Sono mono 177

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Original: 屋敷の中に居た者は

Chapter 177 – The one inside the mansion.

Haosui heard from the receptionist some info of where Aria might be, so once again being led by Kagane we headed to the mansion that is in the outskirts of the noble’s district. I walk in the front and while following Kagane, I drop my shoulders and let out a sigh.

I’m still depressed from what the receptionist said… She didn’t have to go that far… for starters, Meru is the real deal and I’m the most aware of the ordinariness of my face… ugh…

I tell my self that I can’t keep being like this so I slap twice my cheeks and change gears. We might meet Aria in a moment. I told the girls that I might flee so I asked them to hold me down if I were to do that. But now that I think it through, the place that Aria is might be also the place where the Hero party is, right? Don’t wanna… I don’t want to meet Hero-sama… Can’t we make it so that I talk with just Aria?

No matter how much I think I can’t come up with a good idea and while thinking that, we start seeing the place of our destination. While we get close we take a peek inside and discover an ordinary two-story mansion with a small garden. But even if it’s in the Noble’s District, there is nobody guarding the entrance, in the garden the only tree is wilting and it’s full of weed, the windows are blocked with wood planks probably so that the interior doesn’t get burned by the sun, and we can’t look inside. No matter how you look at it, it’s not a place where people live. Is Aria really here?

While we were dubiously looking the mansion, we saw the door open a little. Is people actually inside? I see, they might be here because a request. If that’s so, let’s check the inside just in case…

Rather, is it okay for us to just go inside? While I was thinking that…

“… There’s no problem, nobody lives here. It’s just that sometimes you can see people inside so they call it a haunted mansion or so the person in the guild told me. I also got permision to enter.”

Haosui told me that. What about a haunted mansion?! That’s the first time I hear that! Wait a minute… If there really is a ghost, would our attacks work on it…? That unsettles me… if it comes to it I’ll just use deification and erase it…

When I turn to check on the girls, they all look calm. Eh? Are you not afraid? It’s a ghost you know? A ghost. When I tell them that they answer that they are not afraid… They are so strong… Haa… I look foolish for being scared… No I’m not afraid!! If I say I’m not afraid then I’m not afraid!!

I confirm with everyone else with one word and we all go inside the mansion.

The inside seems to be cleaned periodically becasue I can’t see any dust accumulating in the floor… Freud slithers to the desk besides the entrance and traces his finger on its surface and says ‘…fumu’ after checking it. I kind of want to ask him who does he thinks he is.

Nothing will come from us being standing here so we decided to explore the inside of the mansion.

“I’ll look on the first floor so you girls…”
“””Will come with you!”””
“… Eh?”

Why? That’s inefficient.

“You told us Wazu-san,”
“To not let you run away when you meet Aria-san.”
“But if we were to move separately,”
“And you were to suddenly bump onto Aria,”
“… We would be unable to catch Danna-sama.”
“And so we will move together forever!”
“Yes. In sickness and in health.”

In sickness and in health has nothing to do with it right now… But from their eyes I can see how serious they are.

“… Leaving aside for now the thing about ‘in sickness and in health’… It’s true that if I were to meet with Aria alone I would run away without a doubt… Fine, let’s move together.”

Because is evident that I would flee if I were to be alone, we decided to move together.



We started by exploring the first floor first.

“Before we start searching… It would defeat the purpouse of us coming here if we were to pass by Aria while we are searching the inside so I think someone has to stay in the entrance door just in case.”

When I say that, the girls give me an unpleasant look. It seems that they all want to go with me. I’m glad you feel like that and I also want to look with all of you but I really think someone has to stay here. While I was pondering what to do, a hand rises from behind the girls.

“Then I shall remain.”

Freud takes the initiative to stay behind. Let’s take him upon his offer.

Freud… I won’t forget you…
“Wazu-sama, I’m still alive.”

I can’t hear you~~


I bowed to Freud for the time being in gratitude for staying here and started exploring the first floor with the girls.

The first floor had a dinning room and a living and more stuff to entertain people but after looking in the whole floor, let alone Aria, we found nobody. In our exploration we also searched the floor but it seems that there is no basement so we moved to the second floor.



The second floor, unlike the first floor, is where people live and it has many rooms. The people that lived here seemed to like reading as there are a lot of bookshelfs left. Well there are just the shelfs left…

And the only room left to search is the one in the corner of the second floor. If you think about the owner of the mansion it might be a study… We haven’t met anyone up until here so if there is someone in this mansion should be here… It might also be that the door of the mansion opened on itself…

I make up my mind, open the door and get inside.

“Ya! You finally came, I got tired of waiting.”

Inside there was no furniture, just a desk and a person sitting on that desk was giving an innocent smile towards us.

That guy was wearing all blacks, and was covering his face with a hood… it was the man that send Meru towards Haosui’s place.





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    1. No, that is a different guy. This one is that guy that create monsters with the red ball or that invokes lots of it with the black ball.

      (at the time I replied, no one had yet so I’m sorry if there are answer already and I’m repeating unnecessary stuff)


  1. Aposto que esse cara fez alguma coisa com ária
    Sinto que iremos ver o herói doidão com o poder da bola vermelha doido pra matá o mc


  2. I wonder if the ‘man in black’ is going to be like the wierd force of narration thing from the Dragoon story. I mean he is some kind of external force arranging plot devices and potential ‘harem members’ for the hero to fulfill and Wazu just came along and was gathering up all these things instead?


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