Sono mono 167

Hey you people, how’ve you been?

This is yet another POV chapter… I’ll admit that they were becoming tedious but fortunately the next one is the last and this one particularly is really funny. You just have to love Kagane. Although my favourite will always be Tata even though the War Goddess is gaining huge terrain.

Thank you as always for your comments and feedback, this time around they were very amusing with all your theories about who the 5th goddess is or if the evil god is in fact an evil goddess and will fall in love with Wazu (I particularly liked this one).

Well that’s it from me so now enjoy the chapter!

Original: 別話15 カガネとネクロマンサー

Chapter 167 – Another story 15: Kagane and the Necromancer.

… This is Assault 1… I’ll try now to infiltrate the target place…


— Kagane’s POV —

That day around noon, I was meditating alone in my room to increase my magical power when I heard a knock and immediatly Onii-chan comes in.

“Oh! This is perfect Kagane!! I’m making your personal equipment and I need your body measurements so can you…”
“Go ahead and take them to your heart’s content!”

Before Onii-chan could finish, I immediatly undressed myself and stayed only in my underwear. Come Onii-chan!! Your cute little sister in her underwear!! Be an animal!! Become a wild animal!!

“Great! Stay still for one moment…”

And just like he said I stand still and Onii-chan comes to take my measurements… with a red face… eh?

“Mh? What’s up?”
“Isn’t this the moment when you get all red-faced and embarrassed and reluctantly start measuring me while inside your heart you get filled with lust and think ‘yeei! this is a side benefit!’ or something like that?”
“I don’t know what you are saying but I kind of get what you are trying to say, and besides would you normaly look your little sister’s body with those eyes?”
“I’m not your little sister!! I’m your wife!!”
“Even if you say that… Kagane is my little sister…”

I’m still his little sister in Onii-chan’s mind…? Is that so… I get it. If that’s how it’s going to be, then I’ll make Onii-chan look at me as a woman by force…

“Yosh! I’m done. Thanks, I’ll be able to make your equipment now.”

Onii-chan says his thanks and leaves the room, leaving me in my underwear… fufufu… tonight will be exciting, Onii-chan…


That day at night, I sliped out from the room where we are staying and went towards Onii-chan’s bedroom and right now I’m in front of his bedroom door.

“This is Assault 1… I’ll try now to infiltrate the target place… (in a small voice)”

Fuhehehe… I’ll try now a night visit… I’m wearing the sexy negligee that I bought especially for this day… It’ll be okay… I won’t go for the real thing… I’ll just stop at tasting… But if it’ll end in just tasting will be up to Onii-chan… Because I had no experience even in my past life so this will be genuinely my first time… I would really like for Onii-chan to take the lead… fufufu… Come on Onii-chan, it’s time to become an animal…

*clank… clank clank…* *bang bang*!! *bang bang bang*!!

I-It won’t open… What does this mean? What’s happening? It’s clearly that it’s not locked so why doesn’t it open? Is there some barrier placed…? … uhm… It’s clearly not magic but something different can be felt… If I were to say what it is… Right, it has the same feeling as when Onii-chan turns into a God mode…

Then I’ll cancell it with my cheat magical power!

“Unlock [Cancell]”

…… Nothing happened… nugugu…

“Unlock [Cancell]”
“Unlock [Cancell]”
“Unlock [Cancell]”

Haa… haa… It won’t budge a bit… Then I’ll use all of my power!!

“Unlock [Cancell]!!!!”

… In the end, even with all my magical power, I wasn’t able to lift the barrier. Why?! Why~?! Gununu!! You are mean Onii-chan… I can’t believe you would go this far… Did going to where you sleep so many times fired back…? Haa… I’m out of magical power… I’ll give up for today.

When I got back to the room, I got caught that I had sneaked out so Sarona and Naminissa tied me up tight…


Some days later I recieved my personal equipment from Onii-chan. I got a rod made of Orichalcum with a jewel at the tip so that my cheat magic would increase even more. Orichalcum!! It’s Orichalcum!! I’m fired up!!
As my MND is so high that is no exageration to say that no magic would hurt me, Onii-chan gave me a robe as my protective gear which he made with God Magic and dragon scales that increases my VIT. According to Onii-chan, its defencive power is so high, wou would need something as sharp as a holy sword to penetrate it. On top of that it can guard magic power to a great extent.

