Sono mono 178

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Original: 彼の者との会話

Chapter 178 – Our conversation with that person.

“For the time being let me congratulate you!! You finally came to the Imperial Capital! I wanted to meet you!”

The man dressed in all black was clapping towards us, I immediately threw him a punch.


But my fist stopped 1 cm before him. I couldn’t go any further.

“Hahaha, it’s no use!! You can’t injure me!!”
“Guh… Why can’t I get through?”

I gritted my teeth and put all my force in but I was unable to move any further. The man looked at me and without changing his smile continued talking.

“Because in this room I put a “No damage barrier”.

… No damage barrier? I jumped backwards from there and got together with the girls. When I look to see what the girls are doing, Naminissa, Narelina and Haosui, who have met him are glaring at him and Sarona, Tata, Kagane and Mao have faces that ask ‘Who is him?’. Haosui was the most affected one by him so I try to soothe her. Meru is also looking at the man while slightly growling.

After I lightly explain the girls what happened, I ask Naminissa.

“Naminissa, do you know the ‘No dammage barrier’?”
“No damage barrier? If I’m correct, it’s a barrier where any attack becomes nullyfied, that aplies also to the other party so it’s mostly used in peace talks between countries… You need a magic item to be able to cast it…”

No matter where I look, I can’t see something like that. So that means that he cast it by himself…? I turn to look at the man but as always he has a smile on his face and lifts his chin up as if to look down on us.

“Hahaha, that’s right, that’s almos right actually! This ‘No damage barrier’ makes it impossible for a ‘person’ to hurt another ‘person’ so as long as you are a ‘person’ you won’t get hurt.” (T/N: ‘Person’ as in ‘human’.)

He gave us an explanation… Is this guy stupid? He is giving us an explanation of this to us who are clearly hostile to him… But why did he stressed so much the ‘person’ part?

“Eh? You still don’t get it? That means that as long as you are a ‘person’ you would be unable to hurt me. As long as you are a ‘person’ that is.”

This bastard… I get what he is trying to say. In other words, as long as your race is marked as ‘human’ (T/L: ‘Person’) you would be unable to do anything. That means that this bastard knows about my deification… Did he saw me somewhere fighting?

But as long as he is in my view it doesn’t matter. If I do him in, is the same as him not knowing. Let’s stay prepared to activate deification when needed.

“You don’t have to be so guarded. The other day I was running short on time so this time I want to talk with you at ease.”
“I have nothing to talk to you. If you still have that sphere then hand it over to me. I’ll break them all.”
“That would be a problem… Or that’s what I want to say but I have only one red ball and one black ball left… what should I do~?”

This bastard… That’s it… I’ll use deification and leave him powerless…

“Don’t be so hasty!!”

The man puts his hand in front as to stop me. I’ve been thinking that he seems to perceive my movements and it’s disgusting.

“You have some business with ‘her’, right?”

The man snaps his fingers and from behind him a single woman appears.


Naminissa raises her voice and tries to run to her but…

“… She’s not her. She is the impostor we met earlier.”

I deny her calmly. Maybe due to my voice being calm, Naminissa stops her feet and I grab her by her arm and pull her behind me.

“Ehh… You really can tell… That’s surprising!! Not me, the hero or anybody was able to tell… Is this the power of love?”

I wonder…

Fake Aria shows a thin smile and answers the man’s question.

“Yes, that’s it. I was surprised too… as to be expected…”

I was unable to hear the last part but Fake Aria leans towards the man.

“… Did you wanted to make sure of that?”
“No, no, I said this from the begining, didn’t I. I wanted to meet you! I wanted to talk with you where nobody could bother us. I also had other things to do so I wasn’t that free so I waited for you here. That’s why the moment you entered the Imperial Capital, I gave the Adventurer’s Guild the information that this Fake Aria was in here. I thought that you would certainly go ask the Adventurer’s guild first. But while I was investigating, something surprising came up! Who would have thought that you knew the Hero party’s Holy Woman Aria!! Ah, don’t worry, I have some presents for you!!”

