Sono mono 161

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Original: まぁ、前振りです

Chapter 161 – Well, this is just a preface

— Sarona’s POV —

When I saw the castle of the Dragon King for the first time, I got surprised but, now I’m getting used to it. The surroundings have huge plains so training won’t become a problem, although I’m feeling little suffocated. When I casually say that, Kagane replies “Over a mountain, or to be more precise over the clouds, the air becomes thin. Although, here being another world, I don’t know if that happens too…” and when I ask her to explain, she tells me that the body needs air to produce energy for it to function, and when that air becomes thin, the energy you can produce decreases. I see, so that was why I was feeling suffocated.
But Kagane is really knowledgeable. Every time she says that she came from another world, it gets a little hard to believe but, when I see that rich knowledge she has, I really feel she is incredible and I want to praise her.

Being guided by Wazu-san, we enter the castle and we get introduce to Ragnil-sama. I shiver a little being in front of a being with such an overwhelming presence. But it’s mysterious that that I don’t think that he can compare to our husband Wazu-san. After whe introduce ourselves, whe get a tour inside the castle by Meru’s mother, Meral-sama and afterwards we get shown to our room. While we were being guided, I take a glance at Meral-sama to admire her pure white and beautiful figure. Is Meru going to grow to be as beautiful as Meral-sama in the future? Wazu-san is dotting Meru a lot and I wonder if she is going to get a grab of his heart even more from now on? I too have to make an effort to be more attractive to Wazu-san.

The room assigned to us is a huge room in which we the wives will be staying. The only problem is that there are not enough beds so we had to take them from other rooms, and we’ll put them together to make one big bed. We the Wives Alliance get along really fine so there is no problem. Wazu-san will be stayin in another room but, I really hope that the day where we can sleep together with him comes faster… sleep in all meanings… But really, why are there human sized beds in this caste? It is the Dragon castle so… I ask that to Meral-sama.

“Oh, that is a story of ages ago. It seems that there was a Dragon King that got along well with the humans and at that time, the mountain wasn’t as perilous as now so, it seems that humans used to come visit frequently. Those beds are the remnants of that age. Of course they have being properly maintained so please use them without worries.”

Certainly the beds were all in perfect conditions.

“Then, please feel at home.”

Saying that, Meral-sama bows lightly and leaves the room. Did she went back to Ragnil-sama’s side? We return the bow and then sit in the bed making a circle.

“Now, It seems that Wazu will be working on making our equipment and it might take long so lets try not to get in his way. What shall we do while we stay here?”

Narelina looks at us and asks that.

“Isn’t it fine if we just do self training?”
“That seems fine, we all have our own practice.”
“I don’t see a problem with that.”
“… there’s a lot I want to do.”
“Bridal training!!”
“I also want to practice in the aspects that Otto-dono pointed out for me.”

Everyone have something they want to do so, until Wazu-san finishes making our equipment, it seems that we will be on our own.

— End of Sarona’s POV —


In the huge mountain that stands in the center of the continent, there is an old western-style house that exist above the clouds of said mountain. And inside that house, some superior beings have gathered.

“It seems that some guests have appeared in the castle of the Dragon King.”
“Oh… I’ll be glad if there were a woman elf inside those guests.”
“Are there any beastpersons?”

There are three people sitting at a round table inside a room of that western-styled house. When the lord of the house gives the news, the other two ask their questions. Immediatly after, the first one suddenly starts pondering and closes his eyes to start searching. And when he opens them, turns to look to the other two.

“… Indeed. I just confirmed it with magical perception and it seems that there are in fact an elf and a beastperson.”
“I hope that beastperson has is strong enough to satisfy me.”

When the lord of the house answers, the other two put on delighted expressions and fearless smiles appear on their faces.

“It’s been a while since there have been so many guests… it would be rude of the Dragon King to hoard them by himself.”

The first man also puts on a delighted smile.

“I think we should pay a visit to those people, what do you thing?”
“I think is fine, it wouldn’t be nice for the Dragon King to monopolize them.”
“It has been a while since guests from below have come. We to have a right to enjoy ourselves.”

In harmony the thre look at each other’s face and break into a girn.

“The time has come for me to test my magic to my hearts content.”
“And to release myself.”
“Gahaha! I too want to have a match to the death with a strong being!”

“””My blood is boiling!!”””

And thus, the three get up, leave the house and start flying with maginc towards the Dragon King’s castle.





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