Sono mono 154

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Original: いざ出発!!

Chapter 154 – Let’s depart!

It’s fine to make everybody’s equipment but I found one problem. If it’s my own, I can just sew them without problem and I’ll be happy no matter how it turns out, but if it is for the girls, I’ll get nervous because I don’t want to give them low quality goods. But even before that, I don’t even have the tools to make them nor know the way to manufacture them.
I’m troubled.
And thus, I asked Grave-san to introduce me to a blacksmith of the city. The blacksmith I’m introduced to is an uncouth dwarf but I got allowed to watch him work. I was just allowed to watch so that my DEX doesn’t get accidentally activated, and like that I watch him to the end. Afterwards I thank him and bid him goodbye as I leave the place.

Yup, I can make them. I don’t know if the high DEX kicked in but I already understand what I have to do. The rank of the monsters on the mountain is high so I can’t use a normal hammer or kiln. I will have to replace them with raw materials from the monsters around there or I will not get good results. I will also have to procure my tools on the mountain.

And with that, my preparations are over. In the first place all my stuff are within Meru’s magical storage so there is no problem. After everyone else’s preparations are over we will immediately leave this country. I took a detour to the castle for sightseeing so that I won’t forget this country.


Some days later we got everything done so we started our trip to the Capital via the mountain. The girls luggage got all stored in Meru’s magical storage too so that we could move more lightly.
To see us off are Grave-san and his wives, Deizu, King Gio, Marao and the people from Kagane’s company. Everybody said their goodbyes feeling unwilling to let go. Grave-san and I also exchange some parting words.

“See ya’! Lets meet again! You are always welcome in this country!!”
“Of course! Take care of yourself too, Grave-san! If you have a kid I will make sure to come back!”

We exchanged a handshake, said goodbye to everyone else and leave the country as Grave-san and the others saw us off.


If you travel on carriage in a straight line from Grave-san’s country to the foot of the mountain it would take around 3 weeks but if we push hard we could probably make it within a week. I was originally trying to match the girls speed but now thanks to the training they underwent, they are by far faster than before and their stamina is also higher so I think we can get there faster than in a carriage. Even Tata’s physical ability has improved that it can compete with our new member, Mao. She even said “There’s so many people who are stronger than me! My spirit is firing up!!” So it became that I will carry someone everyday while running. It’s fine by me really.
What surprises me more is that Freud can follow us with a refreshed smile. Seriously what’s up with this guy? I know if I ever asked him he will nonchalantly answer “Because I am a butler” so I’ll just leave him alone.

In the journey we all got to sleep outdoors but for some reason in the mornings when I wake up, I find everybody gathered around me sleeping, and every time I go for bathe in some nearby river, the girls always want to come with me. Well, I just escape in a speed that they can’t detect.

As this happened repeatedly, we continued our journey. And around noon of the third day when we were preparing to have lunch that we took out from Meru’s magical storage, suddenly two bandits appeared.

“He, he, he…”
“Your luck run out the moment you ran into us.”

With unkept hair, unshaved beards, wearing filthy equipment and hanging swords in their waists, the very image of bandits. One so thin that looked famished, while the other so fat that looked round. Nom nom…

“Hey! Why do you keep eating as if nothing!”
“We are bandits you know! Bandits!!”

… nom, nom… Well even if you don’t tell me, I can see that from your looks.
Does Mao wants to fight? I can see clearly in her eyes that she does, and as she was about to get up, I stop her with my hand and slowly stood up myself to face the bandits. The other girls just kept eating.

“…gulp. May I ask you how can I help you?”
“No no no, you should already know, right?”
“This, give us this!”

Fatty says this as he makes a circle with his thumb and index finger and shows them to me.

“A donut?”

I’m sure that it a dessert that existed in Kagane’s former world, but she reproduced it in here and now they are selling beautifully.

“Yup, that sweet and delicious one.”
“But if you touch it directly, your fingers get covered in oil!! And if you touch something like that they get angry at you.”

“”… as if!!””

Oh, the play along well.

“Then is it a rubber band?”

This one is also from Kagane’s and the rest is abbreviated.

“Yeah, if you stretch it like this and aim at people…”
“You kind of want to say ‘sto~p'”

“”Not that either!!””

“Then, a chakram?”
“Ah yeah. How do you even throw it?”
“Rather, isn’t it too big to even throw it?”

“”Neither that!! It’s money no matter how you look at it!!””

The bandits start breathing heavily like ‘haa, haa’.
Yup I already knew… okay, I think is time for some after meal exercise.

“Of course I already knew that but I have no money to give to bandits.”

When I said that, the bandits throw me a vulgar smile and put their hands in the hilt of their swords.

“I thought so… in that case, we’ll kill you and take your money.”

Skinny draws his sword.


The blade of the sword was made of bamboo.

“Haaah!? Why is my sword made of bamboo!?”
“You idiot, don’t you remember that you lost a bet and pawned your sword?”
“You’re right!!”

And as he said that, Skinny throws his bamboo blade to the ground.

“Can’t be helped, then I’ll take all his money.”

Fatty draws his sword.


There was no blade in his sword.

“Ehhhh! Why!?”
“… didn’t you say that you over ate and the owner took it from you as compensation?”
“That’s right!!”

Fatty threw the bladeless hilt to the ground.

Mhh… what did this guys came here to? Did they came to make us laugh? It seems that the girls have already finished eating and are tidying up. Okay, should we leave now?

And with that I think is time I have the bandits take their leave. As I take a step to meet them they take a step back and when I take another step, they once again step back. What are you doing!?

“Now that I remember I made a promise with a friend to bet on a game!!”
“Yeah, and a friend invited me for drinks!!”


They raise their right hand in unison and leave this place running.

… What was that?… I let out a sigh and go help the girls tidy up.





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  1. The parts of the story that I remember very well because of the impact is goddesses fight and bandits action :v what the hell


  2. Quick mention, “suddenly to bandits appeared”, should be “suddenly two bandits appeared”.

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