I don’t know if it’s his way of talking or his existence itself that gives me unpleasant feelings… As if he is someone I don’t want to recognize… Or get involved with…

“… And, what do you want to talk with me?”
“Before that I have to properly introduce myself. I’ll talk about the important part afterwards… Are? Or shouldn’t I? Well, who cares! Nice to meet you… or probably It has been a while? Who cares too! My name is Shiro. The origin of my name is because this hair.”

As he says that, the man calling himself Shiro lowers his hood and from inside comes out a hair white (T/L: You already probably know but ‘shiro’ 「白」 means white) as snow with some black at the ends and we can see a face of an innocent cute child.

“Ah, you don’t need to introduce yourself, I looked you up… It’s not like we are strangers now so I call you Wazu-kun!! I mean, after all we are twins, Wazu-kun!!”









“Just kidding!”

I want to hit this bastard so hard. I was about to go question my parents.

“And?! Did I suprise you?! Did I scare you?!”

Asked Shiro sensing my restlesness.

“Ah that was fun. But now with the serious talk… Wazu-kun and I are ‘counterfeit beings’.”

‘Counterfeit beings’?





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        1. i don´t tink so because he syas in the end of this chaper is was just my speculatión no more no less( iam not good with english so please forgit my mistakes)


  1. Thanks for the chapter

    I already read some sopiler ahead but it was just a part so i dont understand it at first but after i read this i become quite understand, so thanks for your effort to come this far
    Sorry if i use ambiguous word but i honestly fill gratitude


  2. That was fun. Thnx for the chapter. And what he means is that he also achieved dietification. Hope there is no plot twist like sge make aria eat one of those spheres.


  3. Interesting… We know Wazu’s hair has some white in it when he uses Deification too, so maybe he’s the “anti-Wazu” kind of like what Wazu should have become had things panned out differently? Maybe a “what if Wazu gained the attention of the Dark God rather than the Goddesses”…

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  4. Maybe in the sense they were like brothers who were given gob blessing to ascend godhood or something…
    any how many more chapter until we can beat up that bitch I mean not the fake one but the real ARIA….


  5. Yeah, interesting conversation! They must be like water and fire – opposites of something. He must be related to that dark/evil goddess like wazu is to the goddess.

    I just dunno about Aria. I’m unsure if she is evil or not. And why would this guy target her. But he certainky always gives enphasis to her being a ‘holy woman’ so maybe she isn’t evil. I’m not sure if we should hate her anymore >.<'

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    1. Well, it is evident that she is not evil, as a person. But I refuse to not hate her until it was proven that it was just a misunderstanding. As long as one can think she played with Wazu’s heart, Iwill greatly dislike her.

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      1. At this point, I hate her just to be safe but I really don’t see a point. Why would they change places with her? Also.. She was a ‘holy woman’ – why would someone evil impersonate a ‘holy woman’ if she wasn’t truly good?

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  6. Oh that explains why his own parents ignored him like a plague, they surely got pay for raise him, but got totally abandoned when his sister born, i have the hunch he got the soul of a dead god the lover or father of the goddess


  7. They really need to change the F1 rules sooner. The current engine rules make it dull as dishwater. A bunch of overweight, overcomplicated cars that sound like vacuum cleaners, biased commentary (I miss Murray Walker), undignified WWE style driver introductions like in COTA, too many boring stop-start Herman Tilke designed tracks. Bleergh!!


    1. Counterguardian EMIYA Archer right….. Lol. Well its no use for me too,whenever i heard shiro name,it always remind me of Emiya Shirou(with the white hair) jajajaja


  8. Thanks for the chap…
    Is it just me or when the story is so exiting like this one chap. A day ia just not enough… Btw your translations are getting better compared to before ^^


  9. When that person name itself as Shiro.

    I was like….

    (“!!!?! Oh shit Shiro!? U mean Shiraori!!!!”)

    Then he is a guy, I was like.

    (“Nahh~ phew~ it was just some loser fake shit”)


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