Sono mono 169

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Original: 父親として認めたくない気持ち

Chapter 169 – His feeling as a father of not wanting to accept…

I was lazing around some days after making the girls equipment. I also made many clothes for myself exactly the same as the ones I always wear, and because I was almost always using deification while making the equipment, I got a little tired. It’s probably because my body is trying to adapt because I had never been that much time in godhood mode. I’m also concerned about the percentage of my race but, well I feel that I lose if I worry so I try not to think about it. Besides, If I think that I was able to make equipment to insurance their safety then I feel that is great.

And thus I rarely left the room and kept rolling around in the bed, and when it was time for meals I would get the girls to feed me. When I told them that I could eat by myself, they firmly opposed so now I get mouth fed. Am I being domesticated with food? Well who cares because it makes the food taste more delicous.
And of course, to sleep I hug Meru to have a quiet sleep. To hugh Meru feels so nice… She is really soft and feels nice and cold.

While I was hanging out leisurely with Meru, her mother Meral called to me. I got led by Meru riding in my head to the Audience Hall where Meral was. In there were Ragnil giving me a murderous look and beside him Megil looking at him with an exasperated face.

“Yo!! Ragnil, have you been released of doing dogeza?”
“Well some how… Because he was always doing dogeza I forgave him in deference to his tenacity… but there’ll be no next time, okay?”

Ragnil shuddered a little with Megil’s words but instantly returned to giving me a murderous look.

“… Haa… And? Why are you looking at me like that Ragnil? I thought we were friends…”
“Ask yourself why.”

I put my hand in my chest and think for a while…

“… Nope, I can’t think of why.”
“Your sins are two… First you didn’t raise some words of advocacy in my behalf to this heinous dragon… and because of that I got restrained for an awful time… even though it wasn’t my fault…”

Ooi! I don’t know if it’s out of rage or what but don’t go running your mouth. Look at your side, at your side! Megil is super pissed! I beg you, please don’t get me involved…

“And your second sin is the most sever one… You have committed a taboo…”
“… Saying that you are the husband of my cute, cute daughter!!!! As a father I shall not permit thaaaaaaaaaaat!!! Meru told me since she was little that she’ll become papas wife!!!!! And you bastard came and…!!! You bastard came…!!!”

Oi, that’s something little girls always say, but the fathers have to someday let their daughters go… I suddenly turn to look at Megil and see her signaling to Ragnil’s chin and with her thumb traicing her neck as if cutting it. Wait a moment… Are you telling me to kill him? Are you saying that I should kill him?

“… Wait, wait. For the time being turn to look at your side, Ragnil.”

Ragnil does as I said and finds Megil sweetly smiling. That smile is really scary… Did he just rememberd that Megil was next to him? He turns to look to the sky as if saying ‘I screwed up!’ and a line of water started to fall. It’s okay… If you live we’ll meet again for sure… So please don’t cry… Sorry, that’s not a tear, that’s just some salty water, right…? While I was thinking that I look at Ragnil and he slowly lowers his head with a ‘gigigi’ sound and looks at me. There were already no tears in his eyes… but traces remained in his cheeks…

“… *cough*… L-Let’s see, we can forget about the first one… But I shall not approve something like Meru’s marriage!! You’ll have to go over my dead body!!”



And for some reason, it turn out that I had to fight Ragnil. We are exchanging glances in the prairie outside the castle. Meru, Meral and Megil are for some reason acting as expectators and have prepared food and drinks… Yup, this is just a show for them. The dragons are looking and cheering at us.

“Kyui kyui~!!”
“Meru is saying to do your best! Wazu, please give it your best for Meru’s future~!”
“Kill him!! Wazu, kill that stupid dragon!!”

… Sorry, it wasn’t us but just me who they were encouraging… Well, one of them is hoping for someones death… Someone please cheer for Ragnil… I can tell he is getting depressed just by looking…

“… I won’t lose… I shan’t lose!!”

Ragnil roars and dahses at me, with that momentum he slices at me with his claw. I dodge by stepping backwards but a big claw mark appears in the earth where I was standing.

“… Oi Ragnil… you are being kind of serious…”
“Of course I am!! I won’t give you my daughter!!”

And next Ragnil started attacking seriously from everywhere and I dedicated myself to defence. Although I won’t get injured even if they hit me. He attacks me with his fire breath and I swing my arm sideways to produce an air current so that my recently made clothes don’t get burn.
As we were doing this I saw the high elf whom with I had quarrel before, sidling up to Sarona so I went flying to make sure he stays on check. If he ever dare to even put one finger on Sarona I will kill him…

Our exchange? continued for a while and eventually Ragnil started to breath heavily and disorderly.

“Haa… fuuu… guahh…”
“Ooi~ Are you satisfied yet?”
“No… not yet…”

Haa… That’s it… If this continues like this, it will never end…

I close the distance with Ragnil in a moment and I hit him with my fist just once with enough force to not kill him.


The next day I got once again called to the Audience Hall. Of course Meru is on top of my head. When I finally arive at the Audience Hall, I see Ragnil, Meral and Megil lined up. Ragnil calls out to me.

“I lost to you Wazu… So I have no other choice but to acknowledge it… Just let me say something as Meru’s father… Please make my daughter happy…”
“……… Understood. I shall treasure Meru.”

As I answer Ragnil, Meru flies from my head and delightfully gives me a kiss in the cheek. I answer Meru’s expression of love by patting her head and apparently satisfied returns to my head.

“And? When do you continue your journey?”

Megil asks me that.

“Let’s see… I already made all the clothes and equipment, Meru got plenty spoiled by Meral so, although I have to consult it with everyone, I think we’ll depart tomorrow or the day after.”
“Is that so… You are always welcome here. Besides being Meru’s husband, this is also your home.”
“Yeah, I’ll be coming again.”

After saying that I leave the Audience Hall to consult with the girls the date of our departure.


I purposely didn’t touch the subject but, Ragnil was made to do dogeza and furthermore had some stones in his lap making weight… Hang in there Ragnil… I’m sure you shall shine tomorrow too… probably…





33 thoughts on “Sono mono 169

  1. -How many wives is there again?
    – No reaction for the war goddess from the dragons & wives?
    – importantly it feels like the existance of goddess in the story is getting tinner & tinner lately?



    1. – Probably more than 8 at this point.
      – There’s probably a side story for them in the near future.
      – For now……only god knows when they’re gonna wreck havoc for no reason in the future, except for the war goddess, she’s the best girl by far due to how normal she is.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. She WILL be a battle junkie since that is LITERALLY her switch, other than that she’s normal to have a normal conversation with, which our MC lacks off in his life nowadays.
          The only conversation our MC has before she shows up are either:
          1: Take me and mess me up Wazu-san/sama/danna/Onii-chan!!(The wife troupe)
          2: Give me all your belongin-…tte, it’s you again.(The bandit duo+uncle fanboys as the background)
          3: Literally anything that can break a normal person’s common sense and shave off Wazu’s race percentage which is clearly non-existent by now.

          Liked by 3 people

          1. you got that rite his san lavel is droop soo much T_T
            how much of a human is left is the pob
            gaaaaaaa haaa


  2. Great chapter. Just love it. Wanna sleep right now just so we can get to tomorrow already even thou it the afternoon.
    Also if possible can you upload some of the illustrations for the novel sono yaku. I’ve been searching everywhere for vol 4 illustrations.


  3. Thanks for the chapter. Is the “dragon girl” that got mentioned in the early chapter that will become Wazu’s wife Meru, or someother dragon girl?


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