Sono mono 173

Hello guys. Before anything. I’m really sorry for not updating these last two days. My parents came to visit and I had to accompany them and was unable to get to my PC.

Thanks for your comments, feddback and for worrying for me.

Now let’s go to the chapter. Enjoy!

Original: 子の心、親達知らず

Chapter 173 – The heart of the child is unknown to the parents.

Later we reunited with everyone and started eating together, Runo-san started secretely telling me stories about when Naminissa and Narelina were younger but, those two got wind of it and it had to be stoped. Such a pity, it was entertaining to hear stories about when the two of them liked to play pranks on their older brother Navirio. And like that we stayed one night in here. We wanted to also stay up guarding in turns but the knights refused. Well it will be alright because they are knights so we slept soundly.

And the next day we started moving. Getting out of the forest is a town nearby but to get there would take some days so I looked for Runo-san many times in the middle of our journey in order to hear more stories about the Princesses but they would always appear out of nowhere and would interrupt us. Come on, it’s okay to being interesting in your old stories…

Like that we stayed one night in the town and parted with the kinghts in that town. It seems that the knights will head to Grave-san’s country from here on. Besides me Naminissa and Narelina also wrote some introductory letters for the knights, but while mine was addressed to Grave-san, the girl’s letters were addressed to Grave-san’s wives. We exchanged farewells with the knights at the entrance of the town and headed towards the Imperial Capital.

In our way to the Imperial Capital on the main road, we entered a small forest and a man appeared in order to interrupt our advance.

“Fuu… Finaly this day has come… That day I was unable to display the might of my swordsmanship by correspondence…”

… Mh? Even if you tell us that… I seem to remember that blue haired young man from somewhere… Blue hair? And that face… Swordsmanship by correspondence?

“AH! I remember you!! The bandit candidate that was being cheered by his family!!”
“Forget about that!!”

Is that something delicate to touch? He yelled with all his might. Might be, seeing him all embarrassed and red-faced. For the time being I ask everyone to wait for me and confront Blue-san. It seems that they are already used to it because they took a rest and Freud took out of who-knows-where some black tea and started to serve everyone. Are? Seeing that scene he looks like a proper butler but I wonder why when he treats me I can’t see him like a butler at all…?

“I gave my family the slip!! They aren’t here any more! Now we can cross swords to our hearts content!!”
“And now this time…”

I look behind Blue-san who is in high spirits to confirm and effectively his family was nowhere to be seen… His family was nowhere to be seen but… For some reason I could see a woman hidden in the shadow of the trees. Her hair was green as the foliage and her facial features were cute. She was looking over to us, or more precisely, she was giving worried looks at Blue-san.

“… Excuse me… Who is that lady hiding in the shadow of the trees?”

Blue-san’s expression changes suddenly with my words. Blue-san stops his movements in order to check behind him and Green-san covers her face in embarrassment.

“Why are you here?”

Blue-san raises a surpised question. Green-san jumps from hearing Blue-san’s voice and timidly shows herself. It seems that Blue-san was unaware that Green-san was there.

“… Because I was worried… that you might get hurt…”
“I’m okay!! Even if I look like this, I’m strong!!”

Nope, you don’t look that strong…

“Em? First let me ask who she might be?”

I ask that and Blue-san turns over here and bashfuly says…

“Well… she is my woman.”

Wow, Blue-san’s woman? Is that so? Is she going to become his wife in the future? Green-san gets happily shy at hearing Blue-san’s answer and when she enters my field of vision, she makes a little bow.

“… In other words, you had your girlfriend cheer for you this time instead of your family.”

When I point out that, Blue-san becomes troubled. Well of course he would, she would like to show his cool side to his girlfriend but he could get the tables unsightly turned. So he might not want her to see that. Well 8 or 9 out of 10 times it would be like that. If I were still by myself up until now, I would have acted like that out of jealousy, but now I have the girls with me so that won’t happen. In fact I’m actually looking for a way out of this… And while I was thinking that, a life boat came from an unexpected place.

“E-Excuse me.”

Green-san tmidily startet talking to me. Blue-san and I were wondering what could it be while we waited for her to continue.

“A-Actualy… I didn’t came alone… to cheer for him… I called them too.”

And along with Green-san’s words, many people came out from some trees nearby. It was Blue-san’s family that I met that time.

“Hang in there!!”
“My son’s triumphant look, Woooh!”
“Be careful not to get hurt!”
“You are my proud grandson!”
“It’s okay even if you want to run!!”

They lined up. Nice judgement, Green-san.

But it didn’t end there.

“Ohh! Is that son-in-law?!”
“What a masculine face.”
“You caught a nice one, Onee-chan!!”

It seems that Green-san’s family also came to cheer him. Both families exchange greetings and the parents exchange handshakes and then look at Blue-san with expectant eyes. Meanwhile, Blue-san’s condition was…


He was sweating profusely and grabing his stomach. I get you. You got a stomach ache out of nervousness.

“””Hang ~ In ~ There! Hang ~ In ~ There!!”””

That’s the families joint cheer. Seeing Blue-san grabbing his stomach I kind of want to tell them to please stop. But even though I don’t want him to lose, I really don’t want to fight with him either…

And while I was looking at Blue-san, he took one hand off from his stomach and tremblingly pointed a finger at me.

“I… I’ll remember this!!”

And along with those words, Blue-san ran to the forest.

“After him!”

Afterwards Green-san and all the family chased after him. I would really like if you showed up after you resolved your problem with your family. I’m willing to wait until then. Blue-san also told me he will remember this.

And we continue towards the Imperial Capital acting as if nothing happened.





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  1. Hey orcblog no worries, this is your hobby not your job, you dont have an obligation to us so its not like you have to report to us of you personal life. Is good to see you back though, since you are the hope of a lot of people, to finish this WN kuddos >:)


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