Sono mono 162

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This chapter is the first of a series of personal sotries of the wives. They are quite entertaining so you won’t feel let down.

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Original: 別話10 サローナとハイ・エロフ

Chapter 162 – Another story 10: Sarona and the High Lewdlf

— Sarona’s POV —

The next day, after I finished my practice, I returned alone to the room to rest and found that Wazu-san had come looking for me. Unexpectedly, when I saw him, my heart skipped a beat.

“Wa…Wazu-san, what happened?”
“Ah, Sarona, it’s great that you came. Actually… there’s something awkward I want to ask…”

Wazu-san seems like he wants to say something difficult. He’s cute, what can it be?

“Uhm… In order to make your equipment, I need you to tell me your measures… please?”

… Fumu. Of course he is going to need our measures if he is going to make personalized equipment for us. If that is so, I should tell him honestly…


“Understood, you are going to make us personal equipment so obviously you are going to need our body measures……….

You can take my measures as much as you want.”

I open my arms wide and prepare to recieve Wazu-san.

“No, I mean… you can just tell me, you know?”
“I don’t know my own measures.”
“No, no. Of course you do, right? Or rather, to ask me to take them myself…”
“I really don’t know, and I cant measure myself, besides if you don’t touch me, there will be things you won’t understand, right?”

I do know them, though.

“Ugh… are you really okay with it?”
“Why are you refraining yourself? Aren’t you my husband?”

Did he gather his courage with that? After taking a breath, Wazu-san took my measurements from head to toe and checked my every shape. Ughh… is in this times that I regret not having a chest as big as Tata or Narelina.

“Wo-wouldn’t it be better if I took my clothes of, Wazu-san?”
“No it wouldn’t!! You don’t need to undress!! You aren’t going to wear your armour in the bare!! You are going to wear it over your clothes so you really don’t have to undress!!”

His red face is cute, and seeing him so flustered is cute to.

And after that, he took my body measures very carefully. Having him touch me is… is such a blissful time.


And after some days passed, I received my personal equipment from Wazu-san. My armour was made from a rapier taken from the treasure vault of this castle and the dragon scales of Meru; and it was made to match the colour of my hair. A silver lighweight armour. Of course, the armour fits my body perfectly. According to Wazu-san explanation, the rapier that became my armour was made of orichalcum and with Wazu-san’s God magic, it was given the power of the wind.

While I was checking out the armour given to me by Wazu-san, an explotion resounded from a distance, and as I turn to look, I saw that Wazu-san and the Dragon King Ragnil-sama were fighting each other. It was as if the Gods themselves were fighting and as my sight was stolen by that view, a voice besides me abruptly called out to me.

“Fumu, the one fighting Ragnil is that silent and stupidly strong kid, huh?”

I draw my sword at once and turn towards where the voice is coming. Besides me was an elf just like me whose precense I was unable to detect. A male of about 2 metres with a stunning blonde hair that reached to his waist, the long ears trademark of an elf, a gaze so sharp probably forged through a long military story and manly factions. Wearing a robe with a base of green I could feel from his aura that he was a strong being. Or rather, being an elf my self I can tell that even he looks like an ordinary elf, he is a being that is over any elf.

“… Are you a high elf?”
“Indeed I am…

Is what I would like to say but no. My name is Lut. My race is a High Lewdlf!!”




… I can’t make heads or tails of what he is saying.

“That face tells me that you don’t understand what I am saying. It can’t be helped as I am the first of my species.”

The one named Lut folds his arms and nods with his head.

“But it’s been really a while since I met an elf. You should be really strong if you were able to come up this mountian… good… really good… as expected, elfs are good… Being in this place where there’s nowhere to vent my desires, having an elf is great. You have the characteristic beautiful elf long ears, a beautiful silver hair that steals my heart, those well trained limbs that look so good to touch, and more importantly, not a uselessly large chest.
There are a lot people that say that a woman with large breast are better but I am not one. It is not about whether large or small are better. What’s important is if you can get turned on when you touch your partners breasts.
Don’t get me wrong. Is not that I don’t like women with large breasts. The breasts are the proof of a woman’s motherhood and I do want to feel those kind of breasts too.”

I get a sence of impending crisis from the talkative man, so I quickly draw my sword.

“Don’t get so tense. How’s that? Don’t you want to spend the night with me? I pride myself in my night techniques. Would you let me try the fruit of my research in that body of yours? I assure you that it’ll feel real good.”

The man gets close while vulgarly moving his hand. Being unable to stand that man’s actions I prepare to attack him, and in that moment, a boulder passes flying as if to hit that man’s cheek. It had a speed that neither me nor the man were able to detect, and in order to protect me, Wazu-san suddenly appears.

“You bastard… I’m sure you are the high elf Lut… if you just try to put a hand on my Sarona, you’ll be up for utter pain!”

My Sarona… my Sarona… my Sarona…

Yes, let’s keep it in my heart, I will never forget it!!

“Oi! Our fight isn’t over yet!!”
“I know~! I’ll be right there!!… and? What do you have to say?”
“Yes!! I swear will never get even close to her!! By the Old Gods and the New!!”

With bloodlust to the brim and spilling killing intempt, Wazu-san returns to where Ragnil-sama is. An infuriated Wazu-san coming to protect me… my heart is throbbing. After following Wazu-san with my eyes, I turn to the man who is drenched in sweat and shedding tears.

“… You… what is your relationship with him?”
“I’m one of his future wives.”
“Then say so quickly!”


Afterwards I got to hear Lut-sama’s story. His races in in fact a high elf, blessed with a talent for battle, even between the high elves he wa unmatched; but one day he got to know the relationship of a man and a woman at night and his curiosity took him to put his hands in every woman he could get. That’s when he named himself ‘high lewdlf’ and because of that he was banished from the High Elf village. After going from place to place, he reached this mountain and started to live as one of the ruling superior beings but, getting carried on by his past glory, he picked a fight with Wazu-san and instead got completely beaten by him. Since then he has been having trouble dealing with Wazu-san and always keeps his guard up around him. Well, I can only say that you reap what you sow.

However, after learning that, he implored me to fix Wazu-san’s mood. There’s really no harm for me so I can at least do that. After hearing that, he did a dogeza. Is Wazu-san really that scary?

Even though you are a high elf…





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  1. Thanks for the Chapter~
    Her common sense is already broken even if your a high elf if your facing a God you will most of the time lose miserably specially if it is an angry one. . .

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      1. i would place my bet on banasa, he has infinite hp, mp, stamina, strenght, defense, dexterity, evasion, accuracy, luck and he knows all the magic that existed, exist and will exist


  2. Thanks for your effort!!! It’s hard to believe that until a month ago it was a slow translate, now thanks to you i can enjoy this great novel daily. My regards 😀

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  3. He is one of the four guys at the manga? The manga show 4 people at the mountain with the dragons, an elf, a beastman, a lich and a demonkin(?).


  4. Wazu is beyond godhood, should his race percentage gets to 0% he’ll most likely be a step beyond the gods in this story since he was blessed by them (prolly the evil goddess would fall for him as well)


      1. Well, that’s a difference of opinion then. I think that while Lewdlf gets the message across plain and simple, most people on here would recognize Erofu if so long as Elf is clearly identified (as it was in that previous line) and I think that would have more of an impact, but either way, you’re the translator so it’s your call in the end.

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  5. “Is Wazu-san really that scary?”

    Sarona, have you not seen him in his God-mode? Do you not see him beating up a doting-father of a king dragon? This is how scary he is.

    Thanks for the translation, it’s so fun.


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