Sono mono 153

Second chapter (done by me) I got it out earlier than I thought so lets go with it right away!

Sabishii doesn’t want me to take his precious child from him and I understand him. I’m trying to contact him to work together as I’m having fun translating this and don’t want to stop, but I also like Sabishii’s work and really don’t want him to get sad or pissed. So I hope to work together!

Thanks for pointing errors for me. That helps to make my tl more pleasnt to read. Keep pointing them out please.

Now, enjoy.

Original: 忘れた訳じゃないよ?

Chapter 153 – Is not that I forgot…

I explained about my status and circumstances to Mao. Meru rides my head, if I recall right today on the morning is the reconstruction of the city and in the afternoon is the training for the girls.

I prepare my stuff and leave my room. Haa, manual labour is so entertaining, training is so entertaining. Enthusiastic for a productive day I start walking. And by chance I glance upon the figure of King Grave and his wives. He was talking about something with the merchant wife, the maid wife and the adventurer wife that we met in the Beast Country. As I come across the royal family, I greet them.

“Good morning, King Grave.”
“Oh, Good morning!! Mh? Wazu, didn’t you have to go somewhere? How long are you going to stay in this country? Not that I’m complaining…”

Isn’t that right!!


And with that I hurriedly gathered everybody in a room in the castle. It seems that the meeting will take place in a round table where me with Meru on my head, Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narelina, Haosui, Kagane, Mao, Freud, and King Grave with his wives will be seated. And I make a question to King Grave.

“Well King Grave…”
“Wait a moment. It has been bothering me but can you stop already with the “King” thing? It kind of feel distant… aren’t we friends?”
“I know! I too was feeling stiff with that address. From now on I will call you King Grave in official matters but outside that I will call you as I used to.”
“Please do!!”

Grave-san was feeling really bothered by that. I show a radiant smile as I start talking again.

“And so Grave-san, it is okay for us to leave now right?”
“Yeah, there is no problem. Well the time it will take for the reconstruction of the city will just keep increasing but you guys have done well up until now. The most crucial time has already passed so from now on is up to the people of this country.”

Grave-san looks around to his wives.

“Besides I have my prided wives with me and more are already coming. Furthermore, the people of the Beast Country will come help us so this country is already good. I’ll show you that I can erect a country which name will echo through all the world.”

Grave-san says that and gives us a look of determination to make us feel relieved. I also respond to that smile.

“Understood. Then we will also prepare our stuff as soon as possible and continue our journey. Everybody is fine with it?”

As I confirm with the girls, they nod while smiling.

“Our actions are based on what you decide, Wazu-sama. If an objection ever surfaces, we will properly talk it out, so you just have to do as you see fit for we will comply.”
“Thank you.”

I say my thanks to Naminissa’s words. I perceive the same feelings from everybody’s expressions. I turn to look at every one of them with a smile to respond to their feelings.

“Well then you should quickly resolve that problem so you can get married with all of them and give them a peace of mind”

Grave-san throws me some teasing words that make the girls get fidgety and look me with expectant eyes… I’m completely sure that he knew that it will turn out like this when he said that… haa…

“I know. I haven’t forgotten that, I will answer everybody’s feelings properly.”

As I say that, I see everybody smiling while taking hands.

“And will you head towards your destination as soon as you leave the country?”
“Mhh… About that, I was thinking of going to another place before that.”
“Is that so, don’t forget to talk it clearly with your wives.”
“Yes, I plan on leaving the day after tomorrow.”
“Is that so… I was the one that brought it up in the first place but, it’ll get lonely

here… but then again, in the future you can always choose to move your residence here, you know?”
“I will think about it.”
“Please do! I’ll leave you to talk with your wives now. You can use this place.”
“Thank you very much.”

After saying that, Grave-san and his wives leave the room. I’m sure they still have tons to do so I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I’ll make sure I greet them properly before we leave.

As I was thinking that, Kagane calls me out.

“And then Onii-chan, where are you planing to go before heading to the imperial capital?”

The girls and Freud who stayed behind look at me.

“Oh, I’m planing to go to the mountain. We’ll go to the capital via the mountain.”
“””””””… The mountain?”””””””
“Yup, the Central Mountain.”

