they are okay.

… The only one that’s able to move right now is me so I have to protect the girls…

I put myself in front of the girs to cover them and turn to look again to Shiro and the Goddess of Darkness.

“… I understand that you are the real deal from your presence… That means that you are the same kind of being as the Goddesses, ri… ght… eh?”

The moment I said that she was the same kind of being the Goddess of Darkness hangs her hed down and starts to tremble as if enduring something. And somehow, from the Goddess of Darkness a black aura starts to rise up… I don’t know why she got like this and wondering what should I do, I turn my face towards Shiro, and sensing my look, Shiro makes a troubled face and gives a defeated smile.


… Mh? Just now, I heard something breaking…

“Bastard!! Don’t lump me together with those brats!!”

The bellow of the Goddess of Darkness reverberates. From her face dyed in rage and her blood-curdling expression I realize something…

Ah, I stepped on a landmine…

“That Goddess of Light is nothing but gluttonous yet she has her own religion! That Goddess of Earth acts motherly but actually is an extreme masochist! That Goddess of War claims to rule over war but can’t fight herself! That Goddess of Sea has a heart as wide as the sea? Ha! Is as narrow as a little pond! That Goddess of the Sky has the most power but doesn’t lift a finger! Don’t say that I’m the same kind of being as those little girls!! In the first place, our births are different and I have live longer that them!!”

Ehh… I didn’t say that. Or rather, the Goddess was actually the Goddess of Light… and there is also a Goddess of the Sky whom I haven’t met… For you to get this angry, how much do you hate them…?

While I was being perplexed by the transformation of the Goddess of Darkness, from my breast pocket my guild card suddenly flies out and starts to emit light.


The room gets bathed in a warm light and I see the Goddess standing putting on airs while grabbing between her fingers my guild card… no wait, she is the Goddess of Light. I’m facing the back of the Goddess of Light so I can see her expression but I can see that the Goddess of Darkness has an even darker expression… The girls were released from the pressure of the presence of the Goddess of Darkness but with the appearance of another Goddess, they humbled themselves and were still unable to move.

“… Uhm… Goddess?”

I timidly call out to her and the Goddess of Light turns to me and giving me her best smile returns to me my guild card.

“Wazu-san… Wait a little bit! I’ll just dispose of that trash that knows to only put on years really quick… afterwards let’s make out.”

After saying that, the Goddess of Light turns once again to face the Goddess of Darkness.

“I was listening in silence but you are still the same, right? OLD LADY, have you prepared yourself?”
“Just at the right moment! You bratty little girl!! Let’s see if you have the guts!!”

The Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Darkness slowly get closer.

“Ohh, Ohh, Ohh!!”
“Ohh, Ohh, Ohh!!”

Two of the pilar goddesses wrinkle their brow and get even closer, and even when they are 1 cm appart, they continue glaring at each other.

“I’ll end your life right here, right now!!” (T/L: Life written as ‘divine life’ 「神生」 in contrast to ‘human life’ 「人生」)
“I want to see you try!!”

I thought their stand-off would continue but they threw a powerful right punch at each other but they stopped the others punch with their left hand and got grappled like that.


Seing they competing with equal force I thought something.

As I see this ugly fight, I get worried… Is the world going to be okay with this kind of Goddesses?

While I was thinking that I suddenly cross looks with Shiro… Nothing will come out from looking the hideous fight of the Goddesses so I’ll continue my talk with this guy…

The thing about the ‘Counterfeit Beings’ bugs me a little…





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  1. Wooot, can’t wait for the next one. If you can’t put 1 out tomorrow. A double realse the next day wouldn’t be so bad🙄. But anyways thnx for the chapter and the hard work. Keep it up🖒.

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    1. I will probably read using Google Translate just to sooth the heart. I will suggest doing the same – but be prepared for lots of confusions! Only serves to diminish the hunger for more, lol

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  2. Wazu was like… lets ignore them and let’s have our talk continue…
    and this just shows that Darkness ain’t gonna be part of Wazu’s harem…
    so could it be the demon lord or whoever’s in the seal is a woman and potential Wazu harem member?

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    1. No see the capture route for this kind of woman is different, plus it’s wazu so of course he’ll conquer her. The evil goddess might also try to steal him from the light out of spite

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  3. I can see Wazu doing that. Seeming two Goddesses fighting then him, being more interested in the question just pops right next to Shiro and say, “So, dude. What are Counterfeit Beings?”

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  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    One of the goddesses did show up… for a totally different purpose. Now I wonder what kind of battle the goddesses of war is proposing Wazu last time. A night battle?

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