He also showed me everyone else’s gear but… Isn’t it too overpowered? We got gear that could be used in some final battle… Onii-chan, you are too overprotective. But that also show how much he treasures us…

Damn!! I’ll make you look at me as a woman for sure~!! And then we’ll spend a sweet dazzling night together!!



Some days later I was in the back side of the castle and was shooting magic to the air to confirm the amount of magic needed in order to master the equipment that Onii-chan gave me.

“Explooooosion!!” (T/N: … Megumin?)

Kaaaahh!!! Booooooooooooooooom!!!!

Because of my magic, the sky gets filled with light in a moment and then a big explosion happens. I got startled because my magic was more powerful that what I expected. That means that if I don’t tone down my power, I could get dangerous… I’m glad I said that I was going to test my magic before… If they heard the explosion withouth knowing anything they would get worried as to what’s going on. From now on I’ll be sure to check my surroundings before shooting so that I don’t get anyone involved…

“Hohoo… What a great power you can shoot your magic with, little girl!”

I suddenly hear a hoarse voice and hurriedly take a stance with my rod against the way the voice came from. And there a person wrapped in a black robe was standing. But what caught my attention wasn’t that but his face… it was a skull. I can feel a great magical power coming from him so I put my guard up immediatly. From the robe a bony hand with glittering jewel rings come out and points to me. I get even more alert, although I think I’ll be okay with my equipment…

“You don’t have to be so guarderd…”

The bone finger passes beside me and points towards the sky.

“My Magic Essence is that of Blue.”

The Skull activates his magic in the sky and the sky burst with water and starts to rain. Ah, a rainbow… While I was fascinated by the rainbow, the Skull takes out his arms from the black robe and spreads them wide and raises a loud voice.

“My name is Neil! The absolute and eternal, the inmortal magician Necromancer!! How is it? My magic is absolutely the greatest, isn’t it?! Little girl, your magic was certainly powerful but, an explosion is not beautiful!! On the other hand, my magic can make water sprout like a flower and at the end it gives birth to a rainbow. What an artistic event! There’s no reason to even compare them!!”

I got so annoyed by the Necromancer’s manner of speech that I forgot my vigilance and point my rod towards the sky.


I chant my magic and the sky gets covered by clouds, and lightning in the form of dragons start pouring towards the earth. Seeing that, the Necromancer lets out a clattering laugh and starts clapping exaggeratedly.

“Ooh! Wonderful!! The lightning took the shape of dragons and poured down to the earth as if presaging the end!! It has unsettled my heart after so long!!”

Fufu!! Why of course! Of course it is!!

“But you are still green. A mere few lightnings can only get you so far! To invoke a true artistic magic, you need a much finer manipulation of magical power! Like this…

My Magic Essence is that of Green.”

As if to show me how, the Necromancer invokes some magic and from the earth uncountable verdant trees grew in an instant. All you could see around was green and you could feel the greatness and strength of those trees.

Even though I am stronger in quantity and imput of magical power, I lost in magic manipulation. Geting worked up, I started to invoke more and more magic but would get beaten every time by the beauty of the Necromancer’s magic… so frustrating!!

Our magical battle continued for a while long but then got terminated abruptly.

“”You’re being annoying!!””

As a result of getting over ourselves and continuously release such thunderous magic, Onii-chan, the Wives and all of the Dragon King family appeared with angry faces and the Necromancer and I were made into seiza and got scolded.

Well, I think I got better at manipulating my magic and now I can use more tuned down magic so everything is okay..

“It’s not okay. Come on, I’ll do it with you so apologize properly you too.”

… Yes… I’m sorry I got carried away was so noisy!!





22 thoughts on “Sono mono 167

    1. Well they are bloodrelated, but her spirit isnt… If that make sense…

      Also if they happen to make babies, im sure since Wazu is 80-90% god race now, Im sure their genetic pattern is different enough that there wont be problems 😉

      So bring it on!


  1. Is it bad that I kept going “Excalibur!” instead of reading “Explosion!”? =P
    Explosion = Ekusu… PUROOOOSHON!
    Excalibur = Ekusu… KARIBAAAAAAAA!

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  2. 1 – I liked that necromancer.
    2 – I think our MC has the same superpowers as his little sister – the divination of her (his) thinking!


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