Everybody become speechless at my words. Only Freud nods with a “Fumu”. Well it’s no doubt that they are going to be startled if I suddenly mention a mountain.

“Why do you want to go to that mountain?”
“I’ve heard that the Central Mountain is not a place where a person can survive.”
“What do you mean?”
“Is something there?”
“… Hiking?”
“That’s a dangerous place, you know?”
“Is it for training?”

Everybody gives me their opinions.

“Ah, I’ll clearly tell you the reason for going there. Firstly I want to go see Meru’s parents. Meru’s parents live at the top of the mountain, they are a pair of amusing dragons.”

As I state my first reason, Meru cries happily and pats my head. But I have the impression that the blood on everybody’s face drains after hearing it. While I was wondering why, Sarona asks me as if to confirm something.

“Th-There’s something I want to ask, when you say Meru’s parents, you mean the dragons that are living on the Central Mountain, right?”
“That’s right.”
“And when you talk about the dragons that live on the Central Mountain… you refer to the king of dragons that only appears in legends, the Dragon King, right?”
“Eh? Was Ragnil that famous?”
“So you do know him… now that I remember, when I first met you, you were coming down from that mountain.”

Ah, that’s right. When I first met Sarona, it was certainly when I was coming down the mountain. But rather, was Ragnil a being from the legends? From my perspective, he was a husband that couldn’t go against his mother-in-law. As I was reminiscing about Ragnil, Narelina asks me as if to confirm something.

“In other way, what you are saying is that Meru is the offspring of the legendary Dragon King, right?”
“Yeah. Well, I don’t know anything about a legend but, she is the daughter of the Dragon King without a doubt.”

With my confirmation, the girls give a nervous look to Meru. On the other hand, Meru returns their look with a tilting head. I also tilt my head. Is that something to get so nervous about?

Ahh… I shouldn’t use myself as a reference. I have met them countless of times so it feels normal but for the girls, Ragnil is a legendary being.

And with that I talk to them about Ragnil and his wife, about Meru and about the reason I’m taking care of her until they get exhausted. But above all I tell them that if it gets difficult I will protect all of them so they become calm. After hearing my story, Kagane gives an impressive remark.

“… you make a legendary being sound so mundane…”

I could not agree more with her.

“And then, you said firstly but is there another reason you want to go to that mountain?”

Naminissa presses me to tell the other reason besides Meru that I want to go there. The clothes I wear are originally from the resourses from the monsters that live on that mountain. There are parts that are breaking now so I want to make new ones. At the same time I tell them that I’m thinking that I want to make new weapons and defensive gear for the girls. I can always get some from this country or the capital but to make equipment according to the power of the girls, I think that making them myself from the monsters I hunt on that mountain is better. I was warned that with my previous level of DEXTERITY I shouldn’t carelessly make them but, at least for my wives I can make them with no problem. And in the worst case I can always ask Ragnil to show me his treasure vault. It’s bound to be full of useful things.

When I finish explaining, for some reason I see that everybody is breaking into happy smiles. When I ask why, they tell me that it makes them happy to think that they are going to be wearing equipment made by myself. Finally, Tata once again calls out to me.

“Going to the mountains is approved but, how are we going there? I’ve heard that that mountain is not a place people can just walk into.”
“There will be no problem. Yours, Naminissa and Kagane’s magical barrier has become stronger so I don’t think there’ll be a problem with guarding. And if it comes to it, I can always us my deification and take you all there.”

With my answer everybody becomes convinced. It is decided then?

“Okay, as soon as we get everything ready, lets start our journey.”

And once again, we start the preparations for our departure.





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    1. Impressive Chapter, very few errors that I could gripe about if I were to grade you. Just some I’d like to point out though.

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  3. I think there will be something like 4 chapters in the mountain (when the girls will see wazu as a monster x) ) then he will go to see the other one (forgot her name), i hope there will be a clash with the hero ;D


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    1. Is more a matter of how the translator feels at the moment of choosing a word. It can as well be “God mode”. I personally like “Deification” so I’ll be using it from now on.


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